The phenomenal Magneton (H80) is brining magnetics to your cock for the most amazing male enhancement you’ve ever experienced. And it’s doing it with awesome style. Seen on the left, our premium gold side banding gives your Magneton a gold-plated finish on the sides. Yes, the look is achieved with an alloy that includes “real” gold (gold, copper, and Nickel to be exact) for a stunning high-end look. The adjuster chain that goes between the horseshoe’s end balls will also be gold when you select the premium finish.

When you don’t select the premium finish, the entire ring will be filled with silver magnetic spheres. This is also quite stylish and sexy, if not quite as eye-catching as with the gold highlight on the sides.

In addition to having a more stunning and luxurious look, the premium gold spheres are slightly stronger magnetically speaking than the equivalent silver spheres of the same size. The difference is minimal, but if you’re looking to soak you cock in the absolute maximum magnetic field the premium finish gives a little more juice. So, even if you are selecting a ring body color that doesn’t allow you to see the magnets inside, your cock can still enjoy the power upgrade the premium side banding gives.