The amazing Stacking Pendulum Cock Ring is the most advanced weighted cockring in the world. Bringing together the powerful constriction of our Power Grip Rings with the Modular Weight Stacking capabilities of our Colossus Hanging technologies, so that men can get the exact amount of weight swinging between their legs that they desire. And as they advance they can add more. And if they are going to have a super active day (running up and down the stairs, lets say) then they can add less. The Stacking Pendulum offers unmatched versatility in a cock weighting technology.

This groundbreaking ring design is available in the same outer body colors as all Power Grip Rings. The 4 fantastic new colors and the original “smoke”. The new colors are presented in a new elastomer that works just like the original but with even higher male enhancing pressure, and also offers a sleeker finish.

“Mist White” is a new Semi-See Through White, it is more translucent than the original “Smoke”.
“Electric Blue” is a new Semi-See Through Blue, also nicely translucent.
“Brick Red” is a new completely opaque (not see through) red that is stunning.
“Tuxedo Black” is a new completely opaque (not see through) black that looks amazing.

“Smoke White” is a the original Semi-See Through White.

Originally Power Grip rings were only available in 1 color: a Semi-See Through White we called “Smoke”. This was a fantastic elastomer, and knowing how guys sometimes get hooked on a thing, we will continue offering it. So if you are getting a new Stacking Pendulum or other Power Grip ring and want to match it to the previous body (ring pressure and color) you had, “Smoke” is still available.

*What rings are compatible with the new elastomer colors? All Power Grip Rings, H70, H60, and all Flex Fit Ball Stretchers.