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To begin with and maybe most importantly, the new HARD-BOY Leather Look Maximizer Wrestling Inspired Singlet is just so freakin’ sexy words can’t fully do it justice. Featuring an awesome fabric finish that makes the cotton\spandex blend look like leather (something sometimes referred to in fashion as the wet-look) this fantastic male undergarment has the striking looks you want with the lightweight construction and comfortable weave you deserve. Of course we didn’t stop there, this awesome men’s singlet sports the HARD-BOY manhood maximizing pouch you love from this line, sure to make your junk look huge up front and the powerful tapered lines and compression effect the garment has is great for what you’ve got going on in the trunk as well. That’s right, the singlet goes a long way toward making your backside look like you just stepped out of a buns of steel commercial.

Ideal for the leather and latex crowd, those swinger parties, sexy costume parties, and any given monday to sunday when you just want to spice things up by giving your girl a little eye candy to look at. It can be a lot of fun coming to bed wearing something more than a smile sometimes and the ladies love it, but you can’t let your girl pick your sexy outfit, invariably it will end up being something with an elephant’s face on the crotch, your penis trussed in the trunk, the trunk adorned with a bow (LOL).

For a dude feeling sexy means looking tough and heroic. We don’t feel sexy when we look silly, we feel sexy when we look bad-ass, and your buddies here at allknight.com have got you covered.


Officially we consider it to be underwear but it can certainly be used as unlined swimming gear. Obviously it makes a splash as fetish wear in a number of circles.


You know it does. It features our self-forming maximizer pouch, which has been enhancing the silhouettes of men worldwide for years. Combine with one of our cock rings to take your bulge show into the stratosphere.