The Steel Donut ring weighs roughly a half pound depending on the size selected, which is sure to deliver a fantastic weighty fee. But for the guy who wants his ring even heavier, you can add our additional 3\4LBS load unit, which will instantly take the weight of your Steel Donut up to a total 1.25LBS. Guys love the feel of weight swinging between your legs, and that weight is not just for a “feel good” experience, but it will serve to grow your male organ, boost your libido (AKA make your hornier), and to increase your semen volume. So there are loads of great reasons why a boy might want to add our additional load weight to his Steel Donut rig.

As you would expect, your additional Load Weight comes with everything you need, including the linking strap to connect it to your Steel Donut Cock and Balls Ring. The Load Weight can be used in combination with our Door Knocker Penis Ring and other options.

All these awesome features are just more reasons to love your Steel Donut Cock Ring by HARDWEAR.