High-tech and full of surprises, the T-Ring 2 by HARDWEAR, is the only cage style ring in the world that is also able to optionally and fully integrate with a hands-free prostate massage attachment. Our famous Heat Seeker Prostate Massage and Milking arm for HARDWEAR cock rings.

When you add a Micro Hitch to your T-Ring 2’s ball grabber ring you get the benefit of an external handle system for easily getting the ring around your balls + your T-Ring 2 becomes instantly Heat Seeker compatible. If you already have a Heat Seeker prostate arm with one of your other Hardwear rings it will no also work with your T-Ring 2. And if you haven’t yet experienced the earth shattering orgasms, male health and male enhancing benefits of our Heat Seeker system now is a perfect time.

Our amazing fully modular system lets a guy have built in prostate massage on his cockring when he wants it, and when he doesn’t the prostate arm can be un-clipped and put away for later use. The Heat Seeker is the finest crafted prostate massage arm for a cock ring available, delivering for the wearer all the benefits of a prostate massage \ prostate milking session and all erection enhancing benefits of the Power Grip T-Ring 2 simultaneously. As you are either having sex or masturbating your every movement will transfer to the Heat Seeker allowing it to produce hands-free prostate stimulation that is both tremendously healthy, unbelievably erotic, orgasmic, and also enhancing.


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The world’s only double ring that can also service a man’s prostate...The Ultimate Male Enhancement Super Store!