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Ball Stretching For Perfect Big Low Hanging Testicles (Balls)

Want a perfect set of big low hanging testicles? These days, guys want their balls to be right. They want the family jewels (as the saying goes) to shine, and by that we mean guys want their testicles to have a nice hang that’s not bunched in against and under their penis. Instead of high-riders they want low hangers. How low varies, but when a man’s nutsack is too tightly bound under him it makes his penis look smaller and nobody really wants that. In some cases having high-rider nuts can even reduce a man’s stroke length in sex. In more severe cases, the shared skin between dick and scrotum can extend beyond half the erection length and look like a turkey’s neck. This is called penoscrotal webbing and it is both sexually problematic and not esthetically pleasing.

Hey man nice fuckin’ nuts! Where did you get that awesome ball stretcher?
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At the end of the day, guys want big balls that compliment their dicks, and absolutely they do not want their beans interfering with their sausage when it’s time to fuck (gotta love food analogies). Weighty and somewhat loose and so sexy that they scream to be sucked are all good visual descriptors for what a shining pair of family jewels should look like. And while this wishlist is nothing new, the fact that technology exists to enable the desired body modification, that is the game changer. And with that build-up and a drum roll it's time for a crash course in Ball Stretching.

Ball Stretching—What is it?

By definition, ball stretching is the act of pulling the testicles away from the base of a man’s body by any means necessary. Like so many sexual\genital practices, the ancient art of scrotum AKA testicle stretching has been around for centuries. Classically this was performed by manual tugging, both by men pursuing some form of enhancement and by their lovers in the interest of arousing the man who enjoys the highly pleasurable sensation of having his nuts pulled. Ultimately, manual stretching with the hands (while it's fun in the bedroom) can only go so far toward the hope of lengthening the scrotum, keeping the testis cooler, making a man’s testicles bigger, etc. Now with the power of Ball Stretcher technology our enhancement goals can be reached.

Ball Stretcher Rings and Ball Weights
The Dawn of High-tech Testicle Stretching Gear

Also known as a testicle stretcher, these devices are typically rings or straps made of metal, silicone, leather, or a similar material, designed to fit onto a man’s scrotum between the base of his body and his balls. This gear is designed to be worn hands-free for a length of time, doing the job of pushing his nuts down and away from his body all on it’s own. These devices are an adaptation of cock ring technology, where the device has been tailored as a balls ring, made to sit on the scrotum instead of on the penis. Ball weights are a further nuance on the technology where in addition to the traction produced by the ring or a stack rings, we now add the dimension of focussed weight. These testicle weights like bodybuilding gear for your balls, are typically heavy steel testicle rings, or else high-tech pendulum style hybrid rings where the weight is suspended from the ring. These offer traction as they can still be stacked to spatially keep a boy’s nuts swinging low, and they also use the power of gravity pulling on the weight to amplify the stretch they deliver.

How to get started Ball Stretching

Getting started on your journey to lower hanging and bigger stones (dare we call them boulders—laugh), and an all around better built set of cojones is easy. It’s all a matter of selection and graduation. When it comes to getting a good testicular stretch, a man must choose a good starting point and then graduate once he’s mastered it. In this way we move from level to level increasing either the stack height of our gear, or the weight, or both.

You could start with manual stretches but ultimately, if you seriously want to get your gonads lowered and worked out, very quickly you’ll need to pick some type of balls ring that can give your boys a stretch without requiring your hands to be involved. Body modification takes time and focus; so, unless you have hours upon hours to sit, lay, or stand holding your nuts and keeping them pulled away from your body, you are going to need a device that does the job for you. The beauty of said device is that you’ll be able to wear it naked or clothed whenever you want.

In terms of selecting your first stretcher or stack, you have some choices. There are metal, silicone, hybrid, and weighted ball stretchers. Many guys will get started with a silicone or a hybrid (mixed silicone and metal) because these will stretch, making the putting on and taking off quick and easy for newbies.

With regard to sizing, you want your testicle rings which will be seated above your nut bundle (both your boys together), to be slightly smaller than your nut bundle itself, so as to not slip off. The gear basically goes around the slack in your scrotum and sits on top of your nuts. You do not want the rings to grip your scrotum too tightly, so measuring for the correct size is the best way to go.

Testimonial: Jaxon P—Brooklyn New York

I’ve been wearing the Hardwear Ball Ladder Pendulum for just over two months and my balls are already hanging an inch and a half lower even when I’m not wearing the weight. When I am wearing it, it feels so-o-o good. It’s awesome and I’m totally loving this gear. The way I discovered you guys is a funny story, that I figure you’ll get a kick out of...

(Rotate screen the wide way to read the rest.)

I was in this public men’s room, coming out of the stall and going to the sinks. It was only me and this one other guy over at the urinals, who at first I wasn’t paying any attention to. But then I see he’s standing bow legged and his pants are way down off his ass, around his knees. My first thought was… look at this guy, I guess he doesn’t know how to use his fly. But then I see homeboy’s balls. Easy to see from the back. Big, I’m saying. Perfectly symmetrical and hanging down like five inches or more. He had this stretcher on that was amazing, with a big silver orb-weight hanging down like a third nut (sound familiar?) and I was in my head like… damn I want my shit to hang like that.

Back story: I’ve always wanted low hangers and he had em’ and I could tell he also had the best gear for the job of growing them that I’d ever seen. But then I was nervous, cause I needed to ask this guy where he got that stretcher, but dudes act funny sometimes. He might think I was trying to hit on him when I wasn’t. But see I’m from New York, from Brooklyn, where we just say what’s on our mind. So after standing there gawking like a big dummy for about twenty seconds I was just like, screw it, I’m gonna say it, so I shouted across the space to him. “Hey man nice fuckin’ nuts! Where did you get that awesome ball stretcher?” I remember he laughed and his big-ass nuts bounced. Cutting his eyes around over his shoulder he said, “It’s hot right?” And obviously I thought it was, I had just screamed across a men's room, complimenting his nuts and his nutring too.

He was not a shy guy, shaking dry and turning to show me the view from the front before finally hiking up his pants. And I know I rambled some more fanboy nonsense that I can’t even remember, because dude’s junk was exactly how I wanted mine to be. He told me at the sinks that he got the stretcher from allknight.com. And that’s how I found you guys and got one of these kick-ass pendulum stretchers for myself. It really works, and everything you guys do… from your articles and demonstrations, to your unbeatable gear… you’re amazing, and I can’t thank you enough. I never saw that guy again or I would thank him too. When I reflect on this story now, I like to imagine it was one of you dudes from the site that I ran into. Being all confident and big balled and big dicked and happy to help other guys be the same way. Thanks a million.

Measuring AKA Getting Fitted for a Ball Stretcher

The best time to measure is after a warm shower or just coming out of the bathtub. Your scrotum relaxes and drops to its lowest natural position when warm. And this is the best time to measure, when your sack is loose and your family jewels are at their lowest. If you have enough hang to make an okay grip with your hand around the slack in your sack, then you can measure the slack itself. Using a tailor style tape measure (like what you measure your waist or your biceps with) or a string, wrap the measuring tool around the slack in your scrotum above your balls and get a measurement. This will be the circumference of your scrotum. You will want to convert this into a diameter. The diameter you arrive at is the size of stretcher ring you require.

If you don’t have enough slack in your scrotum to make an okay grip directly above your nutsack this means your nuts are really tight to your body. You will have to measure around your nut bundle itself at the highest point possible. This will be the circumference of your balls. You will want to convert this to a diameter and shave off a 1\4 inch in order to seat the ring such that it does not fall off. In these cases silicone testicle rings are generally the best starting point.

Another option is to wear an ADR (All Day Ring) weighted cock and balls ring for a while to loosen up your sack. There are shared skin zones between your penis and your scrotum. While wearing a C&B Ring behind everything has a host of benefits, one of the lesser known is that even as this kind of gear is doing all sorts of great things for your penis, it is also effectively loosening\lowering your balls. Many guys with super tight nuts have started this way in order to build up enough slack to comfortably get a balls ring on.

How to put on a Ball Stretcher

So you’ve got your new gear in your hands and you can’t wait to get your junk into it. While it’s up to you, most veterans of this game agree that getting into your stretching gear is easiest and best when you warm up first. In other words after a hot shower, warm bath, or you could warm up your genitals with something like a penis bath so that you can get your junk loose and ready without having to bathe the rest of you.

If the rings are of the stretchy variety, the process is pretty straight forward. You simply stretch the ring open and lower your nuts into it. This can be done with one nut leading before the other, or both at the same time. If the ring is of the weighted variety that typically involves two pieces that come apart, then it’ll be just as easy. Just open the stretcher and reattach the parts above your nut bundle on the slack of your scrotum.

The gear should fit comfortably, it may be snug but should not be too tight. The weight of the gear or else the traction produced by the stack height should feel tingly and exciting but it should never hurt. This is NOT a no pain no gain kind of workout. Growing your ballsack should not be painful. It may be an “interesting” or “intense” new sensation but it should not register as discomfort. If you feel pain or discomfort you are probably using a size that is too small… and if it falls off you are using a size that is too big.

Benefits of Ball Stretching

Now that we know the tools and the approach needed to get the low hangers we crave, we thought we’d take a little time to point out the many benefits that rise from this practice. That’s right boys, there’s more to be gained than just the perfect set of beans to go with your sausage. Men who stretch their balls can improve their performance in bed, prompt positive hormonal changes, increase ejaculatory intensity, and much more. So here’s the definitive list...

#1: Ball Stretchers and Ball Weights are Arousing

Wearing a stack of testicle rings or a weighted ring on your scrotum feels amazing. If you’ve ever had a lover grip and tug your nutsack playfully, then you know that the sensation of having your boys fondled and pulled away from your body feels amazing. When you wear testicle stretchers all day, while the gear does it’s job of enhancing your sack, it also allows you to enjoy this sensation on a prolonged basis. This gear, worn in the bedroom (or wherever a boy is about to get some sex) can improve erection response, libido, and the overall sexual experience. Stretching your sack in the sack takes male arousal to new levels, makes a man super horny, and even amplifies ejaculation.

#2: Testicle Weights and Ring Stacks Get your Man-Juices Flowing

What juices are we talking about? Well, actually, we’re talking about more than just one kind of man-juice. The tingly “Ooh, ooh, that really feels good” sensation that a guy experiences with a stack on his balls is caused by the elongation of the spermatic cord, and the sensitizing of pleasure receptors in the scrotum. This feeling, however, triggers a number of responses in A) the testis, and B) the general genital region.

Testosterone is of course the king of all man-juices, it’s the primary male hormone, and it’s produced in the testicles. Although there have only been a few studies on the topic, testicular stretching has been found to increase testosterone production. Some holistic aka natural healthcare practitioners advise the practice as a means of stimulating testosterone production.

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Semen would be the secondary juice we’re talking about—the milk not so much the little swimmers in the milk. Semen is produced by the glands of the male reproductive system (the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and the bulbourethral gland are all contributors) for the purpose of carrying sperm. That said, even though there are typically around a hundred million sperm in there, your microscopic swimmers only make up a tiny portion of the fluid. Semen is produced and stored up throughout the day and even more so when a man is sexually aroused. The sensations produced by wearing testicular gear qualify as a type of arousal, and many men who are into this gear experience an increase in semen volume. The same is often found by men who wear all day cock rings.

#3: With Your Bigger Balls...
You Get A Super Big O—Orgasm

We already gave part of this one away right? We already talked about the potential increase in semen volume that is prompted by wearing testicular gear. So more load is bound to equal a better orgasm. But, there’s actually another component, and this one comes into play two fold, when you’re wearing gear and even if you aren’t wearing your stretchers.

When a man ejaculates, his scrotum is lifted and contracts. Sperm travels from the balls, merges with semen in the glands and is fired out of the urethra. Part of the orgasm experience is tied into the contracting of the scrotum, and when a man has lower hanging equipment, the contraction and thus the orgasm takes longer. A longer nutsack with heavier balls is more work for the body to maneuver, but this kind of work feels amazing. The resultant sensation is a tingly sort of pressure often described as radiating not just in the testicles but through the entire genital region. The effect is only amplified even more when a man is wearing his stretching gear during the orgasm. Now a traction stack of rings or a delicious weight will actually prevent the body’s inclination to pull the testis up. All this equals amazing super high impact, super stretched out orgasms to go with your stretched nutsack.

#4: You Get Low Hanging Balls
(And All The Gifts That Come With Them)

So this one should be obvious right? The pursuit of lower balls is the reason most men begin looking into stretching. From guys whose scrotum is problematically tight to others who have some hang already but want more. From guys and their lovers who have a fetish to those who simply find the aesthetic of big low hangers manly and sexy. The natural outcome of stretching is to end up with low hangers, and how low is up to you. You can train em’ down an inch or six inches or until they're about to reach your knees if you’re on the extreme tip. Most guys are good with increasing the hang of their scrotum by an inch to six inches, usually seeking to feel their balls swing and smack their lover’s ass durring sex.

Women and men alike, who are partnered with low hanging men, rave about the feel of their stud’s ball sack in motion durring sex. They love the effect of those perfect big low hanging balls, both when their man is wearing his stretchers and when he’s just letting his naked low hangers smack about.

Look at this awesome stack of metal testicle stretcher rings giving Brody an amazing long stretch. You can build a super hot ballsack too!

#5: You’ll Fuck Better And With More Staying Power

There are two concepts happening here A)diversionary stimulation and B) bio-feedback.

Regarding A) You might wonder, since testicular gear feels so amazing to wear and it produces more arousal—you might wonder how it can also help you have more staying power (AKA last longer). It’s a good question and the answer is surprisingly simple. The climb to orgasm in the male is prompted by friction to the penis, of the type created by an in\out motion of the penile shaft into an orifice. There are other kinds of stimulation that are still very sexual and feel fantastic but these do not make the penis ejaculate. In fact, these kinds of stimulation have a tendency to act as a “diversion” from the primary in\out friction and prolong loving making. Ball Stretching sensations are the diversionary kind. It feels great, but on it’s own it doesn’t really make you cum, which is why guys can wear this gear all day without ending up with a wet crotch (laugh). And this is the reason stretching your sack helps you last longer in the sack as well.

Regarding B) We’ve talked before at allknight.com about devices worn by guys in various erogenous zones that produce a kind of feedback that strengthens and seems to inform the thrusting instinct. Gear for the purpose of stretching a man’s scrotum is a perfect example. Stacked rings and ball weights on your scrotum will, once your sack has a little hang, reveal the true nature of your nuts as a kind of swinging pendulum. As you move your body to thrust your weighted nutsack will move and this bio-feedback will encourage more and better thrusting. Once you’ve sufficiently lowered your balls, this will be true to some extent even when you aren’t wearing gear. Those low-hangers swinging around will also produce a kind of bio-feedback. And maybe that’s one of the reason’s guys with tight scrotums seek to lower them. Instinctively we know that low hangers offer more even than just what meets the eye.

#6: It’s both a Male Enhancement Workout and a Kinky Fun Fetish

For some guys ball stretching is a sexual fitness goal, like penis stretching to make your dick bigger, they want their sack of balls big and low between their legs. Many men who are into PE (Penis Enlargement) also, logically, want their beans bigger and hanging in complement to their sausage. For other people (men, straight couples and gay couples alike) it’s a fetish. The wearer gets off on the erotic feel of the awesome gear and presenting a bad-ass look. The viewer gets off on how hot and erotic the view is from the recieving end, and also the feel of the gear when they fondle the wearer, when they are having sex with the wearer and those ball weights are slap… slap… slapping their ass. And as it turns out, having a geared up ballsack goes perfectly with BDSM paraphernalia and practices, and with just about any other fetish.

Beyond the equipement, the low hanging balls produced (in other words your new and improved anatomy) are also a fetish for some. Certainly a characteristic that many people find very attractive and sexy. The same way bubble butts, a muscular physique, or the ever popular super big dick are often worshiped, big low hangers have an allure. And if you’re a muscle stud with a bubble butt, a huge dick, and big low swinging balls too, then you’re a crowd pleaser from every angle aren’t you?

Final Thought

So there you have it, a complete primer on everything a guy needs to know to get started stretching his testicles, and building his bigger, better bag of balls. From the physical goal of body modification to the sensations and arousal. From the improved sexual performance—and what guy doesn’t want to be even better in bed—to the increase in testosterone production and semen volume that men tend to experience. From everything concrete and measurable to just having good horny fun and going beyond the science to look at all the kinky good times you can have… the goal of getting low hangers is one of life’s little pursuits that gives back much more than what it asks. And now that the ancient art of ball stretching has been made easy with the support of high-tech gear, there are no limits and nothing holding you back. Visit the allknight.com ball stretching shop to further your journey right now.


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