Our amazing auto-grip rings are stretched open when you put them on and take them off, and are amazingly powerful in terms of the grip they produce. Sometimes in tighter fitting rings a guy’s fingers being inside the ring actually takes up space from the genitals causing the man not to be able to go as tight as he might otherwise be able to because his fingers are blocking some of the inside space. If only there were a handle on the outside of the ring, he could go even tighter and more constrictive.

To the rescue come our Handlebars: the new option for Power Grip Rings: (The Power Grip Erector and The Power Grip Pendulum) that remove your fingers from the equation of the ring in terms of stretching it by providing a handle. Handlebars are a literal handle on the outside of the ring allowing it to be easily pulled open. Handlebars add a little gadgetry to the ring but are incredibly convenient, they allow the rings to be worn tighter, and they are an expansion point. I.E., in the future there will be new options that use the handle bar rig to add yet other cool options to the ring.