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The average erect penis length is 6.16 inches (or 15.64 centimeters), and the average erect penis girth is 4.85 inches (12.29 centimeters). No matter how you stack-up, HARDWEAR rings help men achieve the penis size of their dreams, with harder and larger erections than they ever thought possible, and thick dangling flaccid size to fill out their briefs.

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Every man wants to have a big penis, and even if a guy does have a bigger than average male organ, he typically would like to see it bigger. Some of this, of course, is the male ego at play, however a recent survey indicated that 40% of women reported that they were more likely to have an orgasm with men who were well endowed than with men who were smaller. Incidentally, history (and we do mean human history dating back millions of years) has indicated that a larger penis is preferable in sex and that human females have preferred males with larger endowment throughout the eons, leading to the human male having the largest penis of all primates, a fact that is the direct result of sexual selection. So yes, ladies like em' big.