Mind-blowing innovation is what you've come to expect from TEAM HARDWEAR, and the contour morph option for your Iron Ellipse is sure to satisfy your cravings. The handsome 45 degree curve we add to your ring, gives it a hot boomerang look from the side perspective, but more importantly it intensifies the pressure point treatments in the ring that enhance speed to erection time, cock hardness and size, as well as ejaculation control. It has this effect while creating a curved form that will follow the natural line of your groin more fully and efficiently. As a bonus, the ring becomes reversible when contoured (read more about this below).

The idea of contouring is a similar thought process to the way a Banana Cup athletic supporter is curved and fits better than straight traditional male protective cup gear. Adding some curvature to your cock ring makes the world's most advanced mechanical male enhancer even more ergonomic. With a contour morph the ring has two wearing styles instead of just one. IN WEARING STYLE 1: The ring is positioned with the scoop of the curve toward your body which is the most form fitting way to wear it, in which the device will follow the line of your groin perfectly, applying its enhancement but sweeping underneath you as to allow your balls to hang freely - guys really love this. IN WEARING STYLE 2: You flip the ring around so that the scoop of the ring goes away from you toward your balls, as a result the device will push your balls forward with gusto. This is a great mode for wearing under clothes if you want an attention getter bulge, it can also be a fun mode for sex on occasions where you want your partner to feel\and you want to feel your balls in the action.

Iron Ellipse Contour Photos
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Be aware the contouring makes your horseshoe ring fit more ergonomically, but also it makes the fit a bit tighter. If you were right on the line between sizes and are going to apply contouring to your ring you may consider selecting the larger of your two choices.