The HARDWEAR Horseshoe is the groundbreaking design we unleashed on the male enhancement community nearly ten years ago, to global rave reviews and the praise of men and their partners everywhere.

There are 2 versions of the amazing Hardwear Horseshoe Cockring. Industrial which is thicker, and Original which has the original thinner gage.

Stunningly handsome in terms of its crafting, the ring is engineered to produce dynamic erections that are the largest and hardest a guy will have ever seen on his body. Now availalbe in the industrial version which is 2x thicker and 5x stronger, with a stunning bling-bling shiny chrome finish, this is the design that introduced the world to the 2-piece interlocking adjustable system seen only in HARDWEAR patented\patent pending male rings. Yes by sliding the clip on at different heights you can adjust the fit of the ring. This adjustability on top of the 5 base sizes we offer ensures that every man gets a perfect fit.

Boasting a secret sauce alloy that includes Sterling Silver in its mix, the Liquid Metal ring can also be morphed for an extremely tailored fit that wears like a glove. The ring simply is bad-ass, and you'll look bad-ass wearing it, and your penis will be the biggest and baddest, and give the best performance of its life when powered by HARDWEAR.

Pictures of HARDWEAR in action

The Horseshoe Cockring by HARDWEAR is world recognized for its groundbreaking design. It is the world's only two-piece, adjustable, metal cockring.

Classification: Horseshoe, Two-Piece, Metal, Liquid Metal Bionic (with Bionic Skin Option)

The Hardwear Horseshoe defined an entirely new class of mechanical male enhancers when it was released. Boasting a series of innovations in a ring that have earned it such nicknames as "The Swiss Army Knife of Sexual Enhancement" this device incorporates a two-piece system of interlocking parts (A) The Horseshoe, and (B) The Clip. These form a union around the male genitals that is both powerful and adjustable. The unit is adjustable in terms of its tightness the same way that a weight stack at your local gym is adjustable in terms of how heavy the load will be. I.E. the clip can be interlocked at different heights to create a tighter or looser fit. Additionally the device is crafted from our space age "Liquid Metal" alloy, which means that it can even have its shape tailored so that every man gets an incredibly tailored fit.

Configurations: Cock-And-Balls or Penis Ring or Glans (Penis Head) Ring

The ring is presented in 6 different base sizes, each one adjustable by interlocking its clip at different heights, each one morphable. This array of sizing options allows the Hardwear Horseshoe to be incredible versatile, different sizes of the ring will be able to fit a man in completely different wearing styles. The ring can be used with or without its clip, and is compatible with contouring.

Male Enhancement Approach: Male Anatomical Pressure Points and Constriction

The ring's shape has been expressly designed with the male anatomy in mind and its parts precision crafted to trigger powerful enhancements in size and hardness in the male. The dip in the top of the horseshoe presses the dorsal vein in the male which triggers a "boner" reaction and promotes and harder strong erection. The double bars of the clip interact and compress with the Vas Deferens and the Urethra and slow the climb to ejaculation, promote enhanced semen load by making it easy for men to edge, and promote explosive high-flying ejaculations by creating a "pinched hose" effect in the male plumbing. Some of these principals are based on the concept of fluid dynamics in a tube. The squat form factor of the ring, where its body is wider than it is high (by roughly .25 inches") is also no accident. Blood flows into an erection primarily on the sides and exits primarily through the top and bottom so this shape promotes easy blood flow into the organ while it also makes it difficult for blood flow to exit which is exactly what a guy wants in-order to experience the much raved about "Hardwear" Hard-on, and the myriad of other sexual super powers that come with this ring

"I don't really know how to explain it, when I put this ring on it doesn't look like my dick anymore. It's bigger and meaner... a veiny monster. My Hardwear dick is so much better than my normal dick, all I can say feeling the weight of it hanging off my body is damn, and I just want to fuck and fuck and fuck... and I can in this ring, I love it." ---- Chris, Age 24, Memphis Tennessee.

"So it's making my cock thicker and fatter even when I'm not wearing it, which is so amazing. I've been wearing my Hardwear Horseshoe for sex and masturbation and sometimes for bulge for about 1 year and I noticed two things. Beyond the amazing size and sex it delivers when I'm wearing it, which my lady can't get enough of, she thinks it's the sexiest thing on earth, I'm also growing. First I noticed I've been wearing the ring on looser and looser settings as the months have been going by because I'm filing it out more and will soon need a bigger ring. I've already moved up to a bigger size condom which in the past would have been too big for me but now fits good. I think I've gained between half an inch and three quarters of an inch in girth. You guys rock!" ---- Ramondo, Age 56, Panama City.