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2 Full Length Discs – Pelvic Thrusting 101 and So You Think You Can F (The Next Level in Thrusting)

Lessons cover everything a guy needs to go from being a thrusting dud to a full-on thrusting stud! Details below.

Str8 and Gay versions of the Lessons (Options to select appear when you place the DVD in your cart).

A hard cock moving in and out of a vagina, anus or other orifice is sex, but by no means great sex. The first thing a guy has to realize is that you don't fuck with your penis. You penetrate with your penis, but a man fucks with his body (his hips and back, his stomach and his arms). Anchored to your groin the penis is the instrument of penetration, but it must be driven and given motion by your pelvis. And right here at this critical sexual fact is where so many men fall short in being able to deliver awesome sex.

In this 2 disc DVD set we uncover the secrets to unlocking the motion in your ocean, and delivering the kind of stellar sex that keeps your lovers raving about the way you moved in bed and the way you hit every one of her hot spots repeatedly.

Disc 1: Pelvic Thrusting 101
What do the Sex Superstars know that you don’t?

When was the last time the hot girl you just fucked stared up at you, all aglow from the amazing sex you just had and said: “my god you really know how to move your ass” Or, “how did you learn to move like that?” If the answer is never then you are like most guys. Unfortunately for men and their partners most men find themselves falling into robotic patterns of stiff movements when it comes to the art of pelvic thrusting, they don’t even know that there are a multitude of pelvic thrusting styles, they don’t realize that the way a man arches his back, rolls his hips, tilts his pelvis and slides his body (and the way he unifies all these motions) completely changes the rhythm of sex, the intensity, and the impact of the love making for himself and his lover. This is what the sex superstars know that you don’t, and this is what you will learn on this DVD.

Disc 1 covers: Everything a boy needs to know to get started moving his ass with skill and dazzling his lovers in bed.

The 5 Basic Thrusting Styles

In this segment we’ll lay the ground work for awesome pelvic thrusting by teaching you the 5 basic types of pelvic movements with complete illustrations and critiques of different men. We’ll talk about some problem areas many men encounter with regard to body part isolation and fluid movement, and we’ll teach you how to overcome these.

The Basic Sexual Stances

A quick primer on sexual stances, the position your body is in during sex. Not to be confused with a sex position, which is the combination of your stance and your partner’s stance. A sex stance is basically just your half of the equation. It’s your personal position amid having sex, and indeed being that bodies fit together in a myriad of ways there are many different sex positions that can be executed from every basic stance, and to the point of this DVD, all of the thrusting styles can be intersected with all of the stances to great effect.

Disc 2: So you think you can F
How to be a Pelvic Thrusting Stud: Tactics for amazing sex and feeling huge to your sex partners

You have of course heard the saying about the “the motion in a man’s ocean being just as important as the size of a man’s boat.” Translation: a big dick is a phenomenal tool in sex (we specialize in helping guys have big dicks here at allknight, offering all the gear a boy could ever want for growing big and being huge and hard). But skill (and by skill we do mean really knowing how to fuck well) can be a fantastic equalizer for smaller endowed men, and skill transforms the well-endowed male into the ultimate sexual double threat. A guy with a big sausage can still be a klutz in the bedroom if he’s bumping that big piece of meat around in a clumsy and rhythm-less fashion, and for the small man clumsy execution pretty much dooms the entire sexual experience. You don’t want this to be you in either case, and it doesn’t have to be because with this DVD awesome pelvic thrusting is easy. You will learn how to feel bigger to your partner, and deliver the awesome sex she is craving.

Disc 2 takes you to the next level: Now that you’re getting good and you’ve got some excellent pelvic thrusting technique under your belt, we’re going to upgrade you all the way (think you’re already hot shit in bed? Get ready for a promotion, it’s time for you to unleash some super porn stud action on your next lover).

Instinct into Excellence

Pelvic thrusting is the precursor and prerequisite of sex. The urge to thrust the pelvis when sexual stimulation is applied to the genitals is instinctual and automatic… but doing it well is not automatic for most men. We’ll discuss combining the different types of pelvic movements with various sexual stances (positions your body may be in). Pelvic thrusting is the way you make sex-friction happen, and as such it’s a part of every sex position, but its more than any one sex position because thrusting is highly personalized. Any man can try different sex positions, but if you know how to move your ass in bed another dude is not likely to move like you. Indeed know-how with regard to pelvic thrusting is the way a man can put his own personal stamp on the way he lays down pipe.

Cultural Thunder Down Under

We’ll look at sexual movement styles and thrusting techniques of men of different ethnicities. We mentioned that some men are born with different aptitudes and degrees of pelvic thrusting skill. Across cultural lines we actually see more of a variance in the rhythm and delivery of sexual motion than the much more widely discussed topic of penis size variance across cultural lines. And while watching a guy with a big penis have sex won’t teach your penis to be big (LOL), watching a guy whose got skills in regard to the way he moves, grinds and thrusts the sex out (especially with the benefit of him being an instructor – as is the case with this DVD) can teach you a lot. And there is much to be learned by looking at thrusting across culture lines, and the recurring styles we see within different demographics.

Bumping, Banging, Grinding… and the long stroke

Here, we’ll apply timing to what we’ve learned and demonstrate how the way you unleash your thrusts can equate to a sensual round of love making or a vigorous sweat soaked fuck fest. And don’t think there is not a place for both because there is. You skill of movement can create a rough sex vibe, a sensuous ride, or any degree of intensity you desire. Your body goes through a climb during sex, you are moving up a ladder that culminates in ejaculation. You can completely emote this climb in intensity thrusting so that your partners feel what you feel and are guided up the ladder with you. You can also use your skill in this area to better control your own climb.