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Staying Hard While Getting Fucked: Erect Bottoming 101

Staying hard while getting fucked is a challenge for many gay men, and like so many things that play hard to get, the illusiveness of the goal only makes us pursue it more heatedly. In many gay couples and hookups, it is a hotly desired outcome of top men to see their bottom boy’s hard bone flying high while he is being anally fucked. For some it has become almost a fetish, the desire to, while fucking your man in the ass, reach around and grope a big fat erection throbbing at his groin. It speaks to the world of bliss the giver’s sex has ushered the receiver into. And while any single sexual outcome that we focus on too obsessively, has a tendency to become inflated out of all proportion to its real value, there is something to be said for bottom boys learning to allow their senses to be elevated to another level of ecstasy. It’s not just about stroking the giver’s ego, but also about the receiver learning to enjoy anal sex even more, which is why so many men who love being fucked are so motivated to learn how to stay erect while bottoming.

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Staying hard while getting fucked, I.E. keeping your erection as a bottom while your top-man is thrusting inside you, is possibly the most highly desired super power of the elite power bottom. Some guys seem to be wired for it, but many more seem to find it impossible not to go limp. Now we're unlocking all the secrets of stay-hard bottoming.

In this article we’ll be looking at…

  • Why it is that so many gay male bottoms have such a hard time staying hard during anal sex. You might think a sexual activity that you love would be just the thing to keep your cock solid, however there is more to classic gay sex (sensation-wise) than meets the eye.

  • What it takes to be a hard bottom and how you can equip yourself (yes with the hottest cock gear), with awesome male supplementation (yes, we’ll talk about what hard dick pills you should be feeding your one-eyed monster), and how all of this cums together (pun intended) to make you a Zen master of rock-hard bottoming.

Getting Fucked in the Ass: A Circle of Sensations

We’ve all seen man-on-man porn where the bottom remains hard as a lead pipe while the top pounds him, perhaps even fucking the cum out of him. We’ve seen other scenes as well, and likely lived them, where the sensations associated with anal penetration seem to short-out the bottom boy’s dick. So, what’s going on? Are some guys just wired to stay hard during anal where others are not?

Here is the thing, anal sex for men involves a host of conflicting sensations. The anal sphincter (the whorl shaped mouth of your ass) is a highly erogenous zone, containing a host of highly sensitive nerves. If you or someone else has properly fingered your ass, if you’ve been rimmed, or if you’ve played with toys… you’ve undoubtedly discovered that pushing on the back door has a kind of magic “wiring” to your cock. Stimulating the anus gets a reaction from your penis. Holding that thought, let’s look a little deeper inside your love tunnel at the prostate gland. This is another highly erogenous male hot bottom famed for being able to trigger an erection response when stimulated, and also famous for causing super intense ejaculations. The prostate is so powerful that even massaging it externally, by applying pressure to the space behind a man’s scrotum, between his balls and anus, will send waves of pleasure through his anatomy.

So, with all this sensory equipment that should be getting you hard, why are you going soft? Is it just you? Is staying hard while bottoming really possible? The answers in reverse are: Yes, it’s possible to keep your cock hard while bottoming. No, it’s not just you having this problem, staying rock-solid while being butt fucked is a challenge for many bottoms. And the reason is simple… there’s too much sensory equipment in the region.

Remember what we said about the sphincter, that pushing on it generally gets a reaction, a level of arousal out of a man’s penis. That’s right. Pushing all the way through it, however, with an object as large as a penis moving into the rectum causes a mixture of pleasure signals and discomfort signals too. If you are a bottom you will be familiar with the fact that it took a little training to get your anus used to being penetrated enough to have enjoyable sex at all. You had to learn to relax your sphincter muscles and accept a penetrating member. Similarly, it takes more training to learn to relax your mind, to wade through the myriad sensations which, for many guys, even if the sensation of being fucked feels good, still tends to distract from the erection process. The word “distract” is the key term here. Anal sex is so intense that it distracts...

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Keeping Your Cock Focused: Being A Hard Bottom

Your penis likes to be the star of the show when it comes to sex, it’s simply the way the male anatomy is built. Mother Nature’s anticipation is that you will become erect, and then the stimulation your erection receives will keep you erect until climax. However, by introducing a host of super intense back door stimuli, your body becomes confused. Your penis is no longer the star, no longer focused on itself. There are all these different sensory inputs, and even though they are arousing, they either divert and distract or overload the expected erection sensations. The problem is that your cock is being overwhelmed by your ass (laugh). Though the wording may be funny, this is a pretty accurate way to define the challenge. And the solution is...

Cock Rings Keep Men Hard

Not just for tops but great for bottoms too, a Hardwear Cock Ring can easily come to your rescue. High-tech male enhancing rings channel more erogenous energy into your dick than is possible without them. Period. Increased size and hardness are a direct side effect, stemming from the high erectile pressure and blood flow control these rings promote. Additionally, your Hardwear ring will inhibit blood from leaving the organ. So, your penis will be bigger, harder, more sensitive, and more resilient to any kind of distraction. Every sensation, if you are stroking your penis at the same time you are being penetrated for example, or even if it’s just bobbing around under its own weight, all forms of penile stimulation will be enhanced. Tops wear Hardwear gear all the time to have harder wood to fuck longer and stronger with, but cock rings are not just for top men. Bottom boys can and should use these awesome enhancers as well, it’s the perfect male equipment to keep their penises focused and erect.

OptiMale TNT XL Gets Men Hard and Horny

Working from the inside, this awesome male supplement is touted for many manly wonders. At the top of the list, it makes guys hornier and promotes increased blood flow to the penis. That’s actually just for starters… it’s also a testosterone booster, a penis enlargement supplement… and yeah it can increase your load to super soaker status too. Combining the right bio environment—one that’s been primed with proper male enhancement supplementation—with mechanical erection aids like a male enhancing ring equals an unstoppable solution in your quest to stay hard while bottoming.

Bring Your Balls Into The Action

Your dick and your ass are already dueling for sensory dominance, why not get your nut sack into the fray? Ball Stretchers are known for being highly erogenous, for promoting erections, testosterone increase, increased semen volume, and powerful sensations. These sensations, which are just a little south of (but still hitched to) the penis proper have been known to help guys last longer, while finishing with more intense orgasms. Considered to be another type of diversionary sensation, the sensory feedback produced by ball stretching promotes erection hardness while helping guys last longer before reaching ejaculation.

Penis Size And Staying Hard While Getting Fucked!

There is an inclination to think that perhaps if the guy fucking you is very well endowed, this might be a barrier to you learning how to stay hard with him thrusting inside you. That said, once again we’ve all seen porn (where just about all the dicks are big) where the bottom boy is riding a huge banana, groaning and gritting his teeth with his own hard-on flying everywhere. We could argue that the bottoms in porn are well trained, and yet every guy who is going to bottom and enjoy it needs to train his anus to accept a penis. It’s not a sexual activity that happens (not enjoyably so) without a little practice.

In reality, most bottoms, when surveyed on the question of cock size will tend to emote that a dick needs to be A) hard, and B) not too small, in order to accomplish the most enjoyable anal sex. Hard because the gateway of a man’s ass is tight, and it takes a rigid member to get through. Not too small because many gay bottoms report sex with small penises feeling somewhat like being poked instead of being filled. Big cock sex, done properly of course, can be very enjoyable. Once you’ve mastered mentally aligning all the sensations associated with getting fucked, the feeling of deep penetrations and of your anal sphincter being widened is highly erotic.

In terms of bottoms going limp due to some fault of the guy on top, they more often complain about overzealous tops rather than tops being too big. An overzealous or over eager top may just penetrate and start pounding too hard, too fast, creating too much sensation that overwhelms the man he’s fucking. Communication is key. Many top-men want to see their bottoms stay flagpole hard, so if he’s fucking you too crazy right out the gate (laugh) then tell him so. Tell him to slow down. Make sure he’s either lubed you up or otherwise slathered you down so your love tunnel is nice and slippery. Both of you put on your favorite penis rings, pop your OptiMale TNT XL and take your time. The payoff will be worth it.

Final Thought: Mind Over Matter

Armed with the aides mentioned here, bottom boys should be able to have stronger, harder erections that are much more unwavering and able to stand tall even while they are being fucked. Heck, armed with these resources you might be harder bottom than your top. And what you will learn, once you’re properly equipped, is that being able to stay erect while bottoming makes the entire sexual experience feel better. You’ll have all the hot buttons at the back gate lit up, now with a hard cock at the front gate throbbing and pulsing, likely drooling, and the entire mix will feel amazing.

As men, we’ve all got our own internal wiring. Some guys are able to process sensations, even levels of discomfort or pain as being directly erotic and pleasurable. Most of us, however, unaided, will find the sensations anal sex promotes are of an intensity that our penis ends up limp and distracted. Top men should not think that their bottom boys aren’t enjoying the sex (though they will enjoy it even more with the techniques we’ve named here). The limp noodle while being screwed does not mean the bottom is not enjoying himself, only that, as we’ve already mentioned, the cock thinks it should be the star of the sexual show and when it’s not it may get grumpy at the worst and disoriented at the least.

Get some Hardwear gear on that sausage and make him extra happy. Pop a little OptiMale TNT XL to get your horny juices overflowing. And with your new powers you’ll be able to squeeze more mind-blowing pleasure from sex than ever before. Then you can show yourself and your favorite top man how awesome sex can be when you’re fucking with a rock-hard bottom.

Oh yeah, just one catch. If you show off some new gear that’s keeping your dick super-sized and rock hard, not only will your top-man think it’s sexy as hell how hot the gear looks and how it keeps your flag pole raised for him, he’ll also want some gear for himself… so be prepared.


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