Uni-body Skin is the awesome new feature for the HARDWEAR UNITY Cock Ring that allows your ring to be made beefier with a full outer covering of super sleek and comfortable permanent outer body skin. The Uni-body technology gives your ring a fantastic skin-to-skin texture and a delicious degree of additional heft, while making the ring fully waterproof and allowing you to select a dazzling two-tone color style for your ring.

A Hardwear Unity Cock Ring with Uni-Body goes great under your day wear, enhancing your bulge and\or as a part of your all-day-ring penis enlargement plan? And with the horseshoe styling it will be ready to take your from bulge to bone in an instant, so whether this gear is keeping you big soft… or big hard… you’re going to love you HARDWEAR Unity ring with Uni-Body technology.


What are the awesome color choices?

For the top of your ring can select any of 8 Dazzling colors:

-Metallic Flame Red -Metallic Blue
-Metallic Pink
-Banana Yellow
-Clover Green
-Bone White
-Tuxedo Black
-Crystal Clear

For the bottom of your ring can be any of 4 awesome colors:

-Tuxedo Black
-Brick Red
-See-through Blue
-Crystal Clear