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Your mad scientist buddies here at allknight.com have been making guys smile by transforming their sex lives… by growing their penises… by supercharging their erections to overcome ED (Erectile Dysfunction), Premature Ejaculation, and every form of male sexual dysfunction for more than fourteen years! In short, we specialize in MAKING STRONGER / LONGER… BIGGER, BADDER, BETTER MEN IN THE BEDROOM and beyond.

Hanging with us you’ll be better hung, more confident, hornier, harder, and more ready to lay down the pipe—and for all these reasons and many more, you’ll be smiling too.

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The AllKnight Male Enhancement Magazine is here... and yes the AllKnight Lifestyle is well within your grasp. All you need is the proper gear with the matching knowhow. And obviously you are in the right place for all of that.


The ALLKNIGHT Lifestyle is about sexual confidence, and just as the real meaning of bravery is less about not having fears and more about never allowing your fears to paralyze you. Living the ALLKNIGHT lifestyle is less about walking in a state of perfection, never having faced any sexual challenges… and much more about the confidence that comes with knowing you can power your way through any obstacle, coming out the other side BIGGER, BADDER, and BETTER.

  • Your penis can be BIGGER tomorrow than it is today. Harder. Larger. Longer. Thicker… everything you’ve dreamed can be yours.

  • Your sexual performance can be BADDER—meaning more bad-ass, more studly, more porn-star style than you ever thought possible.

  • With the knowledge and tech found here, you can be a BETTER man. Because perfection is not a state we’re born into, it’s one we rise to.

So the ascension begins today...

Newest Articles:

Knowing how tight is too tight when it comes to a penis ring can be tricky, but this article explains it all.

Pro-Resource Guide

How Tight Should A Cock Ring Be On My Dick

So… how tight is too tight? We’ve got all the answers for how to get your dick ring just right. And the rewards, boys, just for starters are… a harder, bigger, dick and all the big dick energy that goes along with it.

Getting yourself sized for a cock ring is easy! Our coaches will teach you everything you need to know.

Pro-Resource Guide

Cock Ring Sizes

It’s time, boys, to become men and learn how to measure for a cock ring from the pros... More than just an article, this Pro-Resource Guide will help you master male enhancer sizing. And In no time at all you'll be strutting a BIGGER, BETTER, HARDER, LARGER Hardwear-Powered Cock.

Male workout and enhancement gear with the awesome styling of high-end genital jewelry. Learn all about it now!

Male Gear

Penis Power Cock Jewelry

Bracelets for your boy-parts! Rings for your man-thing! Stret­chers. Weights. Streng­then­ers and more.... All the gear a growing boy could ever need for perfecting his manhood, with bad ass jeweler grade styling and sex appeal. Learn all about the most beneficial “jewelry” a man will ever wear.

Learn how the pros pump out their fuck hard and good all at the same time.

Better Sex

Learning How To Fuck Hard and Good!

Guys ask us all the time, how to be more dominant in bed. How to (pardon our French) fuck harder and lay the pipe rougher, but at the same time better. So we’ve got your guide to awesome male-dominant rough sex, courtesy of the coaches at allknight.com....

Questions of penis size have been heavy on the minds of men from day one, and with the 7 inch penis being the first “real” entry on the large side of the border, all the boys with size seven want to know how many other dudes are sized like them, if 7 inches is big… and we’ve got these and all your questions answered.

Penis Size Q&A

How Many Guys Have 7 Inches of Penis

How many guys are thrusting with a size seven? Is 7 inches big or is it small? How do I get a 7” dick if I’m smaller, and how can I train my way to an 8-incher if I’m rocking a seven right now? These are among the most asked questions in penis talk, and we’ve got the answers.

How far down does a tie go for maximum BDE Swagger, and just to generally look hot?

Men’s Style Enhancement

How Far Down Does a Tie Go? (For Max BDE)?

Did you know a properly hung necktie can make you look more well-hung in your slacks? It can make you look taller, trimmer, and more heroically built as well. Get ready to score some extra BDE (Big Dick Energy) points with... these awesome style choices...

Siize matters, there is no denying it, but how much of a difference does it make having a big dick vs. a small dick? What is the perfect penis size?

Penis Size Q&A

Big Dick Vs. Small:
Dick: What’s The Perfect Penis Size?

Size matters and there is no denying it. You already know the smallest D’s on the planet are obviously not the highest performing, but how much of a difference does it make having a big dick vs. a small dick? What is the perfect penis size? In this article you’ll find the answers…

Learning how to soot cum farther is easy. Ready to unlock your long distance cumshot? Then read on…

Ejaculation Distance

How to Shoot Cum Farther...: Long Distance Cumshot

Want to go farther… literally shooting your hot man milk in crazy far-flying streams? This video article will teach you how. When it comes to blowing the biggest loads and shooting crazy ropes of jizz, your buddies at allknight.com are the experts. We’ve got the gear and the knowhow, and this article has 7 tips (and more) to take your seed farther.

Learn the meaning of the word “boner” in this fun and informative dick-tionary entry. Also learn how to make your boner bigger, harder, and more.

Definitions +

Meaning of: BONER

Ready to learn all about Boners? In this dick-tionary entry we do more than just define the word. We teach you how to get one when you need it, how to lose one when you don’t, and how to make yours bigger.

When we’re not helping guys all over the world enlarge their cocks, we’re having fun enhancing our own, egging each other on… sometimes whipping our our sausages for a fun bit of competitive show and tell. We have an interoffice dick pic, dick vid competition that we’ve decided to share.

Fun Daily Competition

Rock Hard Cock of The Day

What do a bunch of male enhancement nerds do for fun, when we’re not helping the world be more hung? Do we compare our own cocks all the time, matching up our gains and ogling who has the hottest souped up dick? Of course we do more than that, but... In this fun little contest we’ve kicked off internally, we’ll be picking the Hottest Hardest Knight Squad Cock of the day.

Looking for big dick memes? We’ve got them…

Cock Trends & News

The Art of Big Dick Memes

Sometimes funny and always sexy, the big dicks you love are under the spotlight in our new Big D Meme segment.And while we’re at it we’ll talk about what memes are; how, as a vessel for ideas they can actually be culturally important, and why dick pics (with insightful captions or otherwise… especially the ones that inspire you to grow you own junk) will never go out of style.

Have you noticed the increase in male nudity in movies and television these days? Well, your buddies here at allknight.com have been blazing a trail for years, helping guys grow their junk, have better sex, and be more confient… and we’ve always been sex positivity, male nudity positive and all that. Our philosophy is this...

Naked Philosophy

Male Nudity: The Hot... Naked Guys of Allknight.com

It stands to reason when you build a penis wonderland, a place where guys can find all the best male gear in the world,: for growing their organs, for getting hard, staying hard, and keeping their hard-on super-sized… everything for sexual excellence—it just makes sense that you’re going to encounter some penises (laugh)... here’s our philosophy on male nudity.

Want to unlock your biggest cum explosion ever? Then read on…

Ejaculation Power

Cum Explosion: Explosive Cumshot Cumblast Guide

Ever cum so hard that your semen explosion almost knocked your lover off the bed (laugh)? Learn how to unload bazooka blasts of jizz for the most powerful ejaculations of your life. Male explosions that curl your toes, grit your teeth, pull a roar up from your gut and supersoak everything in front of you.

Whether it’s the big head or the little head that rules the day, when it comes to knobs, dudes want big ones. Having a huge mushroom cock head is more than just for esthetics, there are real benefits to being big headed and real techniques for enhancing your junk so it will be heavier in the tip. Let’s learn all about it.

Enhancing Glans Size

Huge Mushroom Cock Head:
Big Glans 101

Big knobs are hot and dudes want everything between their legs to be big, so the desire for head size is no surprise. That said, in this article we explore the real functionality of being big-headed between the legs. From prehistoric benefits to modern day rocking the bed springs. And of course, how to get bigger glans for yourself.

Learn what Limp Dick means, what causes it, and how to cure it.

Sexual Health

Limp Dick 101:
Soft Penis Causes and Fixes

Having your sausage stuck in soft mode is no fun, boys. Not at all, when you need your inches hard and thrusting. But it’s also not a life sentence unless you let it be. In this article we give you the steps to break through your stifficulties and get back to rock hard erections…

Find out what three penis coaches and a shaman learned naked in the snow, in this shared personal experience.

Personal Experiences

What I Learned Naked in the Snow

What happens when a winter team building hike into the woods goes in an unexpectedly nude direction? Three penis coaches and a shaman find out—they find the keys to male power and personal fortitude— and you’ll find out too when you read

Top Trending Articles:

Use various penis stretching techniques to grow your dick longer.

Penis Enlargement

Cock Stretching 101: How To Make Your Penis Longer

It’s a question in every guy’s mind. How to make it longer and Cock Stretching is the answer you need to learn all about. Sure, you could look at penis surgery, which is expensive and risky, or you could gear up, learn the proper exercise techniques, and start building your longer penis today.



The 8 Inch Dick - Penis Owners Guide, has got the details on how many men have 8 inches, what life is like when you’re rocking a big cock, and how smaller guys build thier penises up to team 8 status.

Penis Guides

8 Inch Dick: Huge 8 Inch Penis Owners Guide

Is the 8 inch dick really the perfect penis size? What’s life like rocking a size 8 cock? Maybe you’re living the answers to these questions. Or maybe you're doing penis exercises right now, hoping to hit the big 8. Whichever path you’re on, we’ve got the owner’s guide that goes with your eight inch penis.

Do you have a lot of precum? Or maybe you don’t seem to have any at all. This article is all about cock drool, what it is, what it isn’t, how to enjoy, and even how to increase the amount pre-ejaculate your penis produces.

Question and Answer

Precum: Why Does (or Doesn’t) My Cock Drool?

Does your cock drool? How can you increase Precum AKA Pre-Ejaculate? In this article we’re learning all about dicks that drip when horny, another sexy male special effect that doesn’t get passed around evenly, and how to take your own gooey goodness to the max.

Have you heard of the medical condition: Hyperspermia? Well, you’ve heard of guys who have enormous cum loads… well now you’ve heard the medical term for it. And in this article we’ll look at all the details of massive ejaculations, including how to have your own.

Men's Medical: Super Semen Volume

Hyperspermia: Massive Ejaculations with Too Much Cum

Can a dude have too much cum? Not in the eyes of most guys. Most of us want huge loads. We know a massive ejaculation when we see it and we want the crazy orgasms and highflying ropes of man-milk for ourselves. Hyperspermia is the medical term for mega money shots, and in this article we’ll learn all about it.

Which cock ring style is best, cock and ball ring (around the full package) or penis ring (around the shaft only)?

Question and Answer

Cock And Ball Ring Versus Penis Ring - Which Is Best?

Let’s get ready to rumble! In this showdown between cock and ball rings and penis shaft rings, we’ll find out which wearing style is best. And while we’re at it, we’ll learn the top 7 benefits of supercharging your dick with male enhancement rings… from harder erections to lasting longer to on-the-spot and even permanent penis size increase.

Which cock ring style is best, cock and ball ring (around the full package) or penis ring (around the shaft only)?

Question and Answer

Comparing Dicks: Is Penis Size Comparison... Normal?

Whether whipping it out with friends or peeking at the urinals, as males we seem to have a need to compare our sexual size against our peers. Looking at the dick measuring contests life throws at us and the ones we seek out, we're diving into the male obsession with comparing cocks.

The legend of the big black dick is the world’s most popular male sexual stereotype, and we’re diving balls deep into the mythology to learn all about it.

Exploring Male Sexual Stereotypes

Big Black Dick: Balls Deep Into The... Stereotype

The legend of the enormous black penis is the world’s most believed male sexual stereotype. But do expectations like this cause more harm than good? Is it even true? What if you don’t measure up? What if you do, but you feel like the poster boy for a stereotype? What if you do, and you love the hell out of it—objectification and all? Fearlessly, we’re thrusting balls deep into the BBD mythos.

Our Male Edging Guide will help you with staying power, stamina, penis size, erection strength, super intense orgasms, and more.


Male Edging to Grow Your Cock and Increase Orgasm

Male Edging is a kind of orgasm control exercise where a guy learns to keep himself in a heightened state of sexual arousal for an extended time without reaching climax. With benefits to erection strength, penis size, staying power, and more… isn’t it time you climbed sex mountain the right way?

All-Time Favorite Articles:

The 10 Inch Dick - Penis Owners Guide, with answers to how many men have 10 inches, what life at that size is like, and how you can enter the bit 10 club.

Penis Guides

10 Inch Dick: Monster 10 Inch Penis Owners Guide

Ever wonder what life would be like with a 10 inch dick? Maybe you know the answer. Or else you've got a PE goal of joining the big 10 club. Whatever the case, here’s the owner’s guide that goes with your ten inch penis.

Learn exactlly what cock rings do for a guy.

Shop by Goal - New Goal

Get A Thicker Penis

Don’t be labeled a pencil dick, not when the technology exists to shatter your skinny penis geneticsThis new goal page is dedicated to gear from our arsenal, that should surely be part of your arsenal, aimed at increasing penis girth.

Want to learn how to keep your dick hard while you’re getting fucked? Gay bottoms everywhere want to know, and we’re unlocking the secrets of keeping your erection during anal sex.

Gay Knights: Better Sex

Staying Hard While Getting Fucked: Erect Bottoming 101

Some gay bottoms are wired to stay hard during anal sex, but many more go limp. We’ll show you how to keep your hard-on while bottoming. It’s the ultimate power bottom superpower. Your top-man wants to see your flag at full mast while he’s banging you. You want to experience the next dimension of arousal, being erect while getting fucked. And this is how to do it...

Learn how Penis Sensitivity and Erectile Dysfunction are linked, and how you can make your penis more sensitive for a better sex life.

Sexual Health

Increase Penis Sensitivity and Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Can’t get the same feeling you used to? Declining penis sensitivity is an issue millions of men face, but Lost Sensitivity based ED does not have to stop you. Instead, let's learn how to make your penis more sensitive for the awesome sex you desrve.

The 6 Inch Dick - Penis Owners Guide, is just the sexual manual you’ve been looking for. Want to learn all about what it means having average penis size, and how to use your size better, how to grow your inches so you can upgrade to a size 7, 8, or even 9? Or maybe your smaller and you’re looking to get into six-inch club… either way, this is the guide.

Penis Guides (Newest)

6 Inch Dick: Average 6 Inch Penis Owners Guide

Throw a stone and there’s a 1 in 3 chance of hitting a guy with a 6” dick. Is it small, large, or just the classic average penis? Maybe you want to learn to fuck better with your size, or grow your dick with penis enlargement for huge gains. Whichever road you’re on in Penisville, here’s the owner’s guide to go with your six inch penis.

Cock Ring Porn is one of the many things that allknight.com is known for, but really, we don’t make porn… we make porn stars. Helping guys live their best, biggest dick swinging life is what we do. The hot vids and dick pics are just a bonus.


Exploring Cock Ring Porn: The Kings of The Rings

Dick Device Porn with hot demos and dick pics is something allknight.com is known for, but really we don’t make porn… we make porn stars. Helping every man live his best, hardest, biggest dick swinging life is what we’ve been doing for years. Awesome videos and photos are just a happy side effect. See how The Kings of The Rings became The Kings of Dick Ring Porn too...

Awesome Penis Enlargement Before and After… Male Enhancement Picture Gallery.

Penis Enlargement Gallery

Penis Enlargement
Before and After: Male Enhancement Pictures

An illustrated exploration of Penis Enlargement techniques, from Clamping with rings to Dick Stretching, Weight Hanging, and Penis Enlargement Surgery. It’s a great time to have a dick boys. In this Info-Gallery we’ll learn all about the hottest techniques for growing your junk.

Awesome Penis Enlargement Before and After… Male Enhancement Picture Gallery.

BallsTesticle & Scrotum Enhancement

Ball Stretching for Perfect Big Low Hanging Testicles (Balls)

These days guys want their balls to be big and nicely hung. Ball Stretching is the art and science of lowering and growing... a man’s nutsack. And like everything else with the male genitals, the technology now exists to correct what’s wrong and unlock every man’s full potential

Want to see whats trending right now in sex toys for men… penis stretchers, penis hangers, and cock rings are at the top this month for straight knights. Check it out...

Str8 Knights: Trending Gear

Top Sex Toys For Men: Male Enhancement Sex Shop

Every knight gets to raise his sword at AllKnight.com. If you’ve got a cock we’ve got the gear to supercharge it! So, like the Billboard Hot 100 of cock gear, let's see what awesome male sex toys are hot this month. And with 70+ amazing products to unleash your inner porn star, this top 10 is only the tip of the iceberg.

Whats hot in gay sex toys for men? Well… the heat seeker prostate massager jumped on top again, with winners in cock rings, ball stretchers, penis plugs, and fucking machines rounding out the month for our gay knights. Check it out...

Gay Knights: Trending Gear

Top Gay Sex Toys: Cock Powered Gay Sex Shop

Forward Gay Knights! It’s time to raise our swords, get our cocks super hard and super large and storm the back gate. In other words, this is AllKnight.com, home of the best male sex toys in the universe, and obvioulsy the best gay sex toys for men. Here, we’ll take a peek at what trending this month. 

Awesome Penis Enlargement Before and After… Male Enhancement Picture Gallery.

Ejaculation Frequency Q&A

What happens if we release sperm daily?

To nut or not to nut? To nut a lot, or to nut infrequently? In this article we'll answer all your questions about how often you should be popping your cork. Find out if it’s better to be the boy who shoots his load all the time versus the boy who... cums only occasionally.

More Awesome Articles:

Trimix Penis Injection ED Shots are the pharmaceutical erection medicine that guys, unless they have a very serious form of ED, tend not to know about.

Men's Medical: ED Drugs

Trimix Penis Injection ED Shots

Before Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra the prescription erection medication Trimix came first. It’s more effective than the PDE5 inhibitors, but you probably haven’t heard of it because of the catch. Guys have to give themsevels a shot (yes, with a needle) directly in the dick. Ouch!

Fix your pencil dick today, make your skinny dick problems go away.

Penis Enlargement

Skinny Dick Problems:
Thin Penis AKA Pencil Dick Fixes

Discover the three types of Pencil Dicks and 10 different ways modern men are overcoming their skinny dick problems. You can whip your wispy pecker into shape and sport a wider, girthier, man-pole tomorrow.

Curious about DIY Cock Rings, DIY Anal Toys, DIY Penis Pumps and other DIY Sex Toys For Men, well… truth is finding household items be sexy with isn’t typically a good idea. But what the heck, let’s talk about it anyway.

Crazy Things Guys Do

Dos and Don'ts of DIY Cock Rings and DIY Sex Toys For Men

So, DIY Sex Toys are almost never a good or safe idea. But if your shoelaces, your plunger, or maybe even that cucumber on your kitchen counter have been looking real sexy lately, then this article is for you. Obviously, real male sex gear is what a guy needs for real bedroom excellence, but if you’re just bored one rainy saturday afternoon and want to do something crazy…

Are big dick gay men seeking gay big dick? Does penis size influece gay male sexual roles? Do the hung want to be even more hung? These and other titilating cock size questions are answered in this Gay Cock Size Q&A”  Check it out...

Gay Knights: Cock Size Q&A

Big Dick Gay Seeking Big Gay Dick: Cock Size Matters

Cock Size Matters in general, and obviously to gay men. But how much... In hookups? In relationships? In life? Are the hung seeking the hung? Do gay guys have bigger dicks than straight guys? Does penis size influece gay male sexual roles? In this article we’ll answer 7 gripping questions keeping our Gay Knights UP at night.

Learn how to cum like a porn star, increase semen volume and boost libido.

Sexual Health\Sexplosion

How to Increase
Semen Volume and... Boost Libido

The secret to having a super sized load is no longer a secret. Now, utilzing the 4 E approach, men can increase their semen production, ramp up their male sex drive, and enjoy the biggest ejaculations of their lives.

Learn exactly what cock rings do for a guy.

Question and Answer

What Does A Cock Ring Do?

Like mechanical Viagra only more powerful, this gear is as sexy as it is enhancing. Hi-tech and super masculine it’s no wonder guys are discovering the benefits of penis gear not just in the bedroom, but in the office, in the locker room, and everywhere these days.

Learn how a daily pushup routine can boost a boy’s bedroom endurance.

Fitness\Sexercise: Staying Power

100 Pushups a Day to Increase Sexual Stamina

Can pumping out a round of pushups daily , help you pump it like a porn star in bed? You bet it can. If you’ve never noticed how many sex positions find a guy in the pushup stance, it’s time to take notice. Take charge. And Take the Pushup Challenge.

Learn how to stop erectile dysfunction in 5 easy steps.

Sexual Health

5 Fool Proof Ways to Stop Erectile Dysfunction

In the quest for bigger, harder erections there are a number of things a man can do to help himself have a rock hard cock for the kind of sex he and his partners are craving.

Want to know what’s better for your penis: boxers, briefs, or going commando? Read this article.

Men's Health

Boxers vs Briefs vs Going Commando for Penis Size

Can your underwear be bad for your penis? Could better choices increase penis size?A boy’s undies are more important than he may think to the health, size, and power of his penis… especially for guys who are actively into penis exercise fox maximum size and performance.

Do you know how many thrusts the average guy pumps out in a minute? How many thrusts before he comes? The answer to this and more are in this article.

Better Sex: Staying Power

So, How Many Sex-Thrusts Does It Take?

How many strokes before a man shoots? How many to make a woman come? Thrusting is as pivital to sex as taking steps are to walking, so let's find out where you stack up and how you can get better.

Knowledge is power—the power to chart our own destinies. Technology is what transforms this power into purpose, giving us the tools needed to cross the distances we’ve charted. And it is the combination of both that allows us to exact meaningful change in our lives. For more than fourteen years your buddies at allknight.com have been serving up the knowledge and the tech that make the world’s male enhancement dreams become reality.

  • Got questions? We’re here to answer them.

  • Got goals? We’re here to help you reach them.

  • Need enhancement gear? We make the best in the world.

Whether you need a team of mad scientists on a mission to create the world’s most ingenious male gear, or a penis performance coach with the latest “how to” on becoming the ultimate enhanced male… ALLKNIGHT.COM and the HARDWEAR brand have everything a “growing” boy could ever need to become a BIGGER, BADDER, HARDER, LARGER... BETTER MAN.

Whatever your obstacles, there has never been a better time in our history to reach all your genital goals, to overcome every dysfunction, to challenge and shatter your sexual genetics—in short, to be the optimized stud you were meant to be. Hard and hung and living the Allknight Lifestyle... which basically means: standing tall, fucking strong, and recognizing not even the high blue sky as the liimit—because there are no limits in the quest for male improvement.