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Comparing Dicks: Is Penis Size Comparison Normal?

So, men, on the subject of comparing our dicks to other guys and normalcy, we could flip the question on it’s ear and ask “What is normal to begin with?” We could also be cheeky and suggest, “Isn’t it better to be exceptional, instead of normal anyway?” But really the topic of this discussion, the fact that guys compare their male equipment all the time, relates to a practice so commonplace—we all do it—that the question almost answers itself. Heck, dudes aren’t just going mano a mano (man against man) in the penis size comparison game, we’ll drop our pants (figuratively or literally) and compete against fruit; soda, beer, and spray cans; and just about any household object that strikes us as a phallic competitor.

Don’t pretend you haven’t done it, at the very least you’ve compared your cock to whatever handy ruler or tape measure you’ve got on hand. It’s absolutely natural (and isn’t natural just another word for normal?). At the end of the day, we boys are looking to understand what a big penis is, what a small one is, and where we fall in relation to the world we live in. It’s that simple, so make yourself comfy (whip it out if you’d like (laugh)) and get ready to learn a little about one of the basics of the male experience. In this article we’ll be looking at...

  • The fact that guys are mildly obsessed with comparing cocks (whose got the bigger one, the more attractive: thicker, longer, leaner, more veiny one, etc).

  • The fact that mother nature built us to be just as cock-centric as we are, while modern life (and an abundance of clothing) have tried to hide the fact and make us forget.

  • The question of how important penis size really is, against the idea that natural selection\sexual selection (again mother nature) intended for the hang of our genitals to play a major role in mate selection.

Comparing cocks is just a part of a man’s life, less so now that civilization has us wearing clothes all the time, but obviously penis size comparison is a natural and normal aspect of the male existence. Photo Subject: two fit athletic men are featured on the magazine cover, ready to whip it out, guys whipping it out and see whose D is bigger. They guys at are always ready to whip it out and compare our cocks. It’s all in good fun and in the interest of learning from each other. Photo Subject: two fit guys wearing horseshoe cockrings, a black guy and a white guy are comparing boner size.

The guys here at al­ are al­ways ready to whip it out for a sausage show­down. Of co­ur­se we’re a bunch of mad scient­ist cock nerds (Male En­han­ce­ment Co­ac­hes, En­lar­ge­ment Gear En­gine­ers, etc.) We’ve been com­par­ing our junk and learn­ing from each other for over a de­cade.
On The Cover: These boys aren’t shy about whipping it out and you don’t need to be either. One way or another we’re all sizing ourselves up against the competition, whether that’s the guy strutting by in the locker room or the overripe banana on the kitchen counter (laugh). Want to be the biggest and baddest in the land? Get Optimale TNT XL—They don’t call it “Big D in a Bottle” for nothing...
  • The ways in which guys will compete against even inanimate objects in terms of penis size comparison. Everything from man versus beer can to man versus banana.

  • The ways guys go about covertly or not so covertly checking each other out to get a barring on who’s got the bigger sausage. We all do it and we’re all friends here, so there’s no need to feel funny about it.

  • The fact that observation and emulation is the primary way by which the human brain learns and improves… and how the game of size comparison (a form of observation) can actually improve us.

Is It Normal Comparing Dicks?

We’re all doing it so the answer must be YES. If it makes a thing normal, the fact that it’s something every guy does in one way or another, then our fascination with sizing our cocks against our buddies (and the occasional banana, cucumber, cardboard toilet paper tube… or even the tube at the heart of your favorite roll of paper towels if your a big boy (laugh)) is perfectly normal.

When the competition is man to man, there are, or course, different ways that guys accomplish stacking themselves up against one another: soft, hard, side-by-side and planned, unplanned and spied standing at the urinal or in the locker room at the public gym. At swinger gatherings and other kinds of sex parties. At nude beaches and over the internet, in porn videos, etc. Some methods are subtle and others are as overt as whipping it out, stroking it up, and passing a ruler back and forth. Whatever the format, the secret not so secret practice of assessing our masculinity through the lens of penis size against our peers is as true as the fact that we all masturbate. And sure you could be the exception to the rule but most of us see the size of our genitals as a competition of sorts, and the only way to know where we’re at in the race is to peek across at our neighbor.

Mother Nature’s Opinion on Contests of Cock Size?

To further reinforce the fact that cock comparison is not just normal but intended, we need only look at human evolution. Without even getting overly scientific and Darwinian, lets just look at the basics. We are the only animal, and yes humans are biological creatures (eating, breathing, emptying our bowels as the natural last act of our digestive system and emptying our balls into a mate as the natural conclusion of our reproductive system)—we are the only animal to adorn clothing and because of this we’ve lost sight of what nature had in mind for us. But with just three observations of our primate relatives (yes, we are going to compete with our monkey cousins) we will easily be able to see what mother nature wanted for us.

  • Observation 1: Covering up was no part of nature’s plan. We are mammals, primates, most closely related to apes and chimpanzees. That said, though we have some little patchy showings of hair, compared to our closest primate relatives, we are shamelessly hairless. Lesson: We do not pop out of our mother’s belly with pants on, and we are not genetically inclined to have a natural coat. Nature intended for us to be naked even of fur.

  • Observation 2: We have the biggest dicks of the primate kingdom by far. The average male silverback gorilla weighs between 300LBS and 400LBS (up to 600LBS in captivity) with an average erect size of only 1 and a quarter inches. When we compare this to the average human male, standing around 5’ 9”, weighing between 130LBS and 190LBS depending on region, having a very ordinary (by human standards) six-inch penis… not even a big porno specimen but just an average joe... when we compare sexual size with our primate relatives it’s almost ridiculous that our endowment is nearly 500% more voluminous than that of an animal with twice to three times our body mass. Lesson: If someone says you're hung like a gorilla, it’s an insult. But much more importantly, nature didn’t give us such large genitals as a fluke, evolution happens across thousands of years of trial and error. Human males are meant to be showy in terms of genital endowment.

  • Observation 3: While our cousins who are much stronger than us, can out swing us in the trees, and beat our asses if it comes to a fight (even seemingly small adult male chimpanzees are made of all muscle, and are fiercely strong), still while they can walk upright they do not manage it with anywhere near the grace or regularity of humans. Other primates are part-time bipeds and part-time quadrupeds. Due to the evolution of our spine, humans are the only primate to have developed a 100% bipedal form of locomotion. Lesson: We evolved to be upright walking all the time, with those big dingalings nature gave us front and center and fully visible, with only a little patch of pubic hair more like an accent than any kind of covering. Nature wanted our genitals to be seen.

Naked, upright, and hung, is how we are meant to present to each other in the eyes of evolution. We are not supposed to be wearing pants. Men are supposed to be able to scope each other out and know exactly what the competition has going on. If we’ve got the more massive meat it’s meant to embolden us. If not, it’s meant to educate us so that we come at the challenge of mate selection and courtship from a different angle. Our potential mates, be they opposite sex or same sex… they are supposed to be able to see what we’ve got going on between our legs too. They are meant to use the size of our sex organs as a powerful indicator toward making an informed sexual decision. Not the only indicator, of course, but certainly a major one. And this is the essence of sexual selection and sexual competition. And this is why, to this day, in all our clothes, with all our modern technology, when guys get naked around each other we want to know what the competition has going on between their legs and how we compare.

Men are visual and competitive (we compare biceps too, you know) and there is nothing that could be more natural and normal. The reason we now have to sneak glances and feel funny about the fact that we want to know what other guys are rocking in terms of size, is because civilization covered everything up.

Have you ever masturbated side-by-side with a buddy, a brother, your cousin or something like that? The practice is more common than you might guess. And while peeking over the urinal divide in the men’s room is one way of seeing if your pisser is bigger than the guy’s beside you, that’s only his Mr. Limpy that you’re spying on. Some guys are show-ers and others are growers. A fully informing sausage showdown is head-to-head hard-on against hard-on. Not to mention you can learn a lot more seeing\comparing how another guy masturbates or even better how he fucks a girl, as opposed to watching him pee.

Is Dick Size Comparison Healthy?

Well, since we can make a very strong case that it was mother nature’s intent that humans should be just as penis-centric and sexually competitive as we’ve turned out to be, it’s safe to say that evolutionarily it’s “healthy” and ultimately good for the species. We’re still here, after all. And, on top of that, we’ve evolved the biggest male sex organs in the primate world… out all proportion to our body mass. So, yeah, for the human whole it’s very healthy, but what about on a more personal level. Is sizing ourselves up against others healthy for the individual? It’s the opinion of the coaches here at that with the right mindset, comparing penis size is not only benign (harmless) but actually healthy and helpful. Honestly, it’s just part of the male experience.

From peeking in the men’s room or across the locker room or shared shower showered, to guys who circle jerk together or attend wild swinger sex parties that give them an opportunity to see other dudes in raw naked action… from subtle observations to more overt ones… in every scenario where we are given the opportunity to size ourselves against other men, we are also being given the opportunity to learn something and improve something about ourselves.

Small Guys…
If you find yourself always cutting glances at the fellow in the locker room with the big swinging meat and feeling like, ‘Damn, it’s not fair that I didn’t get one of those elephant trunks swinging between my legs.’ The thing to realize is that this is an instinctive threat response happening. You are recognizing the larger man’s obvious advantage as it pertains to pursing mates for sex. In a world without clothes he would have an automatic visual one-up on you. In our world as it is, being long\thick on inches has given him added confidence that likely conveys as BDE (Big Dick Energy) which will suggest his endowment even with pants on. In the game of grinding orgasms from his sex partners, his large endowment has given him an edge… but that doesn’t mean he knows how to use this edge properly. A big bone alone doesn’t mean he’s an awesome fucker (laugh). You’ll also assume he was born hung but you don’t know that, more often than not the big boys these days have used penis enlargement techniques… hard work… to get to their show-off status. The key to healthy size contests is to never be diminished by the outcome, instead we should become inspired.

Envy is healthy. Jealousy is harmful.
In this and every aspect of life, it’s okay to be envious but never okay to be jealous (because jealousy is negative, and negative energy won’t grow your dick or your mental libido or anything). Figuratively speaking, Envy says: “Man you are so hung, what are you doing? How can I get big like that?” Jealousy on the other hand says, “Dude I can’t stand you and your big dumb dick. It’s not fair. I wish you weren’t so hung.”

The difference is day and night, positive energy Vs. negative, and while Envy will reach for success by learning how to make himself better and bigger too, Jealousy will brood and flounder and stew in bad feelings. Positive energy is healthy, it makes good things happen. Becoming inspired by having silently compared yourself a hundred times, and jumping on a male enlargement, exercise and supplementation routine so that you can start building your own locker room jaw dropper is absolutely healthy.

Big Guys… (Don't Be A Sore Winner)
If you find yourself looking at all the smaller guys in the locker room and feeling superior, this is exactly how evolution figured you’d feel. Mother nature wants your large endowment to embolden you, but she doesn’t want you to become a roaring asshole (laugh). The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner. Winning a sausage showdown (silent or official) is always fun, as long as it’s fun and positive all around, as it should be. The winner can be proud of himself and his big schlong, but the coolest hung dudes (especially those who are into PE (Penis Enlargement)) are willing to share their secrets with their less endowed friends. And the hung dudes that really have it going on, size and knowhow, don’t let the count of their inches go to their head. They know that having big meat has given them an edge but that real skill in bed comes from knowing how to use it.

If both sides of a sausage showdown, whoever is smaller and whoever is bigger, have the right mindset about comparing dick sizes, then a friendly contest of male endowment is fun, harmless, healthy, and potentially very helpful as a catalyst for positive change.

The difference between harm and health, of course, is what you do with a thing. Drinking water is healthy, but in the extreme you can drink so much that even H2O becomes toxic and you get water poisoning. Closer to the topic at hand, masturbation is healthy, but if you’re addicted to jerking off and it’s interfering with the rest of your life that’s a problem. The normal fascination that men have with size and our desire to see how we measure up is like this as well. It’s absolutely healthy, but it can be made toxic if mishandled.

Adventures in Measuring: Dudes, Dingalings, and Sizing Each Other Up

On the topic of scoping out the competition and other male measuring rituals, our trainees often bring us questions about specific experiences they’ve had. Sometimes these have made them feel a “certain sort of way.” We’ll review some of these with an eye toward sharing the wisdom of the penis-wise, and perhaps our answers will be a good fit to questions you may have regarding your own experiences.

(Rotate scre­en the wide way to read the rest.)

Question 1: Joe in Liverpool England said—I find myself doing it all the time, in the gym, looking at other guys in their bullet shorts or their sweatpants, checking out their bulges and wishing my equipment would bulge like that. I’m only 2 inches long when soft and 4.5 erect. Thickness is 3.75. I’m small and I’m always getting an eyeful. In the locker room I’m always with a towel wrapped around me the whole time, as it seems every other guy is bigger than me. There are these two tossers in particular (I don’t know them and they seem nice enough really, I only call them “tossers” because, to my view, their just too perfectly porno ready). These guys use the gym facility mostly at the same time I do, always strutting around with their firehoses swinging. I’m torn between feeling gay for looking and feeling like a spiteful little twat for hating them for being hung. What’s wrong with me?

Answer: There’s nothing wrong Joe. A lot of smaller guys see other guys with a showy bulge and are envious. Also, we’ve mentioned locker settings a few times as one of the locales where male public nudity happens naturally and these sorts of observations get made. Unless you want to bang or get banged by those big D “tosser” dudes (and there’s nothing wrong with that if you do, but unless you do) your feelings are not gay. What’s happening is that you’re experiencing big dick envy. As long as you keep it positive it’s natural and harmless. Positive means, don’t be mad at the big boys… and don’t be mad at yourself for being smaller either. Your size is not something you selected but it is something you can work to change\improve, and being that you’re talking to us, you’re already on your way.

Question 2: Tony in New Jersey said—Hey guys, I really love your site and all the great info and products you have for men. My brother and I are both seriously into PE… stretching, pumping. We’ve both had great success. I’m twenty-seven (and right at 8.25 inches erect… up from seven) and he’s twenty-nine (and he’s hovering at a smudge over 9). We’ve been comparing since we were like 14 and 16. We think it’s fun competing with each other, I’m always like one day I’ll pass him, and actually I might, I’m a faster gainer than he is. For a while we even had gotten our cousin into it. Maybe this is a silly question, but how many other guys are measuring their junk together like us?

Answer: Hey Tony, the answer is more guys than you think. Some guys get into jerking off together as teenagers and some guys don’t. The ones that do, will tend to be more open to whipping it out and measuring against each other, and doing enlargement exercises cooperatively\competitively, etc, as time goes on. Brothers and other live-in male relatives around the same age often see each other naked anyway, which makes this kind of collaboration happen more organically. But some dudes are also fine whipping it out and sizing up within their friend circles.

Question 3: Jamie P in Bridgeport CT said—So I’m a bit of a porn hog, I’m str8, thirty-four years old, and while I love a nice heart shaped ass and big silicone titties, I’ll just fess up and tell you that I’m looking at the dicks in porn too. Not like I want to bend over, but seeing how I rank. I’m well endowed and I like watching these big dudes fuck and feeling like “My dick is big like that too. I could be in porn.” Sometimes I do find my jaw dropped as I’m like “Fu-u-uck that guy is a giant… okay, so, I can’t step to that.” Do you guys hear this a lot.

Answer: You’re perfectly normal Jamie. Why do you think the majority of guys in porn are hung when porn is predominantly shot for a male audience? It’s because men look at the dicks too… and the bigger the more visually fascinating. And yes, with the rise of internet porn, this is the most popular way guys are sizing themselves up these days. The catch, of course, is that the male talent in porn is almost always hung, so it can produce a distorted picture of the world where it seems like all your male competition is huge.

Is Comparing Cocks Gay?

So that’s a silly question right? If it’s normal, healthy, and everybody is doing it, that means that straight guys and gay guys are all guilty of sneaking a peek, spying across the washroom, wishing they had some male friends to get naked with and compare bananas, and basically just being curious about how their own size compares to other dudes. It’s not an attraction thing, it’s more of a competition thing. Yes, men are fascinated by penises (more fascinated than women for that matter), it’s natural not gay, so if you’re straight stop beating yourself up with silly questions.

Whole civilizations of the past worshiped the penis, and they were obviously not all gay. We could joke and say, maybe that’s why those civilizations are “of the past” ... too much time spent with dick on the brain (laugh). But the joke would be on us wouldn’t it? Images of naked cocks in action are more available today, thanks to the internet, than ever before in human history. This is a site dedicated to everything about male enhancement. We write and engineer this stuff. You read and grow your junk with it. This civilization we live in right now, still has dick on the brain, only now enhancement science and information allow men to actually change their phallic destiny. Which is fantastic. And you know what, as long as there are people with male genitalia out there, whichever civilization we live in will always have D on the brain.

At the end of the day, a guy brings himself to whatever he does. A straight guy comparing his D to others is thinking about what the outcome might mean to his bedplay with the sexy ladies in his circle as compared to his peers. A gay guy is thinking the same thing, just replace the words “sexy ladies” with “studly men.” Guys are just guys regardless of who they’re sexually attracted to. And, yeah, if you’re gay you might be sizing up against and salivating over your competitor’s cock all at the same time—you get to be a double agent in the size showdown. Whatever the case, however, the male fascination with sizing ourselves against others is neither straight nor gay, it’s just a fact of the male wiring. We are visual and competitive and a little obsessed with the size of our willies (and everybody else's too), and that’s all good.

The Big Cock Gillette Can Challenge
And Other Man Vs. Object
Sausage Showdowns

So, we’ve covered the man versus man angle of our obsession with sizing ourselves against the competition extensively. This, of course, as men, is our true human peer group as it pertains to endowment. Ultimately this is the pool of competitors we are called to outperform in the sexual gauntlet run for a mate. That said, however, the human mind in its immense creativity and intelligence is able to see the world in an array of abstract ways. Abstraction can be defined as the ability to see something concrete in terms of ideas rather than as the specific event or object. In psychology, it is understood to be a higher level way of thinking in which common features are identified across different things. In art, it results in an interpretation of the real world and real world objects that do not attempt to capture what reality truly looks like, but rather to evoke and represent objects in shapes and colors and sweeps that capture the essence but may not truly look like the original artifact at all. In male sexual competitive nature it is an abstraction to see a Gillette shaving gel canister as a phallic rival that we should align our inches against in a battle for size supremacy. As with bananas and squash and the cardboard centers of toilet paper and paper towel rolls… beer cans… soda cans… Ritz cracker rolls… and an endless of household. Basically, if it’s long and cylindrical we boys have the required imagination to imagine it as a kind of penis.

This speaks again to how important phallic images are in our psyche, and how we crave comparisons if even artificial ones. The civilized world with all its clothing has robbed us of access to easily observable male phallic competitors, so abstraction leaps to the rescue. Abstraction can also often serve as bragging rights. Clearly a Gillette canister is way bigger than the average boner by far (in the neighborhood of 8 x +6.5). And a regular 12oz can of soda is 4.83 inches high or long and just under 8.25 measured around. So if you can claim to have a Gillette Can Cock you’re one of the big boys, and if someone says you’ve got a Coke Can Cock in terms of thickness, that means you’re one girthy stud. In terms of length a can of cola is not that impressive, but if your junk is like two Cokes stacked end to end, then you’re basically rocking just under a 10 x 8.25 incher, then your one-eyed monster really lives up to the name. It’s all fun and all fair in the sausage showdown (laugh).

Final Thought… How Important Is Penis Size Anyway?

Pretty darn important would be the short answer, but we’ve got just a little more input for you than that. Here’s the deal, we’ve just spent a good long while having an intelligent conversation about the fact that guys have an innate competitive need to size themselves against the sexual competition. It’s part of our wiring. Is it normal? Yes, so much that it’s built into us. Is it healthy? Healthy enough, the species is still here. Is it gay? Of course not, the sexually competitive instinct that powers this is in all of us regardless of who we are attracted to. It’s the reason dick pics are a thing... the modern age’s answer to showing off your goods in advance, the way you would in a world without clothes. It’s the reason that the schlongs in porn (str8 or gay) are so big even though, from its inception, porn has been targeted primarily at heterosexual men.

At an instinctual level, we know—men just know—that size is important. Yes size does change the experience of sex dramatically. In the same way that we looked at evolution for evidence that mother nature intended for human males to see and compare each other’s junk. We could similarly illustrate the evidence that the larger penis through the eons has obviously been more suited to triggering an orgasm response in females and that female sexual selection for well endowed males is the reason this trait for large male genitals stuck to our genetics. Remember, even a skinny guy with a four incher is a porn star compared to a 400lbs gorilla that only has a 1 and a quarter inch member. In order for us to end up so hung in relation to other primates whose body mass dwarfs our own… in order for this to happen endowment had to have been favored throughout our evolutionary tack. Of course that does not mean every woman will say that a huge penis feels better, but having a preference at all for larger or for smaller is proof that size matters. If it didn’t matter it wouldn’t be a discussion at all.

So, boys, the next time you find yourself spying across the communal showers either feeling challenged by the big firehoses on display or feeling emboldened by the fact that the firehose is swinging from your groin… don’t beat yourself up or feel all weird about it, it’s really just mother nature’s natural wiring. It’s just life. It’s just part of the male experience. Guys all over the world have been finding ways to size themselves up forever and that’s not apt to stop anytime soon. Just remember that in our modern age there’s a lot more to the mating game than just the size of your junk. Small doesn’t necessarily lose the game and big doesn’t necessarily win it. And yet, size gives an edge. It’s a factor and in no way a silly thing to think about at all. As long as you keep it light and positive and aimed at self awareness with the potential for self improvement, then there is nothing more normal, natural, and healthy.


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