The Infinity Clamp (H70) offers a long list of awesome features, from being the most adjustable cock ring in the world, to boating our pull cord quick release technology. It also features our awesome optional\removable gloss-black teardrop weights. That’s right, by nature the Infinity Clamp is a lightweight ring in terms of heaviness, but you can make it however heavy you would like by adding weights… and doing so is super easy. The weights click and unclick into place in seconds. Weight kits are sold in the following kits: 6oz - one weight, 10oz - one weight, 1lbs (AKA 16oz) - two weights, and 2lbs (AKA 32oz) - four weights. You can make your own kit of course, as this system is versatile enough that a guy can basically click-in however much weight he would like. Every Infinity Clamp comes with the built in expansion jack for hitching weights.

Our optional weights are just another awesome feature to love about your Infinity Clamp (H70) Cock Ring by HARDWEAR.