Staying power in sex speaks to a man's ability to perform the sexual act for a long enough period of time for he and his partner to be sexually satisfied, this is long enough for the female to orgasm at least once, but preferably more times, and long enough for he himself to achieve climax, ejaculation and also to orgasm. The words staying power are sometimes used interchangeably with sexual stamina, and it all comes down to being able to last.

Hardwear male rings can help you become one of those men whose lovers can't stop talking about them.  The guy that keeps the bed creaking all night, who keeps her screaming his name and having multiple orgasms until she can barely take it anymore.

The shape of our rings is never accidental or happenstance, they are developed to trigger key responses in the male anatomy.

last all night with hardwear

Generally the shaping along the top of our rings, the inward dips and or flattened bar services the erectile process by compressing the dorsal vein to create a powerful boner response, while the underside of our rings the double bars or flat rod services ejaculation control and orgasm enhancement by compressing the muscles that move semen through the vas deferens tube and\or the urethra. Hardwear rings have been known to promote profound improvement in a man's ability to perform and have energetic and exciting sex for dramatically longer periods of time before reaching the point of no return. In fact, Hardwear rings have been known to change the dynamic of the sexual climax in the male such that the man is able to have sex with complete control over the ejaculation process, I.E. he does not "fall" over the edge and into the point of no return, instead he is able to actively has sex right up against the edge of the point of no return, and will generally need to (pardon our French) fuck harder to push himself over the edge. This change in the sexual dynamic can be life changing for men who have been troubled with rapid climax issues (AKA premature ejaculation problems), and for men who have always had good sexual staying power, this new dynamic allows them to deliver superman style marathon sex sessions.

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is the most common reason for poor staying power, and affects 1 of every 3 men. YOUNG MEN (under 25) are more bothered by PE than any other type of sexual dysfunction.

HARDWEAR rings stop premature ejaculation by slowing the climb to the male orgasm to the point that it's easy for a man to know when he is about to orgasm, so that he can change the sexual rhythm and begin the climb again. HARDWEAR inhibits the passage of semen in the Vas Deferens and in the Urethra, and also inhibits the contractions inside the penis.