Power Grip Shaft by HARDWEAR features our amazing new Designer Structure, which allows the ring, which comes standard with air structure in certain zones to be completely filled in with pyrex (hi-tech lab grade colored glass) spheres. This increases the already super powerful constriction of the ring, basically giving you a solid cockring that is “magically” still able to be stretchy.

Designer Structure works just like our Full Metal Structure options but delivers the most amazing color patterns on Earth.

Power Grip Shaft, like all our Power Grip Rings is bionic, which is to say the ring features solid components under a high pressures elastomer body that stretches. The standard design leaves part of the body air filled (air structure). Now the option is available to fill all the ring’s zones with pyrex endoskeleton nodes. This has several benefits. Chiefly the ring’s in-place structure while being worn will be fully solid, and even more powerfully enhancing than ordinarily so. The ring’s weight will also obviously increase, great for the guy that wants a little more weight. And of course the colors are absolutely amazing.

You can even chose exactly how much Designer Structure you want in your ring...

- 100% Designer Structure fills the entire ring with pyrex.
      (The maximum possible constriction and pressure)
- 50% Half Designer Structure fills both sides of the ring halfway.
      (Half the maximum possible constriction and pressure)

Discover all the advantages of this awesome customization when you slide on your Power Grip Shaft Ring tonight.