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How To Increase Semen Volume and Boost Libido

Want to know how to increase semen volume and boost libido at the same time? Of course you do. Guys want all their sexual effects supersized, a huge load goes real nice with a big dick… so, if you are enthusiastic about penis enlargement you’re probably interested in knowing how to produce more ejaculate as well. And it’s not only about the esthetics of the money shot, when you see the guys in porn or else one of the penis performance coaches here at blowing rope after rope of cum, face twisted while the jizz flies, sweating bullets while they pump it out... you can believe that mega ejaculations result in mega orgasm sensation too. The huge load feels much better than the climax of a guy who only dribbles out a few drops. And taking all this one step farther, beyond how hot multi-rope ejaculations look and feel, the techniques that let you master your own boy-juice bazooka can also increase male sex drive (AKA libido, AKA you’ll be, not only jizzier than ever, but hornier than ever too.)

Sperm Vs. Semen (In other words... What is in Semen?)

Before we dive into the top 5 ways to make your loads bigger, let's be clear that there is a difference between sperm and semen. Sperm is a component of semen. Your little swimmers (the tiny, long-tailed cells that make babies if they are lucky enough to find an egg) are swimming in your semen. Sperm are microscopic, each measuring 0.002 inch from head to tail (roughly 50 micrometers), with each drop of healthy semen containing millions of sperm. But even though your swimmers are a mob numbering over a hundred million in each blast of cum… they only make up a tiny percent of the fluid expelled from your penis in the form of ejaculate. Depending on the male, sperm accounts for 1 to 10 percent of the milk in man milk (usually closer to 1%), with the other 90 to 99 percent being semen (water, prostatic fluid, seminal fluid and proteins, fatty acids, fructose to nourish the sperm, calcium, various enzymes, etc). So what comes when you cum is a lot more involved than you may at first think, and knowing what is in semen becomes important if our goal is to produce more of the stuff.

While increasing your semen volume in a measurable way, which is the focus of this article, will likely also increase sperm production, the opposite isn’t true in the same way. With sperm being so minute and making up typically only 1% of semen, even doubling or tripling your sperm count will not likely make your loads bigger (technically yes, but tangibly no).

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So, focusing on sperm production is okay if your goal is only to increase male fertility and become a daddy. But if what you want are the high-flying ropes and ejaculatory intensity that go along with high volume male potency, then it’s best to focus on the ocean and not the swimmers. And in this case, more ocean tends to equal more swimmers as well. So without further preamble let’s learn how to increase semen volume and boost libido while we're at it. We’ll look at the Top 5 approaches here… and as a bonus these steps will increase male fertility too.

#1 Want Big Cum? Stay Hydrated (In other words… Drink Enough Water.)

Semen is water more than anything else. If you’re dehydrated your loads will be clumpy, small, and not very loaded at all. Knowing how to produce more ejaculate begins with drinking enough water. The average man, boasting the average level of hydration, produces less than one teaspoon of ejaculate. If you want to cum like a porn star you’ll need to feed the machine like one. That means a minimum 8 glasses of water (AKA 2 liters) a day are required. Three liters consumed daily would be even better. You see, semen is produced both on demand during sexual stimulation and also it is stored up throughout the day. If your body has the raw ingredients available (with the main ingredient being water) you will be able to keep your reserves filled for big blasts.

#2 Want to Shoot Like a Sperm Whale? Feed to Breed.

Okay, so, you’re hydrated but still not unleashing the money shot of your (and your partner’s) dreams. Well, big cum loads are made of water and, as we already learned, a few other ingredients too. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle are always a benefit, and when it comes to pumping yourself up for multi-rope ejaculations, a few nutrients, vitamins, and minerals go a long way. Supplementing with Zinc, vitamin D3, and folic acid in specific are well known to help guys get a higher sperm count and increase sperm production. Toss in a little Horny Goatweed, which among other things is great for an increase male sex drive. Combine these with a high protein diet (because a lot of what’s in your cum is protein), add the consumption of antioxidant rich foods, and we’ve got a recipe for getting the results you are after.

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#3 On the road to Big Loads… Exercise. Masturbate. Fuck.

Okay, so, following points 1 and 2, what you’re putting into your body is good; but a man has to move to mix the milkshake, if you get what we’re saying. A sedentary (lazy) lifestyle isn’t going to get your juices going on any level. Being hydrated and consuming the right things give your body the needed building blocks to shoot like a champ. But now we need to move. Exercise is a catalyst for healthy change on every front. Get things moving by going for a daily walk. Do some light work with free weights, or some heavy work if you’re more advanced. Lose weight if you’re heavy. And definitely masturbate and... well... fuck.

Okay, some guys might think bigger loads come from “saving up”, in other words don’t cum for a week and the resulting cum shot will be bigger when you finally do cum. Yeah, okay, that kind of works, but only short term, only if you have the right ingredients on hand in your body, and always at a cost. “Saving up” actually sends a message to your body that you don’t have sex that often, and ultimately your body will produce less semen over time. On the flip side, ejaculating often sends a message to your body that it should be producing a lot of semen because you’re always shooting the baby batter.

Now, let’s be real, squirting is good for you but if you ejaculate twice a day, every day, you are going to outrun your body’s ability to stockpile semen. Too many blasts will be as counterintuitive to our goal as too few. The man who wants to send the right message to his nuts, his prostate, his seminal vesicles, and all the bits and bobs that make semen—that man will be sure he is ejaculating 3 times a week as a minimum, and never more than 5 times some weeks if you’re a very horny boy. Just like your penis is a use it or lose it organ, the plumbing behind your one-eyed monster wants to be used too. Going long periods without ejaculating is not the right approach.

#4 Turn your Penis Into a Super Soaker… Wear a Hardwear Cock Ring.

While we’re talking about getting our squirt on, we should mention that when it comes to bigger cum, the long haul is better than the quickie everytime. The harder your cock. The more amped up your psyche. The more intense the sex and\or masturbation is, and the longer the rounds last so that it is more of an edging session and less of a race to the finish line, the bigger your loads will become on-the-spot and the better the signals sent to your body that semen is in-demand. Hardwear Cock Rings are world famous for the supersized erections, the staying power, the intensity they bring to a man’s sex game, and yes, thier ability to help you cum like a porn star.

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#5 Unleash the flood from your balls… Wear a Hardwear Ball Stretcher.

Only a small portion of semen is actually manufactured in a boy’s nuts… sperm being made there. But testosterone is certainly made in the testicles. And stimulating your balls and ball sack can amp up semen production in every quarter of the male anatomy where man milk is made.

Hardwear Ball Stretchers ride right on a boy’s nut sack and have a direct stimulation effect on testosterone production, semen production, growing a boy’s sack so his balls hang lower and present bigger, and of course all this is good for getting your mojo going too. With ball stretchers that combine traction (stack height), constriction (grip of the ring), and weight (with weights from a few ounces up into the 2LBS zone), HARDWEAR scrotum and testicle gear is ready to get your man juices pumping as well.

Final Thought—Now you know the 4 E Approach to Bigger Blasts (Great in other areas of Male Enhancement too!)

Now as never before, in the age of easy access porn, men have been able to witness the ejaculations of other men and recognize that while one guy may be producing only a few drips, others are unleashing volcanic eruptions of man-lava. It’s easy to say that a guy’s cum load doesn’t matter; it’s as easy as saying penis size doesn’t matter. But I think we all know that statement is a long way from being accurate.

We are all about male support here at, but we are also about honesty and enabling men to reach their goals. If we were to suggest for one minute that a four inch long penis with a girth of three-point-five inches feels the same (either to the giver or the receiver) as an eight inch long penis with a girth of 6 inches, we’d be lying. Come on… seriously? How could that be? Can they both get the job done? Sure. Will the experience be equal and the same? Not at all.

Similarly, if we told you a few drips of cum for an ejaculation felt as good dribbling out of your cock as six or seven huge jets of cum, or that the resultant experience was equally exciting for both partners, we’d be lying about that too. Sure, size isn’t everything, guys... neither in terms of the physique of your penis or the volume of your ejaculations, but it definitely makes a difference. Furthermore, the science exists these days to be a bigger and better man in bed.

The clever trainee will observe that what this article proposes is a tried and true mix that can be applied to countless areas of male health (and health in general). A mix of the right things (water, nutrition) being put into your body, the right kind of exercise (basic mobility and fitness, and also sexual exercise like edging) being performed by your body, with the right kind of equipment (cock rings, ball stretchers, etc) being worn to catalyse the desired change.

Not just for how to produce more semen... The Four E Approach: Eat\Exercise\Equipment\and a little Effort can change your body in many ways, and these are also what it takes to increase your male flow. So, today’s man doesn’t need to try and convince himself that areas of deficiency don’t matter. In this day and age, a little bit of knowhow and the right gear can take you to levels of performance you’ve never even dreamed.


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