The Tandem Loaded Weighted Donut Cockring by HARDWEAR is so versatile with its two ring configuration that you can even choose to Taper the rings. In other words one of them can be made bigger or smaller than the other for the ultimate tailorability and comfort.

When you selected the size for your Tandem Loaded Ring, by default both rings are the same size. However, you can choose to adjust the size of one of the rings up or down, by either a half size, a full size, or a full size and a half.

This has several benefits. Firstly it makes your Tandem reversible so that you can choose to have the tighter ring next to your body or away from your body for different experiences. It also allows for increased all day comfort depending on how your balls are shaped and how they hang, perhaps you want to seat the larger ring next to your balls so they have a little more room. Or on the other hand perhaps you want to seat the tighter ring next to your balls so that they get more of a stretch. These are just a few of the applications Tapering your cock rings can deliver, and this is another feature only the HARDWEAR Tandem line of rings can deliver.

Discover all the advantages of this awesome customization when you slide on your Tandem Loaded tonight.