The new Three-Quarter-Moon shape for your standard soldier boy rings provides a grip 25% tighter than a standard circular (full moon) shape. So, if for example you have a 1.50” Soldier Boy Stretcher that works great but you’d like to add just a little more grip for longer wearing sessions, then adding some 1.50” Three-Quarter-Moon rings to your stack would be a great idea. These will pair up great with your circular rings but thanks to the portion of the ring that has been flattened, they will also hold tighter. This feature is similar to the elliptical morph option available in our Elite Soldier Boy Rings. OPTION TO MAKE SOME OR ALL OF YOUR RINGS BE THREE QUARTER MOON SHAPED, WILL APPEAR IN YOUR CART WHEN ANY STANDARD SOLIDER BOY, OR SET OF STANDARD RINGS IS ADDED.

That gives us 7 standard ring sizes to pick from.

  • 2.00” CIRCLE
  • 2.00” THREE-QUARER MOON (APROX 1.75”)
  • 1.50” CIRLCE
  • 1.50” THREE-QUARER MOON (APROX 1.375”)
  • 1.25” CIRLCE
  • 1.25” THREE-QUARER MOON (APROX 1.125”)
  • 1.00” CIRCLE