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Penis Enlargement Before and After: Male Enhancement Pictures

Your Penis Enlargement Before and After photos are waiting to be taken. Just a few short steps into the future, the self-image and the confidence you seek is right around the corner, waiting for you to equip yourself with the perfect male enhancement gear, supplements, and knowledge. So that, like the men featured in this article and everywhere at (and with a little effort of course, because effort builds character and a bigger dick), you’ll be ready to strip off your skivvies and show off your new and improved endowment.

For fourteen years the Performance and Male Enhancement Coaches at have been helping men unlock their full potential, overcome their sexual challenges and even thier genetic shortcomings. Are you unhappy with the length of your male organ? Do you feel your dick lacks thickness and girth… or perhaps you have specific concerns about the head of your organ (the glans) being too small? Do you have a problem with your testicular development? Issues of getting an erection or keeping an erection? Issues such as micro penis, hidden penis, penoscrotal webbing (AKA turkey neck)? Or perhaps you are aleady well-endowed and just want to be even bigger. Whatever your scenario, this is the modern age. Problems can be addressed and corrected. Goals can be pursued and attained.

Penis Enlargement Before and After
The Male Enhancement Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to A) progress with a man’s personal cock goals, and B) illustration of the amazing gear, supplements, knowledge and services that can help him reach these goals—when it comes to these things, we agree completely. Since our first product was launched, we’ve had a commitment to showing the gear in action both in male enhancement pictures and video demonstrations. This, of course, has led to quite a lot of male nudity(laugh), but alas, there’s nothing wrong with that...

Cock Ring Before and After…

These amazing photos were taken back to back, the same day, first Clay stroked up an erection without Hardwear. Then he did the same thing again with Hardwear. His instantly harder, longer, thicker erection is plain see. Click to learn more...

Nudity goes with the topic at hand, since a boy can't very well train his sausage with his pants on can he? Uhm, actually, okay, there are a number of all day technologies, (all day cock rings, all day penis stretchers, dick weights, ball stretchers, etc) that work very nicely under clothing, however, a guy has got to get naked to get his gear on to start with. To do his weight hanging routine, his jeqling routine, or any number of enlargement exercises, a guy has got to whip his D out. For that matter, he has to get naked if he’s planning on going under the scalpel for a permanent male enlargement surgery, and obviously he’s got to reveal his junk to have sex. So, when we’re talking about our genitals and the journey we are taking to improve our most central male factor, it’s definitely a clothing optional conversation. As such, our corporate culture at has evolved to be a lot like a big boy’s club where clothing is allowed but not at all required, with tons of time spent engineering gear for, testing, trying out, thinking about, and training our dicks.

Rings, not those cheapy ones you find in the sex shops that are only offered in three sizes (as if guys only come in three sizes)—but serious high pressure HARDWEAR male enhancement rings should be a guy’s first stop for enlargement. If you are comfortable spicing up your sex life with the introduction of sexy gear, you can be bigger in bed: longer, thicker, and harder RIGHT NOW… without months of cock stretching, cock pumping, or any of that. Direct constriction impacts the male organ like a balloon being squeezed to a new and bigger, fuller, harder state than what the body can command on its own. For the guy who hops in the sack geared-up for action, this is the fastest road to erection enlargement.

And as a bonus, regular sex and\or mastrubation with your junk under high pressure also acts as a long term, permanent, penis enhancement exercise. So, get this, having awesome super-stud sex with your favorite HARDWEAR ring for a year, equals you being even bigger and harder when you are not wearing the gear next year. That’s right, the rings do a double duty, of providing instant improvement and exercising your junk at the same time. So, without you even knowing it, your one-eyed monster is getting more and more fit every time you have sex or mastubate.

Penis Stretching Before and After…

These gains seen here were obtained through traction based dick stretching across 14 months using the Anaconda Extender by Hardwear. Click the image to learn more...

When it comes to exercising your genitals for growth, stretching your johnson AKA keeping the one-eyed monster under continuous tension for an extended period of time, is a proven approach. Along with weight hanging, which will be discussed in the next section, traction-based forms of enhancement are an excellent training format for huge gains, as evidenced by the the photos in this section.

In the first pic­ture, looking at the subject’s gains, it is easy to see that stretching uses traction to prompt expansion of organ tissues (basically the plumbing inside your one-eyed monster, chiefly the corpora cavernosa, the spongy bodies that fill with blood during erection), also the suspensory ligaments (the ligaments that hold your penis to your pubic bone but also effectively maintain a portion of “hidden inches” inside your body that you can’t see, but which can be stretched (or surgically cut) to free the hidden length, and finally skin zones. Skin zones being shared between the scrotum and the penis in some cases. The subject used the Anaconda Extender as his all day stretcher, and had excellent results.

In the second picture, we are shown how comfortable and flexible the Anaconda leg rigging is. The guy is able to kick his leg up to shoulder height and rest his foot on a smith machine bar while wearing the Anaconda. Certainly we do not recommend wearing this gear to your karate class (laugh), the point is to show that the gear is versatile enough for challenging movements, so you can be assured that the basics like walking, sitting, going up a flight of stairs, etc… these will all be a piece of cake.

In the third picture, the same coach from the second picture takes on his shaving gel can, by doing a side by side against his rock hard rod... and he wins. Illustrating the kind of progress we would all like to have. At the end of the day every man wants to be huge between the legs, and being able to boast a cock that is longer and fatter than a shaving gel can is an awesome benchmark to have reached.

Invasive Vs. Non-Invasive Penis Enlargement (PE)
Choosing Between Surgery (Penuma Penis Implants) and Penis Stretching and Penis Clamping (Ring Technologies).

This is a question our coaches are often asked by trainees, and the answer is actually pretty straightforward. First, you don’t really have to choose between clamping with rings and stretching with stretchers, being that these are worn at different times these can be combined for even greater effect. Many men enjoy the instant enhancement of super engorging rings in bed and for masturbation, and then wear an all day stretcher (ADS) to work, etc. The combination of constriction training with the rings using pressure, and traction training from the stretcher can get a man even better, faster permanent gains than either technology alone. So, then, the real debate is between non-surgical exercise based PE and surgical PE. And here, there seems to be a golden rule of male improvement emerging, which is, no approach is ever taken off the table completely, rather it is moved to another nearby table marked “I’ve tried everything else, so now it’s time to have a seat here.”

For this showdown we choose to look at Penuma, which is the latest permanent male enlargement surgery, and the only FDA approved enlargement surgery as of the time of this writing. Where other surgeries have looked at cutting the suspensory ligaments, so that the unseen inches (1 to 3 depending on the man) inside your body can slide out, Penuma instead involves the surgical insertion of medical grade silicone crescents into the male organ, which are entered into the body through an incision in the groin. It’s beyond the scope of this article to go into every detail of the procedure, which is currently only offered in a few locations. However, the first big deciding factor is price. If you don’t have $15,000 out of pocket to spend on your junk with a $1000 deposit up front (because medical insurance does not cover this or any PE procedures), then this isn’t really an option for you.

And the thing a guy has to ask himself with penile surgery, is “Does this need to be an option for me?” Do you need to pay someone fifteen grand to cut into and augment your junk, when you can get started with high-pressure clamping (rings) or stretching for less than $100? Your entire progression through non-invasive PE, allowing for upgrades as you outgrow one device or another throughout the lifetime of your journey, will never come close to the surgical price tag.

Obviously we advocate non-invasive PE approaches, but it may surprise you to know that we do advise certain of our trainees, those who can best benefit from surgery, down that path. So, the real answer to how to choose between invasive Vs. non-invasive PE is that it’s not a choice so much as it is a progression. Non-invasive approaches should be your first stop, and only once you’ve exhausted all of the natural male enhancing methods should you really look to surgery. 8 out of 10 guys will find success and satisfaction with their PE gains without needing a surgical answer.

So, assuming you had the cash for the surgical option, how would we determine, if you were a trainee of ours, if it seemed you needed to go that route?
Continue this discussion below...

Penis Weight Hanger Before and After…

Using the amazing Colossus Mega Hanger, these photos were taken a year apart, with the 2nd and 3rd slice in the before\after showing flaccid and hard gains compared to the original state in the 1st slice. Click to have a closer look...

The art and science of hanging weights from the male genitalia, a practice often referred to as “Heavy Hanging,” has long been touted for its ability to elicit a powerful growth response. Traction has been proven to increase a guy’s size both in terms of ADS devices (All Day Stretchers) and set and rep based Heavy Hanging. Where stretchers are aimed at a light weight or traction over a long period of time, weight hanging is aimed at a heavier weight\traction over a short period of time. Offering a very familiar bodybuilding style of workout applied to what’s between a boy’s legs instead of his biceps, an intermediate trainee may hang anywhere from 5LBS to 10LBS (the latter approaching advanced levels) from his junk, usually for 30 minutes. Intensity can be increased by A) going up on the weight in small increments, and B) by increasing the workout time, however, the time should never be longer than 60 minutes of hanging time; and at this length, should involve at least three 5 minute rests. The results men have seen with penile weight hanging, as seen in the pictures here, are often very impressive. Furthermore, combining hanging, stretching, and constriction is an awesome way to keep your D on it’s toes and growing (laugh).

Invasive Vs. Non-Invasive (Continued)

Building on the conversation begun above, now with bodybuilding style penis weight hanging in the mix of non-invasive, nonsurgical options for getting you the endowment you crave, we have another great training approach to gain inches without going under the knife. Almost always non-invasive approaches should be exhausted before looking at surgery. And yet, as stated earlier, in certain cases, for certain men we might advise our trainees to think about surgery as a first stop.

Assuming you had the cash for the surgical approach, how would we determine, if you were a trainee of ours, if it seemed you needed to go that route? Well, obviously the ultimate choice would be up to you, but in terms of our advice, we would base it on your size. How small are you, really? Realize we have some trainees who are huge but want to be even bigger, and in those cases surgery makes zero sense. We obviously have tons of guys who are average and tons who are very small as well. And sometimes beyond the physical size it can be more of a psychic question, coming down to how much emotional stress your sexual size is putting you under. The smaller the size and the more emotionally debilitating the effects of that size, the more a man may benefit from the immediacy of surgery. The basic size protocols we tend to use are below...

Got a pencil dick, lets fix it. Many more big and fat cock specimens are made by science and dedication than by nature. Penis stretching, penis hanging, etc, doesn’t just make your male organ longer, it makes it thick too. Discover the road to your own fat dick today.

Worried about your penis size? Want to be thicker? Want to boost your testosterone level, increase your cock size, hardness, staying power and even pack on some lean muscle mass (loose weight \ gain muscle)? It's all about feeding your cock the right male sexual supplements.

Smaller Than Average but Not Micro:
If your erection is at least 4.5 inches in length and thicker than, or at least, 4 inches around in girth, it really would not make sense to jump into a very expensive surgery first thing. Sure, your smaller than average at 4.5 x 4, but you’re not the smallest guy in the world, you do not technically suffer from micro penis, and while you could certainly use a good male enlargement plan to beef up your bone, an exercise based approach would make more sense. Your current size at 4.5 x 4 offers more than enough material to work with in a stretching, clamping, hanging capacity, so that you can obtain gains very effectively without the need for surgery.

Average Joes: 
If you’ve got a 6” Joe-average cock, and you want to be more of an 8” porn stud, you are not alone. Tons of guys want what you want too. But you don’t need to drop your drawers and go under the knife to get it. You can reach your goals from weight hanging, dick stretching and dick clamping. If you’re going the high pressure ring direction, wearing the gear during sex you’ll be instantly enhanced. And if you’re taking the traction route you’ll start to see some improvements toward the end of the first month into the second. Yeah progress takes time, and it takes at least 10 months for gains to stick and become permanent, but nobody has to cut you open, and no foreign bodies have to be inserted into your member, so that’s a bonus. And while you’re putting in the effort you’ll also be exercising your organ for better erection response, greater staying power, etc. Guys who are avid enlargement enthusiasts are generally better in bed when it comes to performance. Like any other part of your body, the more you exercise and train a certain area, your love muscle (which isn't actually a muscle) being no exception, the better it performs.

Big Boys Who Want to be Titans: 
So, surely you see the theme. Everybody wants to be bigger, from the smallest to the largest. We have trainees who are already sporting 9 inch cocks who want to be 11 or 12 inches. The bigger you are to start, the loftier your goal and expectations can be with stretching and clamping and the less you should be rearing to get to a surgery center. Let’s face it, if you’re already packing, the risks indicative of any surgery along with the price along with the recovery time, all combine to make it a silly first step when your junk is already better than functional. Get yourself some good gear and watch your meat grow naturally.

Really Small Dudes: 
Okay, so now let’s say your erection is smaller than 4 inches long but longer than 3 inches. Also, let’s assume you are thin, in the neighborhood of 3.25 inches. You have a small dick and you know it, undoubtedly you’ve always known, or at least since you came of age to start noticing such things. But if you are able to successfully have penetrative sex, we would still recommend trying the non-invasive approaches first. Again, these tried-and-true methods are cost effective, offer beneficial penile cross training, and don’t involve scalpels.

That said, you are getting closer to the zone where surgery might be, if not the best, certainly the fastest option for changing your sexual outlook on life. The smaller your member is, the more problematic it tends to be, the harder the impact to a man’s self esteem and confidence. We’d suggest trying the training route, but it is in this zone of male size that we begin to see the strongest emotional need for change. The surgery can add 1.5 to 2 inches and more thickness, available for use after a six week recovery. If you have the money, and you’ve spent decades already being truly unhappy with your endowment—not just wishing you were more of a porn star—but having real size-based issues, then you might be ready for an instant change. Also, the risks associated with surgery are not so bad when you aren’t happy with the size and function of your genitalia to begin with.

Guys with Micro Penis: 
To have clinical micro-male size your erection must be shorter than 3 inches. This is typically combined with a very thin girth, but at the sub-3 inch mark you will be considered micro even if your organ is girthy. At this length it is widely recognized that a host of possible issues may arise with successfully impregnating a female, and with being able to perform effectively in penetrative sex, and so on. Non-Invasive PE has helped thousands of men in this category, but here again, when your size situation is severe, this is when it makes more sense to consider Invasive procedures as a first stop instead of a last stop.

Penis Pumping Before and After...

Using the Bad-Ass Pump System in photo 1, The Electric Bad-Ass in photo 2, and a mixed routine in Photo 3 that involved the Python Heavy Hanging System and our Two-Stage Pump technology, the benefits of pumping are clear...

As a size workout pumping is a pressure based training approach, like super engorging rings, but where rings mechanically amplify the natural pressure inside the male organ, pumps artificially create negative pressure around it. As the air is evacuated from the cylinder, blood flow and other fluid dynamics inside the male organ will react to being inside a forming vacuum.

Penis pumps were originally invented as a treatment for ED (Erectile Dysfunction). A man was intended to insert himself into the cylinder soft, evacuate the air from the cylinder by pumping it out, and allow the building pressure to pull blood into his erection for him. This of course still works, however, it was quickly discovered that an organ being pumped would continue to swell if the pressure was left on beyond just the few minutes required to generate an erection. Temporary size increase can be reliably obtained on the spot from a pumping session of 20 minutes or longer, with the gains being more pronounced and lasting longer the longer your junk was left under vacuum pressure. Of course the next question to arise was, can this translate into permanent gains? And the answer is yes, pumping can be a highly effective PE workout.

In the first picture in this section, we are looking at the guy before he pumps and during his pump session. There is clearly a very dramatic difference, and no question his member is being exercised for growth.

In the second picture, we are looking at an 11 inch cylinder being jam packed by the subject’s pumped up cock. This is how you know it’s time to graduate to a bigger cylinder, when by the end of your session you are able to fill the cylinder. Yes, it’s true a guy will never be as big outside the tube as he is inside it, under vacuum pressure. But that’s not the goal, the goal is to increase everyday size using the power of vacuum pressure to create workout tension.

In the third picture, we are seeing an 11 month before and after where the subject used a mixture of heavy hanging, pumping, and a little all day stretching to accomplish awesome results.

Compared to Clamping with rings, Stretching with stretchers, and Hanging Weights, it is the opinion of the coaches here at that Pumping has the most risk of injury. This is simply because the vacuum suction feels good. For some guys even at high levels the pressure feels good, and this makes it easy for a guy to put his organ under too much pressure. Pumping related injuries are typically minor (you might get a blister for example, and not be able to perform your exercises for a couple of weeks until it heals). Compared to surgery the risks of pumping are very minimal, and done properly pumping is both safe and enjoyable. But it is worth mentioning the obvious, that pumping is essentially sticking your dick into a controlled vacuum. The key word here is “controlled.” You would never insert yourself into the kind of vacuum used to clean your floors—it might suck your suasuage right off (laugh). And when using a male size pump you want to implement the “control” you’ve been given and not pump yourself too hard. The results obtained in the photos here involved sessions of not longer than 45 minutes. Many sessions over a period of months with a build-up from sessions that began at just 10 minutes. With proper pressure levels and rests.

Now, if you’ve heard of guys out there pumping for hours, this is ture. This is considered extreme pumping, and it’s an advanced topic well beyond the scope of this article for sure. Obviously these men have been pumping for years and are fairly expert at it. Obviously as duration increases risk increases as well.

Final (Not So Final) Thought

So, actually, while for the moment we’ll close here, this article will be treated as a living article and will be updated regularly. As we moved through the making of this Info-Gallery, we realized there are so many wonderful technologies to talk about, each with its own success stories, enhancement images, and before\afters that we simply couldn’t get them all into the first iterations. To name a few, our Jelqing Ring line of thickness focused PE training rings, and our illustrious line of ball stretchers, which can get guys the low hangers they are after and also help correct various forms of penoscrotal webbing (turkey neck D). All of that and much more will be added to a future update. So check back often.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this Info-Gallery as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If any of the before and after images have inspired you to set out on your own enlargement journey, that is fantastic… or if perhaps you had run up against a plateau and learning about all these awesome approaches to penile enhancement has given you a new direction to go in, in order to shock your schlong into taking its neth growth step, then perfect… and if you were on the fence about various surgical options to address your size we’ve given you a ton of information and a host of holistic alternatives, and also a reality check. Most men do NOT need to think of surgery as a first option, however, to every rule there are exceptions. Some men, whose size situation is severe enough (physically or emotionally) really might benefit. Recognizing that there are natural ways of improving yourself, and that these should be the first line of offense, you also have an understanding of when medical procedures might come into consideration.

In the world of male enlargement there are more options than ever before for impacting real change in a man’s sexual destiny. So whatever your starting size or situation, there is reason to smile. This is a great time to be a guy, with more options for penile success than ever before.


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