Beyond amazing, the L-Ring Combo Cockring and Ball Stretcher by HARDWEAR is the only male device in the world that can service your cock and balls needs your ball stretching needs and even your prostate needs all at the same time. This is accomplished by the amazing option to fully integrate your L-Ring with a hands-free prostate massage attachment. Our famous Heat Seeker Prostate Massage and Milking arm for HARDWEAR cock rings.

All Three style profiles of the L-Ring are 100% compatible with Heat Seeker, just slide your Heat Seeker clip onto your L-Ring and you are ready to experience hands free prostate massage and milking. If you haven’t yet experienced the earth shattering orgasms, male health and male enhancing benefits of our Heat Seeker system now is a perfect time.

Our amazing fully modular system lets a guy have built in prostate massage on his cockring when he wants it, and when he doesn’t the prostate arm can be un-clipped and put away for later use. The Heat Seeker is the finest crafted prostate massage arm for a cock ring available, delivering for the wearer all the benefits of a prostate massage \ prostate milking session and all the male enhancing benefits of the Power Grip L-Ring simultaneously. As you are either having sex or masturbating your every movement will transfer to the Heat Seeker allowing it to produce hands-free prostate stimulation that is both tremendously healthy, unbelievably erotic, orgasmic, and also enhancing.