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Hyperspermia: Massive Ejaculations with Too Much Cum

Can a guy have too much cum? That’s almost like asking if a man can be too well hung? For most guys (and certainly in this male enhancement focused crowd here at allknight.com, we want our cocks super-sized and rock hard, our loads huge, our balls big, and our sex sweat soaked and marathon style… for us having an average size penis and the average teaspoon of ejaculate just isn’t what we’re after. So, most of us will answer “Nah man, I want so much cum it’s like a freaking fountain.” In this crowd we’re looking to be sexual specimens. From our morning wood to our evening money shot, we’re aiming for BIG. This is why guys come to allknight.com, to our products and our coaches actively seeking gear and supplements that can induce Hyperspermia. But what exactly is it?

What is Hyperspermia?

This is a medical and scientific term used to describe when a man has massive ejaculations with far more volume than his peers. Most guys just call it having huge freaking loads, but now you know the official medical term. Research into the topic has defined the condition as having a semen volume over 6.3ml (milliliters) equivalent to .21oz (ounces). Thus, it takes around a quarter of an ounce of fluid to get into the club, but of course the flood of man-milk can be much greater. There is no upper cap, only a lower cap. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the median semen release for a male is 3.3ml (with many men having way smaller spurts than this). So, if your fluid release is double the WHO’s median you can be said to have Hyperspermia.

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What about Hypospermia?
(Hypo not Hyper)

As yen has yang and day has night, so there is an opposite end of the spectrum here as well. I.E. very weak low-volume male expulsions have a medical designation as well. Hypospermia is a condition in which a man has an abnormally low volume of semen, less than 1.5ml compared to the 3.3ml World Health Organization median and the whopping 6.3ml minimum it takes to be considered Hyperspermic. The normal range for ejaculatory volume is between 1.5ml and 6.3ml, so if you fall below this range you can be said to have Hypospermia.

Where the men who are the subject of this article are producing massive cum quantities, the guys with the flipside condition are producing miniscule amounts. The latter condition being far more common and obviously far less coveted. Basically no one ever wants to reduce their ejaculation power. Even if you did, if you were the biggest sperm whale out there and you were sick of all the cleanup (laugh), you wouldn’t want to take your volume down to a level so low as to be considered Hypospermia. Men with reduced expulsions are almost certainly having less fun when it comes to the big O moment, and they are very likely to have fertility issues. When a clinically small amount of semen is produced the amount of sperm is also low. Thus, the chances for a sperm cell to reach a waiting egg and fertilize it are minimized.

Do you want to induce hyperspermia and flood your condom tonight? In some peripheral way having massive ejaculations is considered a medical condition (one that obviously doesn’t typically require treatment, since most guys and some of their female partners as well, see massive cum loads as a blessing). Can a dude seriously have too much cum? If you’re lettin’ it all hang out with us here at allknight.com, the answer your answer to that is probably no… enough is never enough.
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What Causes Hyperspermia?

Okay, we’re back to the big gushers and rope shooters, but before we go any further we should add that, while the medical term sounds very official, doctors do not have any sure answer as to what causes a man to become hyperspermic (our slant on the word, obviously indicating a male who exhibits said massive ejaculations and other symptoms). The precise cause for a male to become a massive cummer remains uncertain in the medical community, however, the following are all thought to be contributors, each independently or in any combination.

  • Gaps in sexual activity

  • Use of certain medicines.

  • Various Male enhancement practices and devices.

  • Male enhancement pills aimed at boosting sexual performance.

  • Use of steroids

  • Consumption of highly fibrous and protein-rich foods

  • *Infection in the prostate
    Of all the possible causes for hyperspermia only this one is indicative of an actual medical problem. Most massive cummers do not have a prostate infection. If your semen is suddenly more yellow than white or clear, and the volume has increased without any intent on your part, it could be that you have an infection of the prostate.

Hyperspermia is not a medical condition that typically requires treatment. It is usually only treated if attached to fertility problems, which is rare. Again, many men are actively looking for ways to increase their loads and cum more, seeing a so-called condition such as this as the liquid equivalent of having a great big dick.

Why Do Guys Want Great Big Cum Shots?

It only takes a drop, so why is it that, as men, we want to see a geyser to rival Old Faithful firing between our legs, blowing our DNA skyward to the heavens? The answer can be as simple as the fact that men are visual and as it pertains to sex they generally want everything bigger: their cocks, their ejaculations... everything. But really this oversimplification does a bit of a disservice to the question and the fact that stronger, higher volume ejaculations do have some very tangible benefits.

The more practical answer is this: while the experience of sex can certainly be enjoyable even with a weak ejaculation, there is no denying that the amount of fluid a man ejaculates has a direct impact on the his orgasm experience. The bigger the load the more intense the orgasm will feel. The harder your penis and male plumbing have to work to pump out your seed the more ejaculation spasms the man will experience—and the male orgasm can reach tremendous, full body, muscle twitching, sweat drenched levels indeed. In the process of climaxing, each spasm resulting in a gush or rope of fluid is also typically tied to a surge of intense pleasure. In fact, some of the symptoms of the hyperspermic male are breathlessness and dizziness during and directly after the release of extraordinarily large explosions of man-milk. These effects can be a direct result of the enhanced orgasm experience brought on by having increased semen volume. Many men, especially very sexual males, want to experience the maximum primal intensity during their love making (and/or fuck sessions) and taking their expulsions to the max is a way of accomplishing this.

Finally, being able to boast that your cock is a super soaker equates to a level or bragging rights, and plays into a number of fetishes both among straight men and gay men alike. Cum play, facials, cock worship, bukkake, and all similar erotic outlets are greatly enhanced when the male(s) serving up the seed is able to deliver maximum fluid. There are many people (female and male alike) who find the sight, taste, and smell of ejaculate highly arousing. Perhaps surprisingly (or not so surprising), in a recent study, 25% of female responders felt that their own orgasm was enhanced and made stronger if their sex partner had a larger load and a more intense ejaculation.

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You might wonder what the connection could be, but actually this is logical. If the man’s cock is pulsing inside his partner to empty itself, and his face is contorting, and he’s grunting and groaning like a beast as his cup (and hers) runneth over… if only for the psychic intensity, it makes perfect sense that the woman’s orgasm aligned with his own will be more intense. Aligning orgasms, AKA cumming together is a somewhat elusive goal of many couples.

Additionally, there is a slice of the female population that associates the size of a guy's DNA ejection to how much he was into her or the sex. This particular logic is erroneous, of course. Big blasts of seed are generally either trained or genetic… a man can be all horned up for his partner and still produce only a small quantity of seed. Obviously though, this section has clearly illustrated the many reasons men and their partners may be looking to splash the bed sheets with a larger showing.

Symptoms of Hyperspermia

  • The main and only consistent symptom is the production of greater than normal amounts of fluid during ejaculation.

Other possible symptoms include...

  • Higher sexual drive (Hyperspermic guys are sometimes horny as hell).

  • Delayed ejaculation… in other words lasting longer. Requiring a lot of sexual friction to reach ejaculation.

  • Fatigue post-intercourse (which often happens to guys who don’t gush massive loads as well) and in some cases, dizziness… almost like you dehydrated yourself from cumming so much (laugh).

  • Men with mega loads, in an unexpected twist, sometimes take longer to get a woman pregnant.

On the more problematic side...

  • Semen may be yellowish in coloration, if yellow instead of white this could indicate a prostate infection and perhaps you should see your urologist about this.

  • And much more rarely pain during ejaculation may be experienced in men with very high semen volume, where the semen consistency is very thick. A quick recommendation would be to drink more water and see if that helps. Obviously painful ejaculations should be checked out by a urologist.

Fertility and Hyperspermia

So these mega-load boys are sometimes super horny and they’ve got to be sperm whales. With so much cum they can pretty much get a girl pregnant from across the room, right?

The answer is maybe, maybe not. Keep in mind individual sperm cells are microscopic and mostly what you see when you look at the product of ejaculation is seminal fluid much more than sperm content. The semen is the river and the sperm are the swimmers. If the river becomes an ocean but the swimmers remain in their regular numbers, sperm content will be more diluted. The ejaculation looks and feels phenomenal (it is true that more semen does result in more intense male orgasms), however it may actually take longer for the mega cummer to impregnate his partner. For the male with a normal sperm count this is not in any way problematic.

In the case where the man producing these tremendous cum shots also has a low sperm count, yes it is possible though it defies the visual—in this case the male may have difficulty getting his partner pregnant. This is the only scenario where Hyperspermia is regularly treated, and treatment typically focuses on…

  • Medicines to raise the sperm count so it’s more inline with all the ejaculatory fluid being produced.

  • Getting the sperm cell to the egg by assisted means. In Vitro fertilization (IVF) or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

All of that said, the low sperm count is much more the issue with fertilization than the volume of jizz the man is producing. Males with the average half teaspoon to teaspoon of ejaculate, who have a low sperm count, also have issues with fertilization. So, low sperm count is not really a unique problem for the hyperspermic male but just a problem for males in general that may be exacerbated when a big ocean of fluid meets relatively few swimmers. As long as his sperm count is normal, a guy with hyperspermic ejaculations should be more than able to get a girl pregnant. Whether he can do it from way across the room or not, remains to be seen… last we checked the penis was supposed to be in the vagina (laugh).

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How to induce Hyperspermia?

So now that you know what it is, you’re like “that sounds great, like just the so-called medical condition I want to have!” You’re not the only guy saying that, of course, so how can a man become hyperspermic… or at the very least, how can he giant-size his jizz showing, beyond where he’s at today? Well, we’ll start you in the right direction here and we’ll point you to a couple of our follow up articles that have a full list of detailed steps you should be taking. To get started, some things you can do are as follows...

  • If you aren’t exercising with any regularity, you can raise the bar and potentially the volume of ejaculatory fluid your body produces too. Walking. Jogging. Weight Lifting. Regular exercise improves testosterone levels in men, and testosterone promotes healthy semen production.

  • Get a good T-booster like our OptiMale TNT XL, which has a ton of benefits for sexual stamina, erections, and yes, it can help in your battle to increase the size of your spurts.

  • Get a weighted glans ring, like our Power Grip Payload and begin strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. These are a hammock shaped structure of muscles, ligaments, and tissues that extend across the pelvis keeping our internal organs comfortably seated where they should be. Women tend to understand the value of exercising these muscles, but men often miss the boat on this one. We’re planning a full article on the topic so stay tuned. But on the quick side, Kegels exercises are little flexes you can activate by imagining yourself pinching off the flow of urine (front), or pinching off the urge to release gas (back). These muscles play a powerful role in ejaculatory strength to name just one area where men will find benefit from a weighted Kegel routine. Wearing your Payload ring on the head of your penis and performing Kegel pinch movements is a perfect way of bodybuilding your pelvic floor muscles.

  • Get yourself an excellent anatomically focused cock ring by Hardwear, and you’ll probably be able to experience amplified ejaculations instantly. Mechanical male enhancement gear such as this apply pressure to a number of key areas within the male anatomy that promote stronger ejaculations and aid in increased semen production. By applying pressure to the urethra and vas deferens, Hardwear rings slow the climb to climax (so, yes, they’ll help you last longer too), and as a result ordinary sex and masturbation take on qualities more like edging sessions, and edging send signals to your body to produce more man-milk. Additionally the gear creates a “pinched hose” effect in these biological tubes through which fluid flows, and as you should be aware, when a garden hose is pinched the fluid passing through it sprays farther and more forcefully. Assuming your semen is nice and liquidy you should see an instantly improved money shot the first time you try the gear. As you master it, the experience will only grow more powerful, dramatic, and exciting.

  • If your baby batter is dry and clumpy or too thick drink more water… a lot more water if you want to shoot jizz like a porn star. Aim for three liters daily (yes, that’s twelve 8oz glasses… sounds like a lot maybe, but you’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water anyway).

Final Thought

And there we have it, a fun and informative exploration of the multi-rope semen flooded world of Hyperspermia. A condition our male enhancement coaches are often asked to help our trainees induce—and there’s something you don’t see or hear every day, the idea that guys want to trigger a medical abnormality. But then again, if the average penis size is around 6 inches... then having a 7 or 8 incher, a 9, 10, 11 or 12 incher… all of that also represents a kind of abnormality. And men all over the world have been desperately seeking to shatter the norms on penis size since, well, since the penis was created.

When we look at it from this perspective, it’s easy to see why guys and their partners might want their spermia to go hyper. Massive loads are like the special effects in a blockbuster movie. If the story was great, maybe you don’t have to have brilliant effects, but it sure does take the whole experience over the top. The big pop shot at the conclusion of a great round of sex is not just for bragging rights and visuals though, the orgasms attached to pumping all that fluid out of a man’s body feel toe-curlingly, ass-cheek clenchingly, tooth grindingly good. And who doesn’t want to get their rocks off harder? Given the option tonight of A) having an okay sort of orgasm experience or B) the most mind-blowing big O ever, which one would you choose?


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