The Steel Donut supports a number of awesome options, including the ability to link Steel Donut Rings together... you can add a Door Knocker style attached ball stretcher ring. Why should a boy’s balls be left out of the action. This awesome donut style cock-and-balls ring, can easily become a double ring with a linked Steel Donut ring around your balls as well. That way, whenever you want you can sport a donut ring on your ball sack as well as behind your cock and balls. Two rings equals twice as much enhancing weight and with one of them on your balls you’ll get a new world of sensation. And what’s nice is you can then select if you’re in the mood to do just one ring around your cock and balls, or if you want to ring your balls in the game too, in an awesome double ring experience.

As you would expect, your additional Steel Donut Balls Ring comes with everything you need, including the linking Door Knocker hinge to connect it to your Steel Donut Cock and Balls Ring.

NOTE: You can make triple ring Steel Donut cages by getting a Door Knocker Penis Ring, and a Door Knocker Ball Stretcher Ring, for 3 amazing donut rings at once. This awesome feature is just one more thing to love about your Steel Donut Cock Ring by HARDWEAR.

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Seen here, is the Steel Donut in the full package (behind the cock and balls) p...The Ultimate Male Enhancement Super Store!