The Power Grip Load Ring by HARDWEAR is available in two awesome ring styles. Horizontal and Vertical.

In the Horizontal style, which is the default, the load weight will travel behind your balls lengthwise, from side to side, matching the line of your shoulders. With a Vertical Load Ring, the load weight will travel from front to back instead, matching the line of nose to ass. In addition to running front to back, the weight will be tilted up so that it interacts even more strongly with the male P-Spot (AKA the Taint).


Both styles look and work great. but vertical styling will create more pressure on the external Taint (the bulge behind your balls, between your scrotum and your anus), also called the P-spot. By applying pressure to this spot the ring is able to stimulate your prostate externally for some very exciting sensations. This is true for both styles, but even more so for the vertical style.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with the Power Grip Load Ring by HARDWEAR.