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"Penis and Male Enhancement, how can I help you?"  This is what you'll hear at the start of a call to our performance coaching line. The person you will be speaking to will be a Penis Performance and Male Enhancement Coach, knowledgeable in penis enlargement techniques, erection strengthening and penis exercise, sexual positions and lovemaking techniques, ways of overcoming sexual issues and dysfunction from premature ejaculation to performance anxiety, he will be knowledgeable in many approaches to male fitness, approaches to building male confidence... and on top of all this he will be an all around nice guy.

Your coach can help you...

- Build a Penis Workout
- Use your gear correctly
- Improve Erections
- Improve Staying Power
- Increase Semen Volume
- Integrate PE into your life
- Build Confidence
- Provide Sex-Ed\Advice
- Select Sexual Supplements
- And much more...

Do you wish you had a cock-smart friend who could answer all your penis and sex questions for you?  As a rule guys don't have anyone they can talk to about their penises.  Men don't talk to their friends about penis size goals, about wanting to be bigger, and they don't discuss issues they may be facing such as trouble with erections, not lasting long enough, or suffering from performance anxiety.   They will talk about the hot girl they banged, but not the way they sometimes come to bed slack and other times are hitting it with force, and how they wish they could consistently be superman between the sheets. 

Most guys aren't comfortable having sexual conversations with other men they know.  Other guys who are comfortable don't have anybody smart in the topics of penis\sex to talk to.  Just about every guy wishes he did have the right person to help him get on track,  because the knowledge is out there to be bigger and better.  Without a coach however, every guy is reinventing to the wheel by himself, trying to figure out on his own what another guy has already accomplished and could explain in moments.

Now you can talk to another guy one-on-one who i knowledgeable on topics of penis performance, sex, and fitness, who is actively engaged and advanced in the domain of penis enlargement.  He will help you build a plan to get where you want to be with your penis size and sexual performance.  He can help you recover from problems you may be having and reach new levels of confidence.  He can be that super cock-smart friend that you wish you had and could talk to... NOW YOU DO HAVE THAT FRIEND.

Sometimes a guy needs a coach (a teacher, a sensei) another guy who is experienced and knows what it takes to get to the next level. True in sports.  True in the classroom.  And true in regards to penis enlargement, penis performance training and sex education.  At last you can speak one-on-one to a knowledgeable individual who will help you build a personalized plan specific to your goals: penis enlargement, building erection power, strategies for recovery from various types of dysfunction, building\regaining confidence... your coach is here to help you reach all your male improvement goals.

Check out our awesome coaching plans...

Our team of sexperts is known for engineering the most serious male enhancement gear on the planet... and also for being avid users of it. Like any serious training equipment, to get the most out of your gear you should know how to use it to the fullest, how to use it in ways that are the most effective, and also the safest. When you buy any piece of gear from any of our sites, you are entitled to a one-on-one coaching session with one of our expert penis performance coaches at half the regular coaching price.  We call this special kind of coaching session "Gear Guidance" and it's one of the many ways we take care of customers.  Another way some guys like to do it, is to purchase gear guidance in advance of placing thier gear order and then have a male enhancement specialist assist them through the gear selection process.
Whatever penis performance help and planning you need our coaches are here to get you going (growing bigger, boning harder, shooting larger loads, lasting longer, etc). Whatever sexual issues you are having, from ED to performance anxiety, to needing to find sex positions that better fit your small penis (or your giant penis), we are here to get you there. Our coaches will build penis workout and\or sexual plans specific to you and your body and your goals. Our coaches are well versed in many areas of male fitness, and can even help tie your penis workout plan together with your regular muscle\fitness training. We will advice you of tools and supplements that can get you there quickly and safely, your telacoaching session includes 30 minutes of live phone access.
Want to have more one-on-one sessions with your coach? Want to arrange web cam sessions so that he can see exactly what you are doing, or so that you can follow his instruction visually. Just like the particulars of your performance workout plan are uniquely created for you, if you need to customize the intercommunication style and meeting schedule with your coach, we can do that to. Many of our happy trainees are enjoying more frequent meetings\cyber meetings, etc with their coaches. You can go ahead and get the basic plan and then talk to your coach during your first session about customizing it. Or, if you know exactly what you want you can call the performance line and customize the plan as part of your initial setup.