As you can see from the image on the left, the Heat Seeker technology introduces a prostate massage arm to the Scorpion. This allows for a hands-free prostate massage and milking experience that improves your health, enhances your sexual performance and delivers the ultimate super orgasm. That’s 3 amazing auto “grip” rings with this triple cock ring and a ball in your butt. What more could a boy ask for?

Every man should explore prostate massage, why?

Quick-and-Dirty Answer: It may add years to your life (properly performed prostate massage and milking may reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer and other types of prostate dysfunction), it will super-charge your cock, boost your sex-drive, and make you fuck better... and did we mention it feels amazing.

Cockring and Prostate Massage: The Perfect Union

Hands-free, modular, and sized perfectly for beginners and experts alike, the Heat Seeker is the breakthrough in total male sexual enhancement, health and stimulation that only HARDWEAR could deliver. Already own one of our amazing horseshoe cockrings, you can start enjoying the benefits of the male G-spot just by adding a Heat Seeker clip to the ring you already know and love...

Expanding on the health benefits of male G-spot (P-spot) AKA prostate stimulation, studies have shown that properly performed prostate massage and milking dramatically reduces a man’s risk of prostate cancer. In countries such as Japan where wives as a cultural norm perform prostate massage on their husbands, incidence of prostate cancer are greatly reduced. The prostate is a walnut sized gland bundled with pleasure nerves that plays a vital but hidden role in male sexuality. The little organ is responsible for producing the prostatic fluid that is the major component of your semen, however the hidden organ can easily become backed up which allows its fluids to become stagnant. A poorly maintained prostate will over time contribute to erection problems and other sexual issues. The act of ejaculating only releases a small portion of the available prostatic fluid, not nearly enough to clean the prostate out.

Backed up fluid in the organ, over time can become toxic and lead to infection and most severely cancer. Often doctors examining their patients discovering their prostates backed up will perform a milking of the little organ to release the fluids, but this is an aspect of male sexual fitness that you can perform yourself with the proper tools, and did we mention all the pleasure nerves that wrap the prostate? It requires massage to maintain its health and as nature often does, the act of massaging it is highly erotic and intensely pleasurable. Of course nature could have made it easier to reach (your ass hole may not seem like the most ideal placement, but it needs to be where it is in relation to the rest of your sexual plumbing), and now with the Heat Seeker you can reach it elegantly and comfortably, and you can do so hands-free.

Prostate milking and massage can now be incorporated into your sex life and masturbation habits like never before, and you can start enjoying all the pleasure and health benefits that go along with it.