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How Many Thrusts Does It Take - Sexual Thrusting

How Many Thrusts Does It Take... How many before a guy comes? How many for your lady to orgasm? How many do you have in you? Male staying power has been a point of contention in sexual relationships… forever. And yet technologies and resources like those presented on are now available to give males the knowledge and tools they need to effect improvement. In decades gone by, unsatisfied females were quiet about the far and few between orgasms they were being treated to. These, however, are different, more vocal, and better times. For men, being able to keep the thrusts coming, as well as being a good sexual thruster is important. So, let's find out how you stack up?

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As Mark Twain told us “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”, so Pelvic Thrusting is a lot more than just a kind of dance. In this article we’ll be counting our strokes and answering all your “how many” questions. There are a lot of jokes out there about it taking only one good thrust—call it a megathrust if you like—but if you point to a guy who really believes this, beside him (if there’s anyone beside him at all) we’ll find a woman who has never orgasmed from his penetration. Looking for perspective mates, would you wear a shirt that read: I’m a One Pump Chump? We think not… it’s really not a good look on the dating scene… and obviously one pump is not going to get the job done. So, if you're looking to learn how to get better in bed, guys... thrusting is a great place to start.

What is Sexual Thrusting?

Put simply, thrusting (male thrusting in specific) is the way by which a man moves his body in order to move his penis in sex, with female thrusting being the same concept, in the interest of moving the vagina. Call it Pelvic Thrusting, Penis Thrusting, Sexual Thrusting, or even Sausage Sliding… the movement is as fundamental to sex as taking steps are to the act of walking. And just as one takes steps to get from where they are to some other place, we boys are humping to lay down a good fuck (pardon our French), satisfy our partners, and blow a big satisfying load. All functions have their purpose. We breathe to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. We sweat to cool our bodies down. We thrust because it’s the motion that will bring us and our partners to climax. But how many is enough?

How Many Thrusts Does The Average Male Last For During Sex?

Quick Answer: 264 thrusts. Now, to go into the matter in a bit more detail: the average man having a 5.7 inch penis will, on average, thrust at a rate of about 48 strokes per minute, and last for about 5.5 minutes before the sexual tension brings him to climax. It is extremely important to note that the average guy’s average number of thrusts falls way short of the number of strokes it takes to, on average, bring a woman to orgasm. Also, way short of the number of humps it takes to be considered a sexual high-performer. Case-in-point, next generation self-lubricating condoms are being designed right now with a 1000 thrust threshold. In other words, the rubber is guaranteed not to break up to 1000 thrusts, which is essentially the high-performer benchmark.

So, How Many Strokes To Make A Woman Orgasm?

Okay Daddy Long-Stroke, how many of those long strokes does it take to make her come? Obviously it varies by a host of variables including your penis size and thickness (yes, size does matter), amount of foreplay (yes, your creativity and skill matters too), emotional state (and sure enough, what’s going on in your partner’s headspace is pretty important), etc. What is simple to say about a complicated matter, is that on average it takes A LOT more than the male average of 264 thrusts to get the job done.

Being conservative and taking into consideration ten minutes of foreplay, most women report needing more than fifteen minutes of active sex (AKA, a hard penis thrusting) in order to reach orgasm. Translation, that’s at least 510 thrusts. And as mentioned, this was a conservative estimate to begin with, with many women reporting a need for as much or more than 1000 thrusts (AKA thirty minutes). As we can see, a thousand thrusts is also the number that condom companies are targeting as their high-performance threshold. So, if you’re looking to train-up your thrusting power, this makes a pretty goal.

How many thrusts are porn stars and sport fuckers laying down?

While we can all agree that thirty minutes of sex (1000 thrusts) is a nice roll in the hay, it does not constitute a run-away marathon. True marathon “sport sex” can go on for hours, one hour at least edging its way on up to two or more. By this token, we can logically assess that an entry level sex marathon will consist of about 2000 thrusts in order to qualify (that’s 1 hour of active thrusting).

Of course, that’s just the price of entry. There is no cap. 2000 thrusts gets qualified as a marathon, but humping your way up to 4000 or even 6000 thrusts makes it even more of a marathon. Obviously, marathon sex will follow the beat of its own drum with many sex position changes, with potentially many flip-flops between oral and penetrative sex, and with many flip-flops in gay sex between who is getting fucked. Yes, having two dicks in play does double the options in some ways.

There are competing reports as to the record for longest human intercourse, but these reports all seem to agree on a span of roughly 15 hours. All that is just a point of curiosity, really. We’re on this site, looking at the facts of sexual thrusting because we want to be hard, hung, studs who get the job done and keep our partners raving. Not because we’re trying to set a world record. So let’s focus on being high-performers (30 minutes, 1000 thrusts)—unless, good buddy, you already are. In that case, we can start training for that marathon.

Recap And Breakdown—Question: How Many Thrusts Per Minute, On Average? Answer: 48.

48 strokes per minute is based on a penis just a little over 5 and half inches long (5.7 to be exact). Said average guy will have an average staying power of 5.5 minutes. Splitting the male demographic up a bit, it is true that longer penises thrust slower, as there is simply more penis to stroke with. For men with penises over 7 inches long the average cock thrusting speed per minute tends to come home at about 36 strokes a minute. These men also tend to last slightly longer with just over 7 minutes of thrusting power. Interestingly, this comes out to be roughly total thrust count as for average joes. So 260 thrusts is a kind of magic number, representing the thrust power found in the sexual hijinks of long-schlong thrusting cocks and smaller thrusting cocks as well, with one important difference. For longer penises those thrusts are spread over seven minutes instead of 5.5. On the other end of the spectrum, the same correlation between penis length and thrusting speed is found in shorter than average penises, with shorter penises thrusting even faster than average length organs (over 60-70 thrusts per minute) and coming to ejaculation even sooner.

It should be mentioned that the overall averages are skewed by bottom heavy findings. In other words there are many more men who can only pump for less than 2 minutes of action than cock commandos who can grind on for over an hour. And yet, a good understanding of thrusting, not just these averages and facts, but skilled thrusting knowledge, can turn minute-men into power house long lasting thrusters—and overall awesome fuckers too!

Learning to thrust better is an excellent Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Many men find themselves concerned with coming too quickly. As we’ve learned from looking at the statistics here, the average guy’s staying power is greatly misaligned with the requirements of reaching the female orgasm. But pelvic thrusting, which is an instinctual anatomical response, is often poorly—and robotically—executed by men, and guys don’t realize that taking control of the motion in their ocean can change everything.

Guys who are bothered by Rapid Climax AKA Premature Ejaculation should absolutely look at the rhythm of their hump. Yes they should count their strokes. Not while they are having sex with their partner, that would be very distracting. But rather with a device like our Sexxxtrainer Sex Simulator for men, which allows a man to accomplish all real sex positions, thrusting angles, etc, in a solo fashion. Like a treadmill for a man’s sex action, this gear is famous for teaching men how to last longer and also how to bring their partners to climax more quickly.

Final Thought—Thrusting Techniques and Tips: How to last longer in bed for men

Better thrusting techniques really can answer the question of how to last longer in bed for men. And guess what, it doesn’t end with your stopwatch. Even guys who are able to last don’t always know how to satisfy their partners. A hard cock thrusting isn’t necessarily thrusting well or hitting all those magic spots. Robotic thrusting tends to hit the same spots over and over in a less than exciting fashion.

Pelvic Thrusting is actually one of our specialties here at The focus of this article was all about the numeric facts behind thrusting, so it’s out of scope to go into thrusting techniques in depth. But, as a quickie piece of advice, stop being a robot. Vary your thrusting depth and speed. For starters let's learn a 2-1-1 rhythm. That is 2 short thrusts (no deeper than half your penis), 1 deep slow thrust (in slow and balls deep), and 1 more deep thrust but fast this time (within an inch of being balls deep, in fast). Consciously consider the 2-1-1 pattern the next time you are having sex and see if you and your partner don’t have a bit more fun than usual. Once you’ve mastered this, change the 2 at random to any other number, 9 to 1 and unleash the pattern with different leading short thrust counts. 7-1-1. 4-1-1. Mix it up, and see if you don’t last longer. Then recognize that this is only the tip of what you and your dick can do. With better gear and better stroking skill every man can become an awesome fucker.


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