All Power Grip Rings are hybrid bionic rings, in other words they are composed of a metal skeleton with a super strong high tension silicone elastomer outer body. This design is what allows the famous Auto “GRIP” and the amazing male enhancing pressure, as well as the spot-on targeting of male anatomical zones that trigger super sized erection response, ejaculation control, etc.

NEW AND IMPROVED, we are now offering the outer body of all Power Grip Rings in 4 fantastic new colors. The new colors are also presented in a new elastomer that works just like the original but with even higher male enhancing pressure, and it also has a sleeker finish.

“Mist White” is a new Semi-See Through White, it is more translucent than the original “Smoke”.
“Electric Blue” is a new Semi-See Through Blue, also nicely translucent.
“Brick Red” is a new completely opaque (not see through) red that is stunning.
“Tuxedo Black” is a new completely opaque (not see through) black that looks amazing.

“Smoke White” is a the original Semi-See Through White.

Originally Power Grip rings were only available in 1 color: a Semi-See Through White we called “Smoke”. This was a fantastic elastomer, and knowing how guys sometimes get hooked on a thing, we will continue offering it. So if you are getting a new Power Grip ring and want to match it to the previous body (ring pressure and color) you had, “Smoke” is still available.

*What rings are compatible with the new elastomer colors? All Power Grip Rings, and all Flex Fit Ball Stretchers.