Compatible with Power Grip Erector and Power Grip Pendulum.

Another revolution in our horseshoe design, have you been wanting to go double with your horseshoe cockring? That is to say, have you been wanted a shaft ring to ride up front on your penis while the primary horseshoe works its male enhancing magic in the cock and balls AKA “Balls Deep” position. This type of configuration is called a Door Knocker and it offers the benefits of simultaneous double enhancement where a primary ring has already engorged and super-sized the male organs, and a secondary ring farther creates another area of constriction directly on the penis at the same time. Our Door Knocker hinge was introduced last year and works with a number of our rings, however the Power Grip Erector is the first of our world famous Horseshoe Cockrings designed to be compatible with the Door Knocker Hinge.

If you already have a hinge and Iron Ellipse ring(s) yes of course you can attach to them your Power Grip Erector as soon as you get it. And if you don’t have this gear already, you will save $15 off the regular price of hinge ($24.95) and an Iron Ellipse ($59) when you get your setup here along with your Power Grip Erector. Regular price for these is $83.95, with Power Grip it’s just $68.95.

*And note the power grip system is so versatile that you can combine all Power Grip options together make a super rig of a ring. In other words. You can enjoy the Door Knocker Double Ring option and a Heat Seeker Prostate Arm option all at the same time.