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Welcome to AllKnight.  The inventors of the HorseShoe Cock Ring are here with a brand new site experience to showcase the world's most amazing arsenal of male enhancement gear, mens sex toys, services and expertise that transforms you into a bigger, badder, better man. YOU CAN BE AN ALL KNIGHT KIND OF GUY: Powerful. Strong. Confident.

With over 70 penis enlarging, erection supercharging, male empowering products: from our famous HARDWEAR penis enhancing erection rings, penis stretchers, and penis hangers, to our unmatched sex simulator (reverse fucking machine) The Sexxxtrainer, with awesome ball stretching gear, uretheral plugs, prostate massage and milking, and more, our gear has been helping guys reach all their performance goals for years.

Just a few of the ways our gear transforms your saber and turns you into a heroic bedroom knight are by delivering...

- Permanent Penis Enlargement
     (Grow Longer and Thicker: Soft/Erect.)
- An Instantly Harder Erection 
     (Be Super Hard For Sex On-the-spot.)
- A Penis That Gets Hard Fast
- Erections That Stay Hard
- Ejaculation Control
- Marathon Super Sex
- Enormous Semen Loads
- Best Ever Feeling Orgasm
- A Huge Bulge in Clothes
- and so much more...

Hardwear In Action!
Paolo is Wearing Ratchet Action Hardwear Horseshoe Cock Ring (H20)!Aiden is Wearing The Hardwear Ninja!Codie (Left), Evander (Right) - wearing The Center Style Double Duty T-Ring......This hot gear is  so GOOD FOR DICK! Big super hard dick powered by a hardw...And This hot gear is also GOOD FOR YOUR BULGE!Checker-Boy Sexy Boxers from our HARD-BOY Underwear Line and Hardwear H20 on a...Hunter is wearing Hardwear ICE... Hows that for awesome cock jewelry!The Ultimate Male Enhancement Super Store!

It's been nearly 18 years since the first HARDWEAR male rings merged the worlds of the male sex-aid and that of male penis jewelry to create the most advanced (and dazzling) mechanical sex supercharger on the planet.  Since the original HorseShoe Cock Ring was unleashed, we've expanded our line with innovation upon innovation, each aimed at giving today's man sexual super-powers that he never thought possible, new avenues of pleasuring his partners (and himself), and most of all... a new level of confidence that begins in the bedroom (between his legs) but radiates outward to effect positive changes in all areas of his life.

The AllKnight lifestyle is well within reach. All it takes is the right gear with the right knowhow, and here you are… in the best men’s performance sex shop on the planet with guidance from the best male enhancement coaches, penis performance experts, and sex toy engineers available.



The ALLKNIGHT Life Style is living life to the fullest, standing tall, fucking hard, and walking with a sense of confidence because you have the knowledge and technology to perfect your penis and your bedroom game. These articles will help you get there...

Need a famous dong to pleasure you tonight? See all our awesome Porn Star Dildos.

New Product Category

Porn Star Dildos

Looking for a few famous all-star penises to play with? Check out our brand new male porn star replicas collection.

Find out what three penis coaches and a shaman learned naked in the snow, in this shared personal experience.

Personal Experiences

What I Learned Naked in the Snow

What happens when a winter team building hike into the woods goes in an unexpectedly nude direction? Three penis coaches and a shaman find out—they find the keys to male power and personal fortitude— and you’ll find out too when you read

An awesome gallery and visual walkthrough of the spectacular new Magnetic Payload glans ring.

New Photo Gallery

Glans Ring: Mag­netic Payload Gal­le­ry

In­teres­ted in grow­ing your junk, stopp­ing your penis from turtl­ing, and strutt­ing a long swing­ing dick? Ex­plore the visu­al walk­through... gal­le­ry for this awesome weighted glans ring with penis jewel­ry bling and state of the art male size en­hanc­ing capabilit­ies.

Knowing how tight is too tight when it comes to a penis ring can be tricky, but this article explains it all.

Pro-Resource Guide

How Tight Should A Cock Ring Be On My Dick

So… how tight is too tight? We’ve got all the answers for how to get your dick ring just right. And the rewards, boys, just for starters are… a harder, bigger, dick and all the big dick energy that goes along with it.

Getting yourself sized for a cock ring is easy! Our coaches will teach you everything you need to know.

Pro-Resource Guide

Cock Ring Sizes

It’s time, boys, to become men and learn how to measure for a penis ring from the pros... More than just an article, this Pro-Resource Guide will help you master male enhancer sizing. And In no time at all you'll be strutting a BIGGER, BETTER, HARDER, LARGER Hardwear-Powered Cock.

Male workout and enhancement gear with the awesome styling of high-end genital jewelry. Learn all about it now!

Male Gear

Penis Power Cock Jewelry

Bracelets for your boy-parts! Rings for your man-thing! Stret­chers. Weights. Streng­then­ers and more... All the gear a growing boy could ever need for perfecting his manhood, with bad ass jeweler grade styling and sex appeal. Learn all about the most beneficial “jewelry” a man will ever wear.

Learn what Limp Dick means, what causes it, and how to cure it.

Sexual Health

Limp Dick 101:
Soft Penis Causes and Fixes

Having your sausage stuck in soft mode is no fun, boys. Not at all, when you need your inches hard and thrusting. But it’s also not a life sentence unless you let it be. In this article we give you the steps to break through your stifficulties and get back to rock hard erections…

Siize matters, there is no denying it, but how much of a difference does it make having a big dick vs. a small dick? What is the perfect penis size?

Penis Size Q&A

Big Dick Vs. Small:
Dick: What’s The Perfect Penis Size?

Size matters and there is no denying it. You already know the smallest D’s on the planet are obviously not the highest performing, but how much of a difference does it make having a big dick vs. a small dick? What is the perfect penis size? In this article you’ll find the answers…

Learning how to soot cum farther is easy. Ready to unlock your long distance cumshot? Then read on…

Ejaculation Distance

How to Shoot Cum Farther...: Long Distance Cumshot

Want to go farther… literally shooting your hot man milk in crazy far-flying streams? This video article will teach you how. When it comes to blowing the biggest loads and shooting crazy ropes of jizz, your buddies at allknight.com are the experts. We’ve got the gear and the knowhow, and this article has 7 tips (and more) to take your seed farther.

Do you have a lot of precum? Or maybe you don’t seem to have any at all. This article is all about cock drool, what it is, what it isn’t, how to enjoy, and even how to increase the amount pre-ejaculate your penis produces.

Question and Answer

Precum: Why Does (or Doesn’t) My Cock Drool?

Does your cock drool? How can you increase Precum AKA Pre-Ejaculate? In this article we’re learning all about dicks that drip when horny, another sexy male special effect that doesn’t get passed around evenly, and how to take your own gooey goodness to the max.

Questions of penis size have been heavy on the minds of men from day one, and with the 7 inch penis being the first “real” entry on the large side of the border, all the boys with size seven want to know how many other dudes are sized like them, if 7 inches is big… and we’ve got these and all your questions answered.

Penis Size Q&A

How Many Guys Have 7 Inches of Penis

How many guys are thrusting with a size seven? Is 7 inches big or is it small? How do I get a 7” dick if I’m smaller, and how can I train my way to an 8-incher if I’m rocking a seven right now? These are among the most asked questions in penis talk, and we’ve got the answers.

The 6 Inch Dick - Penis Owners Guide, is just the sexual manual you’ve been looking for. Want to learn all about what it means having average penis size, and how to use your size better, how to grow your inches so you can upgrade to a size 7, 8, or even 9? Or maybe your smaller and you’re looking to get into six-inch club… either way, this is the guide.

Penis Guides (Newest)

6 Inch Dick: Average 6 Inch Penis Owners Guide

Throw a stone and there’s a 1 in 3 chance of hitting a guy with a 6” dick. Is it small, large, or just the classic average penis? Maybe you want to learn to fuck better with your size, or grow your dick with penis enlargement for huge gains. Whichever road you’re on in Penisville, here’s the owner’s guide to go with your six inch penis.

Have you heard of the medical condition: Hyperspermia? Well, you’ve heard of guys who have enormous cum loads… well now you’ve heard the medical term for it. And in this article we’ll look at all the details of massive ejaculations, including how to have your own.

Men's Medical: Super Semen Volume

Hyperspermia: Massive Ejaculations with Too Much Cum

Can a dude have too much cum? Not in the eyes of most guys. Most of us want huge loads. We know a massive ejaculation when we see it and we want the crazy orgasms and highflying ropes of man-milk for ourselves. Hyperspermia is the medical term for mega money shots, and in this article we’ll learn all about it.

The 8 Inch Dick - Penis Owners Guide, has got the details on how many men have 8 inches, what life is like when you’re rocking a big cock, and how smaller guys build thier penises up to team 8 status.

Penis Guides

8 Inch Dick: Huge 8 Inch Penis Owners Guide

Is the 8 inch dick really the perfect penis size? What’s life like rocking a size 8 cock? Maybe you’re living the answers to these questions. Or maybe you're doing penis exercises right now, hoping to hit the big 8. Whichever path you’re on, we’ve got the owner’s guide that goes with your eight inch penis.

Which cock ring style is best, cock and ball ring (around the full package) or penis ring (around the shaft only)?

Question and Answer

Cock And Ball Ring Versus Penis Ring - Which Is Best?

Let’s get ready to rumble! In this showdown between cock and ball rings and penis shaft rings, we’ll find out which wearing style is best. And while we’re at it, we’ll learn the top 7 benefits of supercharging your dick with male enhancement rings… from harder erections to lasting longer to on-the-spot and even permanent penis size increase.

Whether it’s the big head or the little head that rules the day, when it comes to knobs, dudes want big ones. Having a huge mushroom cock head is more than just for esthetics, there are real benefits to being big headed and real techniques for enhancing your junk so it will be heavier in the tip. Let’s learn all about it.

Enhancing Glans Size

Huge Mushroom Cock Head:
Big Glans 101

Big knobs are hot and dudes want everything about their penises big, so the desire for head size is no surprise. That said, in this article we explore the real functionality of being big-headed between the legs. From prehistoric benefits to modern day rocking the bed springs. And of course, how to get bigger glans for yourself.

Learn how Penis Sensitivity and Erectile Dysfunction are linked, and how you can make your penis more sensitive for a better sex life.

Sexual Health

Increase Penis Sensitivity and Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Can’t get the same feeling you used to? Declining penis sensitivity is an issue millions of men face, but Lost Sensitivity based ED does not have to stop you. Instead, let's learn how to make your penis more sensitive for the awesome sex you desrve.

Awesome Penis Enlargement Before and After… Male Enhancement Picture Gallery.

Penis Enlargement Gallery

Penis Enlargement
Before and After: Male Enhancement Pictures

An illustrated exploration of Penis Enlargement techniques, from Clamping with rings to Dick Stretching, Weight Hanging, and Penis Enlargement Surgery. It’s a great time to have a dick boys. In this Info-Gallery we’ll learn all about the hottest techniques for growing your junk.

Awesome Penis Enlargement Before and After… Male Enhancement Picture Gallery.

BallsTesticle & Scrotum Enhancement

Ball Stretching for Perfect Big Low Hanging Testicles (Balls)

These days guys want their balls to be big and nicely hung. Ball Stretching is the art and science of lowering and growing... a man’s nutsack. And like everything else with the male genitals, the technology now exists to correct what’s wrong and unlock every man’s full potential

Whats hot in gay sex toys for men? Well… the heat seeker prostate massager jumped on top again, with winners in cock rings, ball stretchers, penis plugs, and fucking machines rounding out the month for our gay knights. Check it out...

Gay Knights: Trending Gear

Top Gay Sex Toys: Cock Powered Gay Sex Shop

Forward Gay Knights! It’s time to raise our swords, get our cocks super hard and super large and storm the back gate. In other words, this is AllKnight.com, home of the best male sex toys in the universe, and obvioulsy the best gay sex toys for men. Here, we’ll take a peek at what trending this month. 

The 10 Inch Dick - Penis Owners Guide, with answers to how many men have 10 inches, what life at that size is like, and how you can enter the bit 10 club.

Penis Guides

10 Inch Dick: Monster 10 Inch Penis Owners Guide

Ever wonder what life would be like with a 10 inch dick? Maybe you know the answer. Or else you've got a PE goal of joining the big 10 club. Whatever the case, here’s the owner’s guide that goes with your ten inch penis.

Our Male Edging Guide will help you with staying power, stamina, penis size, erection strength, super intense orgasms, and more.


Male Edging to Grow Your Cock and Increase Orgasm

Male Edging is a kind of orgasm control exercise where a guy learns to keep himself in a heightened state of sexual arousal for an extended time without reaching climax. With benefits to erection strength, penis size, staying power, and more… isn’t it time you climbed sex mountain the right way?

Fix your pencil dick today, make your skinny dick problems go away.

Penis Enlargement

Skinny Dick Problems:
Thin Penis AKA Pencil Dick Fixes

Discover the three types of Pencil Dicks and 10 different ways modern men are overcoming their skinny dick problems. You can whip your wispy pecker into shape and sport a wider, girthier, man-pole tomorrow.

Are big dick gay men seeking gay big dick? Does penis size influece gay male sexual roles? Do the hung want to be even more hung? These and other titilating cock size questions are answered in this Gay Cock Size Q&A”  Check it out...

Gay Knights: Cock Size Q&A

Big Dick Gay Seeking Big Gay Dick: Cock Size Matters

Cock Size Matters in general, and obviously to gay men. But how much... In hookups? In relationships? In life? Are the hung seeking the hung? Do gay guys have bigger dicks than straight guys? Does penis size influece gay male sexual roles? In this article we’ll answer 7 gripping questions keeping our Gay Knights UP at night.

Learn exactly what cock rings do for a guy.

Question and Answer

What Does A Cock Ring Do?

Like mechanical Viagra only more powerful, this gear is as sexy as it is enhancing. Hi-tech and super masculine it’s no wonder guys are discovering the benefits of penis gear not just in the bedroom, but in the office, in the locker room, and everywhere these days.

Learn exactlly what cock rings do for a guy.

Shop by Goal - New Goal

Get A Thicker Penis

Don’t be labeled a pencil dick, not when the technology exists to shatter your skinny penis geneticsThis new goal page is dedicated to gear from our arsenal, that should surely be part of your arsenal, aimed at increasing penis girth.

Use various penis stretching techniques to grow your dick longer.

Penis Enlargement

Cock Stretching 101: How To Make Your Penis Longer

It’s a question in every guy’s mind. How to make it longer and Cock Stretching is the answer you need to learn all about. Sure, you could look at penis surgery, which is expensive and risky, or you could gear up, learn the proper exercise techniques, and start building your longer penis today.



*Like these awesome articles? There's more, this is just a subset of our full Male Enhancement Magazine...


Your penis can be bigger. Your sex style can be better. All your toolbelt needs is the right gear to make your dreams come true. The only thing sexier than HARDWEAR Gear is your penis in HARDWEAR Gear… discover for yourself tonight.

The HARDWEAR man does not just accept the hand life deals him. If he's good, he wants to be the best. If he's big, he wants to be a giant. And if he's small endowed he understands that the power and technology exist today—HARDWEAR technology—to change that. We are lucky in this way, to live in a time (the most exciting time period ever for sexual enhancement) when the AllKnight LifeStyle is not a fleeting dream, rather it can be your everyday reality. Want to be a super-man between the sheets? Want to be the sex god she can't stop raving about? Let our male rings, penis stretchers, and other gear enable you.


HARDWEAR men are not afraid of words like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation because this technology is famous for its ability to correct male sexual issues, and bring men to their most maximized and potent levels ever. Strikingly handsome, crafted with kick-ass style that screams sexy masculinity, our devices are worn by thousands of men who have discovered that our rings (sometimes called a Myhardwear CockRing) bring erections to mind blowing hardness and keep them huge and stiff for as long as the want the sexual marathon to last. Often called the Swiss Army Knife of male sexual enhancement, our rings have an instant effect of increasing erection length and thickness, and prolonged use serves as an ongoing penis size workout that promotes a heightened level of male genital health and function. Orgasms under the influence of our devices are tremendous mind-blowing experiences, and used with a proper diet semen volume levels have also been shown to increase.