Your buddies here at like to try and think of everything. Knowing that guys have ball sacks that hang at all different levels (down low and up high) and also that some guys want to train their balls to hang lower while others might just want the enhancement and stimulation of a ball stretcher, we make the L-Ring available in 3 style profiles. You can pick the one you like best, and certainly you can also choose to experience them all if you are a man of many moods.

The three style profiles are as follows: 1) Balls Pushed Low (the ball stretcher starts 3\4ths of an inch down from the ring, so your balls get a nice down stretch in addition to the stretcher ring itself), 2) Balls Pushed Forward (the ball stretcher is pushed forward 3\4ths of an inch, still delivering an extra stretch and perfect for bulge lovers. Because, when you push your sack forward it pushes your penis forward and so on, and everything just looks bigger under your pants. 3) Balls High And Tight (the ball stretcher ring starts directly where the cock ring ends, so there is no added stretch. This is perfect for guys whose balls hover up close to their bodies, who may be just starting with ball stretching, or who like the feel of ball stretching but don’t want to create too much stretch.


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