When you combine the Hardwear Stacking Pendulum with the Hardwear Heat Seeker, an entirely new experience in auto-prostate-milking is created. The Pendulum weight swings freely, reacting to the movements of the male, and when you attach this motion to a prostate massage arm the results are unbelievably orgasmic!

High-tech and versatile, the Power Grip Stacking Pendulum has a built-in clipless “stealth” horseshoe, and thus remains fully compatible and able to integrate with all our horseshoe clip accessories. This allows you to have a clip when you want one and no clip when you don’t, and this allows you to take advantage of the amazing Hardwear Heat Seeker Prostate Arm attachment. The finest crafted prostate massage arm for a cock ring available, the Heat Seeker lets the wearer enjoy all the benefits of a prostate massage \ prostate milking session and all erection enhancing benefits of the Power Grip technology, and all the benefits of a super weighted cock ring... simultaneously. As you are either walking, having sex, or masturbating your every movement will transfer to the Heat Seeker allowing it to produce hands-free prostate stimulation that is both tremendously healthy, unbelievably erotic and orgasmic, and also enhancing.

If you already have a Heat Seeker of course you can start using it with your Stacking Pendulum as soon as it arrives, and if you don’t have this awesome gear yet, now is the time to get it.