The original invisible cock ring, and also a one-piece implementation of our stunning horseshoe male enhancement design, HARDWEAR-ICE is both a stunning bulge enhancer and sex enhancer. We combined our horseshoe design with a donut ring and rendered it in stunning Pyrex glass to create a male enhancer that wears comfortably even all day, as it beefs your bulge in jeans, gym shorts, or underwear... and did we mention it's window-clear? Yes it's invisible in the locker room, sauna or communal shower keeping your package pushed forward and your sausage in a big softy state that'll be the envy of all who glance your way. And last but never least HARDWEAR ICE creates enormous rock hard erections in the bedroom, bigger than your body has ever seen. The only question is will your lover be able to handle all the wild super-hung sex your suddenly serving up.
Pictures of HARDWEAR ICE in action...

Hardwear ICE is a stunning hand crafted Pyrex cockring male-enhancer offering our horseshoe technology in a 1-piece design.

Classification: Invisible Cockring + Glass Cockring + Horseshoe

Hardwear ICE was the first of our male supercharging rings to be crafted from stunning Pyrex Glass, allowing for the stunning "window clear" finish. Its form factor takes its direction from our horseshoe rings, bringing the penis powering "tailored to the male anatomy" shape to a 1-piece design. Hardwear ICE uses a flat bar for its treatment of the dorsal vein pressure point. Its beefy super smooth-to-the-touch body has gained it rave reviews, and makes it a favorite daytime ring for wearing under clothes.

Reversible: Yes

The ring can be worn in 2 different positions, either the standard wearing style which is "balls down" in which the flat bar goes across the top of your package and the ring's balls go underneath AKA down. Or you can wear the ring "balls up" in which the balls of the ring go across the top, with the arch between accommodating the curve of your penis, and the flat bar of the ring positioned beneath your genitals where it will offer redoubled ejaculatory control.

Sizes: 6 Base Sizes (With Relaxed and Intense Fit Versions of Each)

Since, as a 1-piece ring it can not be adjusted, Hardwear ICE is available in a dazzling array of sizes which includes relaxed-fit and intense-fit variations of every base size.

Base Sizes: 1.50", 1.75", 2.00", 2.25", 2.50", 2.75"

Intense Fit and Relaxed Fit versions of every base size WORK LIKE THIS.

Configurations: Various

Hardwear ICE makes an excellent cock-and-balls ring, worn behind a man's full genital package, and it also makes an excellent penis ring, I.E. one that is worn on the penis shaft at the organ's root in-front of the balls. The high-tech Pyrex Glass body makes the ring highly adaptable and super smooth and comfortable wherever and however you slide it on.

Male Enhancement Approach: Constriction + Structure

In sex and masturbation constriction is the primary super power the ring uses to pump you up. No aspect of the shape of Hardwear ICE is accidental or happenstance, the shape is intentional in every regard, designed specifically to interact with and enhance the male anatomy by triggering various pressure points that stimulate an erection response, increased erection size, increased penis size, etc. The ring's form factor allows blood flow in while constricting the blood flow out of the organ.

As a daytime bulge enhancers, constriction takes a backset to structure as the super power the ring uses to beef your bulge. In sizes that are breathable the ring can be worn under clothes where its structure is used to push a man's balls and package forward for a more fetching bulge. Constriction plays a reduced role in keeping your penis puffy (but not hard), and the structure of the ring pushes everything forward so you get the stud silhouette you are after.