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In terms of siring offspring It takes only a single sperm to do the job, but having a huge semen load feels amazing and looks awesome. Few men would disagree that potent volume and intense cum shooting powers are one of the hallmarks of the virile and sexually fit male. There is also no denying the aphrodisiac effect a high powered semen super soaker has on many perspective lovers. It's the ultimate way to finish a round of amazing sex, with a load that shoots out in dramatic ropes that slather your partner in hot DNA. Wearing a Hardwear cockring, the supremely "happy" ending (a money shot that makes your favorite porn hero look weak by comparison) can be one of your signature moves as well.


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Learning how to soot cum farther is easy. Ready to unlock your long distance cumshot? Then read on…

Ejaculation Distance

How to Shoot Cum Farther...: Long Distance Cumshot

Want to go farther… literally shooting your hot man milk in crazy far-flying streams? This video article will teach you how. When it comes to blowing the biggest loads and shooting crazy ropes of jizz, your buddies at allknight.com are the experts. We’ve got the gear and the knowhow, and this article has 7 tips (and more) to take your seed farther.

Have you heard of the medical condition: Hyperspermia? Well, you’ve heard of guys who have enormous cum loads… well now you’ve heard the medical term for it. And in this article we’ll look at all the details of massive ejaculations, including how to have your own.

Men's Medical: Super Semen Volume

Hyperspermia: Massive Ejaculations with Too Much Cum

Can a dude have too much cum? Not in the eyes of most guys. Most of us want huge loads. We know a massive ejaculation when we see it and we want the crazy orgasms and highflying ropes of man-milk for ourselves. Hyperspermia is the medical term for mega money shots, and in this article we’ll learn all about it.

Our Male Edging Guide will help you with staying power, stamina, penis size, erection strength, super intense orgasms, and more.


Male Edging to Grow Your Cock and Increase Orgasm

Great for training big loads... male edging is a kind of orgasm control exercise where a guy keeps himself in a heightened state of arousal for an extended time without reaching climax. With awesome benefits to erection strength, penis size, semen volume, staying power, and more… it's time climb sex mountain the right way.

Want to unlock your biggest cum explosion ever? Then read on…

Ejaculation Power

Cum Explosion: Explosive Cumshot Cumblast Guide

Ever cum so hard that your semen explosion almost knocked your lover off the bed (laugh)? Learn how to unload bazooka blasts of jizz for the most powerful ejaculations of your life. Male explosions that curl your toes, grit your teeth, pull a roar up from your gut and supersoak everything in front of you.

Learn how to cum like a porn star, increase semen volume and boost libido.

Sexual Health\Sexplosion

How to Increase Semen Volume and Boost Libido

Do you know how to have a huge cum load? The secret to having a super sized load is no longer a secret. Now, utilzing the 4 E approach, men can increase their semen production, ramp up their male sex drive, and enjoy the biggest ejaculations of their lives.

Many men are disappointed with the amount of semen their bodies produce, the weak throw distance on their ejaculation, and the lack of potency in their loads. Many men are dribblers when they would rather be gushers or shooters, and they are dissatisfied with the weak feeling orgasm that accompanies a lackluster ejaculation. But these issues can easily be taken care of with HARDWEAR cock rings. There is an instant orgasm enhancement that men experience with our rings (typically described as the best feeling orgasm of a guys life), and most men experience immediately improved ejaculatory shoot, and every man can train his cock to be his very own cum-cannon with HARDWEAR.

But don't take our word for it, take a gander at Evander's super charged super potent, high flying "Powered by Hardwear" cum-cannon and you will be convinced, as seeing is believing. Without question this guy learned how to increase cum load volume and ejaculatory shoot distance, and you can too. The only thing better than seeing a Hardwear cum blast is feeling it for yourself. Also check out our Training Your Cum Cannon: Learn to Cum Like Evander DVD



Until I discovered HARDWEAR, I was terribly disappointed by my orgasms. Being a well endowed man, my size in the bedroom would always set the stage for great things, but I was like a good movie with a bad ending: a guy with a big penis, the ejaculations out of which were so weak that after a tiny bit of semen would ooze out, I would have to milk the rest out with a clinched fist. And the orgasm felt just as weak as it looked, like a little fizzle. Thanks to HARDWEAR, I'm now experiencing the BIG BANG effect every night, gushing more juice than I knew I even had in my body, and it feels amazing!

-- Carlos: Tampa Florida

Chemical semen enhancers approach the problem by attempting to increase the volume (amount) of semen your body produces, while Kegels exercises attempt to strengthen the sexual muscle and increase the force with which your body ejects semen. Both can be good approaches, but both take a considerable amount of time to take effect, and each approach is singular. Only Hardwear increases VOLUME, FORCE, and the SPEED OF SEMEN FLOW. Our male enhancement gear uses a scientific approach based on a few simple principals, not least of which is fluid aerodynamics in a tube. The Hardwear implementation is mechanical and reliable, and the impact is immediate. Your orgasm will be dramatically intensified the very first time you wear a HARDWEAR ring. And mastery of your HARDWEAR technique will usher you into the stratosphere of the semen superstars, and well beyond all your prior expectations of what your body's physical abilities are.

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