The Payload Weighted Glans Ring by HARDWEAR features our amazing new option for Full Metal Structure and Designer Structure, which allow the ring, which comes standard with air structure and a single gripper ball, to be completely filled in with metal or pyrex gripper balls. This increases the already super powerful grip of the ring, basically giving you a solid ring that is “magically” still able to be stretchy.

Seen in the photo on the left, these options also look amazingly sexy. Full Metal Structure (stainless steel) and Designer Structure (colored pyrex) are both shown.

The Payload, like all our Power Grip Rings is bionic, which is to say the ring features solid components under a high pressures elastomer body that stretches. The standard design leaves part of the body air filled (air structure). Now the option is available to fill more of the ring’s zones with endoskeletal nodes. This has several benefits. Chiefly the ring’s in-place structure while being worn will be fully solid, and even more powerfully gripping than ordinarily so. The ring’s weight will also increase just a little bit, great for the guy that like to have his rings with as much heft as possible.

Payload Glans Ring Photos!
Seen side by side, here is the Designer Structures (Pyrex version - Bengal Tige...