The Magneton (H80) comes with the standard Adjuster Chain, for three modes of adjustment right out of the box. The standard chain features a pair of 3\8th inch nodes. But there are endless sizing possibilities and wearing experiences when you get additional Adjuster Chain options.

Every additional Adjuster Chain is composed of progressively larger nodes than the standard chain. These can be used singularly or in pairs for very specific size adjustment on the base size of your ring, and all of the chain options are more powerful, magnetically speaking, than the standard nodes. This means even more male enhancing magnetism on top of the ring’s already fantastically powerful therapeutic force field.

- Large Chain: get a pair of 7/16” nodes.
- X-Large Chain: get a pair of 1\2” nodes.
- Super Chain: get a pair of 5\8” nodes.

*Super Kit: gives you all of the above for unlocking every possibility.