Your Spider Ring already serves up big hard erections, but also offers two fantastic options for even higher constriction and male pressure point service, for an even more super-sized cock. One of those great super erection options is the fantastic Intensifier Coil, which adds a triple band of “button pressers” to the Spider’s front penis shaft ring. This increases overall constriction and hits the male dorsal vein, a known erection button, from the front angle. The result of course is that guys can enjoy even more super-charged erections above the Spider’s already standard powers. And... not only is this option enhancing, but it also looks very handsome and feels great.

To enjoy even more male enhancing pressure on your Spider’s front ring select this option once you’ve added the Spider to your cart.

*** Also consider the “Even Bigger Boner” Morph for the cock and balls ring if you’d like to take the crazy erection powers of your Spider Combo Ring to even higher levels.