The Infinity Clamp (H70) is the most adjustable cock ring in the world, thanks to it’s sliding ratchet adjuster and handy pull cord quick release. Obviously the pull cord holds the available slack for adjustment, but the dangling cord with its “Sensitizing Ring” at the end, also feels amazing bouncing around, stimulating your balls and your taint. The ring serves two purposes in giving you a way to easily catch hold of your adjuster and also feeling good when in motion.

The bigger the Sensitizing Ring, the easier to grab and also the better (and more intense) it will feel bouncing around. Sensitizing Rings are available in the default half-inch (0.5”), which is the smallest and least noticeable. One inch (1.0”). And one and a quarter inches (1.25”).

Our awesome pull cord technology with Sensitizing Ring is just one more awesome feature to love about your Infinity Clamp (H70) Cock Ring by HARDWEAR.