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100 Pushups a Day to Increase Sexual Stamina

Sexercise is hot these days, and if you’re hunting for the best exercises to make you better in bed, you’ll want to jump on our:100 Pushups a day to Increase Sexual Stamina Challenge. Maintaining your fitness and building a little muscle isn’t just for good looks (not that being sexy ever hurt), but a lot of fitness exercises double as sex exercise too. If we were going to select a single muscle building exercise that every man should do for incredible sex, the pushup is one of a handful of classics that would come instantly to mind. Firstly, pushing your way to better sex is accessible and easy. Pushups are body weight based so you already have the equipment. You can do them anytime and anywhere. Pushups build chest strength and definition with overlap into your shoulders and arms... everything that your significant other sees when you’re rocking a tanktop, and everything that falls under tension when you’re rocking her world in missionary or any other “on top” position. So, guys, if you’re looking for exercises to make you stronger in the sack, exercises to be better on top and workouts to increase sexual stamina, it’s time to hit the floor and start pumping out some pushups.


Definition 1: Sexercise is any type of fitness routine or movement that not only improves your physical health, strength, and physique, but also doubles as a sex workout. Exercises to make you better in bed, like our 100 pushup challenge, help a guy look great, feel great, and perform great.

Definition 2: Any workout activity that merges sex and exercise together to create a sex exercise. In this regard, for example, our amazing Sexxxtrainer Sex Simulator for Men is a phenominal sexercise machine (a sex exercise machine) that allows guys to have simulated intercourse in every imaginable real sex position.

Why the pushup is one of the Best Exercises For Sex?

A quick look at the positioning of this classic fitness move, and then a look at the missionary sex position or any other sex position where the man is on top and it should be obvious why the pushup always ranks high as one of the best exercises for sex. Mechanically speaking, many sex positions and sexual stances find the man needing to support his weight on his arms.

Push your way to Incredible Sex with the 100 Pushups A Day Challenge

If you can only do a few pushups (or not even a single pushup) you are probably also having strength based issues with sexual endurance. Staying power and sexual stamina are not just about getting hard and not blowing your load too quickly; a man also has to keep his body moving to make the sex action happen. And if you fatigue easily, it will likely cause you to lose your erection. Surprisingly, many sexual endurance issues are either amplified or caused by a lack of upper body strength.

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Your coaches here at have determined that 100 pushups a day is the perfect number to strive for if you’re aiming to be a stud. A well performed pushup is harder than a well performed pelvic thrust (you can be on your knees, or supported more on your legs while fucking), so training with pushups serves to overload the requirement, so that keeping yourself upright while pumping out those porn star hip pumps becomes a breeze. And here are the rules of the workout...

The Rules...

  • Starting out, you do not have to perform all 100 pushups without a break or even at the same time. The rule is simply that, within a 24 hour period, you will get all 100 pushups in. (If you can only perform a few we’ll have some tips for you in the next section)

  • As you progress, doing all your pushups together and not spreading them throughout the day will be a better choice. Your goal will be to group them into sets. 4 sets of 25, 5 sets of 20, 10 sets of 10… all of these are fine with an ultimately nice to see goal of 1 set of 100.

  • 1 set of 100 will impress your friends when you drop and pump them out, but in reality, 100 really fast pushups is not necessarily a better workout than 4 sets of 25 very controlled pushups. But honestly, for our purposes, for guys wanting to Increase Sexual Stamina, Improve Sexual Endurance, and looking for exercises to make you better in bed, if you can get 100 pushups in every day, the breakout of sets doesn’t really matter. Grouped together, even 10 sets of 10 will do the job.

Is it for 100 Days? Or a year? Or forever?

Answer: all of these. The whole point of a challenge like this is to teach you to build a certain degree of fitness focus which is also sexual fitness training, into your lifestyle. It only takes 15 minutes, max, to do 100 pushups spit into a few sets, with a little rest between the sets.

  • Let’s start with a 100 Day Challenge. That’s basically 3 months. The challenge hasn’t started until you are actually able to get 100 pushups completed in a day. 75 doesn’t count. It’s great progress if you started with only being able to do 10, but the 100 days doesn’t start counting down until you get to 100.

  • Do you get to take rest days? The short answer is, you can skip 1 day a week, but no more. That is not to say that you need to skip any days. 100 pushups is not such a burden of exercise that it requires a rest day.

  • If you are tying this in with your regular workouts then you can have up to 2 rest days, based on how much other lifting\running\swimming etc your are doing. You can use your own judgement. Whatever the case, to get the full benefit of this challenge you need to do it at least five days a week.

  • When you complete the 100 days, feel free to take a week off and then let’s get set to pump these push-ups out for the rest of the year. Remember, we said we’re building a lifestyle here. By now, you will be very efficient at your daily pushups, you will be stronger in general and better in bed. Why would you want to stop anyway?

  • You will see the differences in your body, in your upper torso area. If you haven’t already connected this challenge with an improved nutrition plan, doing so will help you get your sexy on to go right along with being able to get your high-performance groove on.

  • Yes, as you become more advanced this will become easy. We’ll have future updates on how to take your pushup routine to the next level. But for endless ways to train your sex game into the stratosphere you’ll want to get yourself a Sexxxtrainer Sex Simulator for Men.

Final Thought—But what if I suck at Pushups?

Answer: that’s all the more reason to take this challenge. If you truly “suck” at pushups, then you have a lot of room for improvement in terms of getting your upper body strength together, and whether you know it or not… you also have a lot of room for improvement in the sexual performance department. Even if no one has been complaining, wouldn’t you rather have them raving about how you lay it down in bed? You can. It just takes a little effort.

If you aren’t strong enough to do one standard pushup, you can still jump on this challenge. Ever hear of “sissy” style pushups? These are pushups done with your knees touching the floor, which are much easier because less of your body weight has to be supported, and these are a great starting point that just about guys at all fitness levels shoudl be able to comfortably begin with.

Interestingly enough, sissy pushups, more closely emulate the weight balance a man is required to keep during sex than standard pushups. But part of what we’re going for here, is to overload the requirement and become a super stud. We want sex to be a breeze, so you don’t even think about needing to your support your weight, or geting tired, everything just clicks. So the more difficult movement is preferable.

However, if you find standard pushups too difficult, you can do the challenge with kneeling pushups, and still see a major improvement in sexual performance and stamina. And beyond that, once you’re able to do 20 strong pushups on your knees, you’ll also be able to do at least a couple of “real” pushups. As you get stronger, just shift over to the real deal… and watch how easy it is to become the real deal in bed as well.


Ever notice how many styles of fucking fall back on the pushup stance? By taking the 100 Pushups a day to Increase Sexual Stamina Challenge you can jump on the sexercise bandwagon. If you’re looking for exercises to make you better in bed, the pushup is one of the best exercises for sex, a great component in any sex workout, and an all around kick-ass sex exercise. And if you're looking for the ultimate male masturbator to take your workout to the next level with hands-free deep thrusting sex in all real sex positions, the Sexxxtrainer is the perfect workout machine for you.

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