Boxers vs Briefs vs Going Commando for Penis Size

Boxers vs Briefs is an ever popular question, with increasing interest in men going commando (not wearing any underwear at all) as well these days. The question is often tackled from a fashion and style perspective, and from the perspective of which do partners find sexier. These are interesting angles, but here at allknight.com where penis health, penis size, and sexual power are the obvious focus, this is the lense through which we will look at the topic. In other words, boys, we’ll be looking at Boxers vs Briefs vs Going Commando… and how underwear affects penis size and health.

Are we talking about Male Enhancing Underwear?

Yes and no. The reality is that Male Enhancing Underwear styles such as our Hardboy line are designed to make guys look bigger. These are designed to be sexy. Our Hardboy underwear styles are also designed to be supportive and breathable at the same time, so blending the concepts of the classic brief and the classic boxer together, and even blending the idea of going commando. But on the topic of true penis enlargement, even male package enhancing underwear doesn’t truly grow your junk. It takes gear for that. However, going wrong with your men’s underwear selection can certainly mess your penis up (we do mean make you smaller, reduce your sperm count and your testosterone level, and so on). So a man’s underwear choice needs to be in agreement with his bigger penis goals, not against them. And a man’s underwear choice is not a case of one fit for all situations, instead the guy’s with the healthiest penises have different skivvies for different situations.

Quick Answer: A Healthy Penis (and balls) Need Options

In the quest for underwear that makes your dick bigger you’ve certainly come to the right place—cock rings and penis stretchers are two types of male gear that can be worn under your clothes, so we could consider these a type of underwear, and these really do make a man’s penis bigger.

Wondering which way to go, Boxers vs Briefs vs Going Commando for Penis Size? The answer is a mixture of the three worn at the right times, undies when you need them and freeballing when the time is right. Wondering about men going commando to work? Have you tried awesome mens underwear styles like our Maxiumum Exposure Brief for the freedom of no underwear with the support of a brief? Click here to to outfit yourself with male enhancing underwear in all styles.

But… thinking more classically, in terms of garments: boxers, briefs, jock straps, boxer briefs, jockey shorts, mesh underwear, etc, the real answer is that the best environment for your penis is one with options. Just as one pair of underwear will not get you through the week, one type of underwear will not prove a good solution for optimal penis health. Keeping the options simple, what your pals here on the Knight Squad propose is that in any given day there are three zones: Brief Zone, Boxer Zone, Commando Zone, and that respecting these “zones” is the way to create the best environment under your clothes for penis health. In other words, we’ll say again, your underwear has to be selected based on the situation.

The Brief Zone: When Your Junk Needs Support

Do you jog or hit the gym? Do you have a job that requires a lot of rigourous movement? Do you like to party, dance, hit the nightclubs, and just love the sexy superman look of briefs sometimes? Do you just get tired of having your cock and balls flop all over the place sometimes? Most guys will have answered yes to one or more of these questions, which all point to situations where a guy enters the Brief Zone (I.E., his junk either needs or wants some support).

Briefs are more supporting of a man’s structure than boxers\going commando, and there are just times when a man needs or desires that support. If you are on the more well-endowed side of the fence there will likely also be environments where you may not want your penis to show as much. Sure, we’re all about building a big cock here and showing it off, but if Mr. Smith is a third-grade school teacher, having a big-headed trouser snake in his slacks might just not be the right look for his work place :). Briefs turn a big package into a speed bump instead of a visible penis line, which is still sexy on Mr. Smith’s way to work, but definitely more appropriate while he’s teaching basic math.

So, with the day consisting of twenty-four hours, we propose aiming for eight hours or less in the Brief Zone. Potentially these hours will be overlapping with your work hours. Mind you, there are many jobs where you wouldn’t need to be concerned much about “showing”. Honestly, if you work with adults, most adults understand that men have penises and seeing a penis print shouldn’t stop too many hearts (certainly not in a bad way). Obviously, not all guys are “showers” such that this would even be a concern. So, many men will be able to reduce the window of their Brief Zone to just those hours where they are doing something very active—working out at the gym, dancing at the club—where they don’t want their balls jumping all over the place and getting knocked around. If you are an active guy there will always be those periods of time, even if not daily, where you will enter the Brief Zone.

The Boxer Zone: When Your Junk Needs to Breathe

Just as there are times when a man needs more support, say if you’re out shooting hoops; there are also times when you want maximum airflow between your legs. It’s true that tighter underwear may keep your testicles warmer and thus reduce sperm production. So in many cases we would suggest, where fertility is a big goal, aim to increase your Boxer Zone. Also consider next generation male enhancing underwear that either has a big penis pouch or net ventilation as seen on the left. Remember that wearing ball stretcher rings will push your balls down from your body in whatever underwear you are wearing. Free swinging balls and especially balls stretched away from your body with stretcher rings can increase testosterone production as well. So, our proposal is that a minimum eight hours of the day should be in the Boxer Zone. Basically when you’re lounging afterwork, watching TV, or doing whatever, where you don’t need a lot of genital support. Assuming you like the feel of boxers and your job isn’t too active, your Boxer Zone could easily expand to sixteen hours or more. Boxers are the happy medium between wearing underwear and not wearing underwear. Classic boxers don’t offer any support, which is both a strength and a weakness. Male package enhancing designs like our Maximum Exposure Net Brief give you the support and sex appeal of a brief with ventilation and cooling properties even beyond a classic boxer.

The Commando Zone: When Your Junk Is Totally Free

In terms of support, there isn’t much difference between true boxers and going commando. Your cock and balls will be hanging free in both. Boxers may keep you just a little warmer, and may keep your penis closer to your leg. We propose the Commando Zone for sleeping hours. In fact, we don’t just propose no underwear, most of the guys here at allknight.com enjoy sleeping all the way in the nude. Totally butt-ass naked as the saying goes, and as free as free can get.

Is it okay, men going commando to work? Sure, if your job isn’t overly active, and you don’t feel you need the support. Again, look for next generation underwear designs like our Maximum Exposure Net Brief that delivers the openness of no underwear with the support of a brief. And keep in mind, that a boy’s undies are generally made of much softer material than his jeans and slacks. So if you’re freeballing under there, there is a higher chance of friction burns and chaffing. You’ll need to wash your clothes more often as well. Genitals have a high level of bacteria and it is recommended that clothing which has direct contact with your genitals be washed after every wear. More ventilation should equal less likelihood of annoyances like jock itch, but if you keep wearing the same jeans you go freeballing in without washing them, you’ll actually increase the likelihood of jock itch and other bacterial\fungal annoyances.

Final Thought

If we had to select just one underwear option that would be the best for penis size and health, we’d go for some next gen male enhancing undies from our Hardboy line. And if you don’t have those in your underwear drawer right now, we’d say look to classic boxers which give freedom plus soft fabric. Those classic boxers will have no support though, so if you ever need to do something where you have to jump around or sprint across the street, and all you have is those boxers… just get ready to kiss your nuts goodbye.

Rather than be limited to just one option, we feel our approach of embracing all three “zones” really does produce the optimal environment for penis health and penis size. We like splitting the day into three parts: business (the Brief Zone), leisure (the Boxer Zone), and sex and sleep time (the Commando Zone AKA time to get Butt-Ass Naked). We split the day evenly here for simplicity, and it works. But ultimately, every guy can find his own perfect split.

Your choice of underwear can and does play a role in your penis health, size, and power. It’s not about your underwear growing your penis. Underwear doesn’t do that. Cock Rings, Penis Stretchers and Penis Exercise will, but your underwear won’t. The wrong underwear choices, however, can do the opposite. Bad undies hinder your size progress, shrink your penis, reduce your sperm count and testosterone level, and even lead to genital injury. So, recognizing that wearing the right underwear is not a universal selection but rather a situational one is the key to success.

Tighter fitting, supportive underwear are better for your genitals when your genitals need to be kept safe during times of high activity (these being briefs, boxer-briefs, jock straps, etc). Looser fitting underwear with little to no support, are better whenever you’re not engaged in high activity (these being, classic boxers). Not to mention, if you’re serious about wearing penis enlargement gear, you’ll need loose fitting underwear (or no underwear) to accommodate the gear. And ultimately, men, we were meant to be naked; but the world doesn’t really allow that so much, so why not embrace your inner nudist in sleep? Options are good for you and your penis.