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Looking for Big Dick Memes? We got em’. In fact, your buddies at have been training guys to be bigger, badder, and better for years. Always smart and sexy but never taking ourselves too seriously, our coaches are happy to star in a few captioned photos to brighten your day and give you a little chuckle along the winding road that is your cock enlargement journey. Like condoms, penis memes come in a wide assortment of flavors (Uhm, laugh, suggestive tone intended)… and while it may be a surprise at first, humongous dicks with catchy taglines can be humorous, inspirational, perhaps even they can change the world—okay, maybe we went a little too far with that last bit, but seriously, in 2020 when the pandemic had everyone in lockdown, it was a now famous big black dick meme featuring Wardy Joubert III that put a smile (or else a shocked O-mouth) on millions of faces, when prank Coronavirus texts offered a link that took people to a rendezvous with a muscular naked black man with a huge penis instead of a boring and\or unsettling news update.

So, maybe the male sexual anatomy has the power to rework the landscape and maybe it doesn’t; certainly though, it has the power to capture our imagination and our hearts, to get us horny as hell, and to keep us geared-up to be the stars of our own large and in charge cock photos. And honestly, it was enough already back at the start, just that these images might put a smile on your face.


Is it fun to be so hung that you could star in a big dick meme? Well, it has its moments… in the lockerroom the big boys, the ones with humongous dicks often get called human tripods, I.E. like they are walking around with a third leg. A little friendly razzing, especially about how huge a guy’s cock is never hurt anyone. And what’s great about Pike’s big penis tripod is that the gear he’s wearing is available to supercharge your junk too. Now that's a penis meme! Standing so tall this mean cast a long dick shadow, and when this big cock blasts off, whatever hole it pleasures is sure to be a lucky one.  Starring in a big black dick meme is fun when your junk is living the legend, and amazing size and hardness are guaranteed with the HARDWEAR Infinity Clamp. Even if youy weren’t born with a thick penis shaft and huge mushroom cock head doesn’t mean you can’t graduate into the club. Little cock vs. Big cock meme... endowment problems do not have to hold you back, fixing a small penis only takes knowledge, knowhow, and gear.
On the cover: Pike Nelson shows us what a human tripod looks like strutting around, and also how powering your cock with a Hardwear Horseshoe can supercharge your 3rd leg for its own awesome penis meme.

What is a Meme?

At its core a meme is an idea (and sometimes a behavior or style) that is copied and spread within a culture. Typically representing a particular phenomenon or theme, these self-contained units communicate cultural ideas, symbols, or practices through replication. In the internet age these most often take the form of an image, video, piece of text or a combination. Often humorous in nature, they spread rapidly over the internet.

Were Memes Born on The Internet?

While the art form has certainly flourished on the world wide web, they actually existed long before the internet. The sociological concept, in fact, has been around since before the term was even coined, with instances showing up as early as 79 AD in the ruins of Pompeii, and with more contemporary representation in the graffiti art of the 1970s, 80s, and ongoing. The defining criteria of this art form is that it should encapsulate an idea that can be shared, replicated, imitated, and copied. When you think of it this way, its easy to see how one crew of graffiti street artists might see the work of another crew in a neighborhood other than their own and be inspired to imitate and improve the work on their block. In this way the “cultural message” of the work has been communicated and spread.

It is outside the scope of this article to talk about differentiating between street art and vandalism. This article is about the power of communication through the medium we are discussing, and graffiti just happens to be a perfect example. While today we most often associate the art form with an aim at being funny, it can be many things or anything: uplifting, sexy, thought provoking, etc.

In the medium of street art, this writer has certainly seen it used to uplift and empower. I can recall to this day, growing up in the projects where a large portion of the street was blocked by the backside (the wide ass-end) of a fairly ugly factory. What one ambitious artist did one day was to render the likenesses of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F Kennedy side by side, larger than life, in strikingly vivid colors. The art was at a

minimum twenty feet high, and I don’t believe there was a caption of any kind beyond the dates of birth and death for both men. No caption was needed. These are famous historical figures who changed the world, who were both taken from the world they changed too soon. I am aware in this case that the artist had obtained permission from the factory owner to bring his artistry to life on the back of the building, which was a solid white-painted wall of cinder block prior to the mural.

This is a meme, and an image like this in a setting as such speaks to the power of ideas being communicated in this format. What had been nothing but an oppressive building blocking the ghetto from the rest of the town became a canvas for hope, inspiration, memorial, racial harmony, and so on. The medium is not often taken to such lofty levels, but it can be.

Famous Penis Memes

Spinning out of that story, a reader might think it would be impossible for captioned photos of big hairy one-eyed monsters (or neatly shaved ones) to rank much importance at all. On one level this would be true, but on another level, the penis has been worshiped in cultures of the past and continues to be worshiped in modern society today… in television and radio media, in locker rooms across the nation, in private chambers where every man at some point drops his skivvies and asks himself “am I big enough,” and obviously in porn in all its forms. The penis is important, it’s that simple; and the communication of phallic ideas is no less important than the communication of any other ideas.

Categories in which we find the art form at hand (and cock) explored are, if not endless, certainly plentiful. A few such categories, but by no means an exhaustive list of popular captions includes…

  • Big dick…
    Uhm… you guessed it everybody wants to know about the big ones.

  • Huge penis…
    Yup, some guys think of their junk as a D-I-C-K and others a penis and others a cock… but “Huge” is the key phrase here again.

  • That’s a penis…
    A funny category that kind of looks at guys who are obsessed with their dongs and then turns it around so an onlooker is like “That’s a penis?”

  • Hard cock…
    Soft ones are okay, and indeed your noodle is limp more often than not, but the equipment shows its full power when it’s rock hard… and so the art reflects it.

  • Who is getting the best dick…
    All kinds of messages about gals and guys that love D and who is getting D-I-C-Ked down the best.

  • How to take a big cock…
    Everyone is fascinated by those big monsters but horny ladies and men have to learn how to accommodate the size their mate comes in.

  • Dick size…
    Am I big enough, is my man big or is he only packing a “boyfriend penis,” and what is average, and three guys are standing at a urinal taking a pee and spying and you get the idea.

  • Dick Shadows…
    A shadow falls across the floor, the land, the face of this building or that… in the shape of a big ol' erection… and of course this makes for an occasion worthy of snapping a pic and adding a caption.

  • Cock reactions…
    When a dude drops his drawers what kind of reaction does he get to that humongous schlong or to his tiny tot.

  • When the dick is too big…
    Can it be too big? And if yes, what kind of crazy, funny images can we through an even crazier caption on to encapsulate the situation.

  • Types of dicks…
    They got shapes and sizes and colors. The got big bulbous heads and little narrow ones, and the man attached will have his own sexual style. Plenty to pontificate on.

  • Girls see giant cock and…
    And screams with joy at the thought of all the orgasms she will have or screams in terror at the thought of that wild wonder going so deep that she will feel it in her stomach.

And the list really could carry on for pages and pages, so we’ll just stop there, recognizing that the world has cock on the brain and that this fact is clearly represented in online trends.

A Look At One of the Most Famous and Popular Dick Memes…

In recent times the most famous phallic contender would be "Wood on A Bed," the image that was sent around as part of the Corona virus prank of 2020… an image that could be categorized in a lot of ways (and has morphed as the medium always does) but originated as a BBC AKA Big Black Cock Meme.

Wardy Joubert III in the famouse Corna virus prank of 2020... Wood on a Bed. Memes have been compared to genes, yes as in genetics, based on the way in which they spread and mutate… huge penis memes being no exception.

Here you can see the original image as well as one of its replications. The original was obviously intended to catch viewers by surprise when they clicked for a news update and were treated instead to a massively hung black male.

The replication, on the other hand, is being used by medical practitioners to convey a social distancing message, to help people react appropriately during the pandemic lock downs. Harking back to Wood on a bed (with a little censoring), the replication brings him into a medical setting, making him part of a team of doctors. The intent and power of the art form is easy to see and understand, an image that millions found entertaining, funny, and sexy is re-imagined through replication to evoke the same feelings along with a feeling of familiarity and togetherness. The idea is that everyone “was in this thing together:” the doctors, you, and even the massively hung dude who brought you a smile when last you saw him. In a separate article we’ll actually talk about the real man behind that Big D Image that became a craze, but for now I think we’ve covered what needs to be covered.

Final Thought:
And One More Big Ass Cock

Memes are ideas and ideas have power... sometimes the power to make us laugh or to inspire us, and perhaps sometimes even the power to change the world. Your buddies here at have been aiming high, and aiming to make a better and more hung world for well over a decade, a place where guys can perfect what swings between their legs and feel good about themselves… and Big D imagery is just one of the interesting and inspiring communication styles we employ. It may not be splitting the atom or curing world hunger, but it makes dudes feel way more confident in themselves which makes their partners happier and more fulfilled and their relationships more fulfilling. And that's pretty important.

Max is powering his big headed monster with a Power Grip Shaft Ring. They say guys think too often with their sausages but when your cock is this big and juicy, can you blame a dude?
So the big head leads the small head, but what happens when both heads are about the same size?

Like penises, not every idea is created equally, but at the end of the day they all deserve a vehicle for the easy projection of their message (DNA in the case of your junk) into the future. Memes provide a vehicle for ideas to extend beyond the present and those on the topic of cock will inform the future in the same way that sexual cave art, pottery, sculptures, and graffiti inform us about the carnal concerns of the past. Tomorrow’s man will know what today’s man learned about the denizens of yesterday (and himself), that the topic of the big D is eternal. The desire for it, the worship of it, none of that is every going away. What changes is technology, the way our ideas are shared and our ability to actually modify ourselves (not just our memes) to become the bigger, better men that we want to be. So, here’s to projecting our ideas and the best version of ourselves into the future.



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