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How Many Guys Have 7 Inches: 7" Penis

It may surprise you to know that the question: How many guys have 7 inches? (and of course we’re talking about having a 7” penis)—is one of the most enduring and most asked questions in penis talk. While at first it may seem ultra-specific, there are a number of reasons for the high level of interest in this topic, not least of all the sense among men that this endowment is the first male measurement that truly falls on the large side of the fence. Combine this with the fact that compared to other more famously large endowments, 8”, 9”, 10” and so-on cock sizes, a much wider swath of the male population is hovering around seven inches (somewhere between six and three-quarter and seven and one-quarter inches); and, of course, all the boys swinging a studly size seven between their legs want to know...

  • How common is it having this size? Roughly 30% of men have a 6-inch dick, so literally, throw a softball and you’ll likely hit a boy with a 6” hard dick. But the studly 7 is more elusive, how many dudes are hung like me?

  • I kind of know it’s above average, a little at least, right? But if I’ve got a size 7 is it really considered large? Is it small? Where exactly does a 7-incher rank in the eyes of the world?

  • Uhm, so, I think I’m in the club; but how can I be sure? What’s the best way to measure my cock and prove to myself and the world that I’m swinging a big 7.

You might not have guessed it was such a popular question: How many guys have 7 inches of penis? But being that the 7” penis is the first real size candidate falling on the BIG side of the boner border, it’s only logical that guys rocking 7-inch dicks want to know how they rank. And for millions of men engaged in penis enlargement, a stop in Sevenville is typically an early stop along the road to huge cock town. You’ll be proud to show off your 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch dick too!. The sky is the limit with HARDWEAR cock gear, male size workout equipment, and supplements. And a 7” penis is just the begining of how big you can become.

Part of the intrigue and curiosity around the 7” penis, and indeed around every penis size, is the innate male need to know how we rank compared to other dudes. The boy’s here at allknight.com are always eager to show off our gains, and by relation… our cocks (wink). And once you’ve gotten equipped with the right HARDWEAR gear, you’ll be happy to show off your amazing progress… and your 7, 8, 9, 10-incher to the world too!
On The Cover: Every man wants to know exactly where his banana ranks in terms of penis size, and one of the most enduring dick questions out there is How many guys are laying it down with a size 7. Want your banana bigger? You’re in the right place, HARDWEAR gear, supplements, and services have been enhancing and enlarging men for over a decade—taking dicks well beyond 7-inches, all the way to infinity and beyond!

Another reason for the enduring curiosity about 7” dicks is the fact that nobody ever answers the damn question to begin with (laugh). A search seeking to know how many dudes are hung with size seven cocks will invariably lead you to group statistics for how many men have five inchers (5.16” having shown up recently in a 2015 male size survey as being the average among responders) and six-inch penises (6.16” pretty much being the accepted world average for decades). Trying to figure out how many dudes have a size seven schlong will often reveal Alfred Kinsey’s findings that 62.5% of males responding to his survey had erection lengths between 5.5” and 6.5”, and yet looking for specific insight on your size seven, or that of someone you love rarely gets a definitive response. So, of course, the question continues to burn for an answer. And that’s where we rush to the rescue. Never fear, your buddies at allknight.com are going to answer the question and a few others while we’re at.

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Is 7 Inches Big?

We will get to how many dudes are making the bedsprings creak with size seven pipes between their legs, but first let’s talk about the—big, small, or just right—implications of this size. Every guy wants to be hung, so this is an excellent question to begin with, and one we can answer very easily and directly. 7” dicks are above average and qualify, certainly, as being well-endowed. It’s not super well-endowed, but it is bigger than average by basically 1”. It is sneak-through-the-door porn star big, where as the more official foot-in-the-door (or is it cock-in-the-door) entry-level porn star size is 8 inches. Yes, you guessed correctly, the porno world really likes it’s cocks bigger (often a lot bigger). Your trusty size 7 is not freaky-deaky big, scary, or monster big, or even typically “oh my God, I’ve never seen one that big.” But it is a very nice size, definitely above average, and when combined with a more substantial girth (+6” girth just as an example) it does indeed equal a high-volume penis. One that may not win you the AVN Stud-Cock of the year award, but one that might win you the rave reviews of every lover who comes your way… assuming you know how to use it.

Can 7 Inches Be Too Big?
Uhm, really, no.

We deal with lots of very well-endowed men, many who have trained for years to reach sizes far more titanic than this… 8”, 9”, 10-inchers and so on. The reality of the Vagina as the counterpart to the penis is that no penis can really be too big for any vagina. A guy can be too eager. A guy can be a big dick swinging knuckle head who really doesn’t know how to fuck properly with his size. And all this can lead to a perception that a man’s organ was too large for the main event. But women give birth to babies. A full blown, kicking, screaming, little person can emerge from a vagina. These little people can weigh anywhere from 5LBS to 10LBS on average (more in some cases). So, do you really believe that your penis or any penis can be too big for the female organ (laugh)?

The Vagina Vs. The 7” Dick

The winner should be a forgone and easy conclusion. If she can handle birthing a baby she can handle your dick. Yes, it’s true, some women have had issues with painful sex with larger penises; typically, we are talking about larger than 7”; and typically, the real issue is with the male in question and his lack of knowhow, not really the size of his Johnson. There’s a lot of dialog on-line lately about the average vagina being between 3” and 6” but this completely misses the fact that the female organ is elastic and morphic. In an effort to make smaller men feel more comfortable about their size (a noble cause) these articles leave out the fact that vaginas expand. Just as your penis, when it’s soft, may be 3” x 4.25” and then become 7” x 5.5” when its’ rock hard and standing tall as a soldier, vaginas also expand when aroused. Using the example penis numbers above, the organ in question will have doubled in volume when hard compared to flaccid. Vaginas elongate and elasticize; they increase in the volume they can accommodate. Given that a baby can make its way out of a lady’s love tunnel, it should be fairly obvious, that the female organ is even more elastic and more morphic, by far, than the male organ.

When women encounter painful sex with larger penises it’s most often because they have not been aroused enough to accommodate the member in question. More foreplay, some delicious cunnilingus, some lube, all these things are so simple and yet an over eager stud combined with a girl who doesn’t stop him, slow him down, and tell him what she likes and doesn’t like, are a formula for a misconceived notion that big ones hurt. The truth however is that big cocks don’t really hurt; not knowing what you’re doing hurts. On the other hand, if you combine awesome foreplay with a big juicy dick and the man knows how to control his thrusts, vary his depth, swivel his hips… his lovers often come out on the other side of the equation craving more and loving big dicks.

There are advantages to every size. Smaller male organs are easier to work with, they cause less friction and don’t reach as far. As such, it is harder to have the act be painful, but also harder to achieve penetrative orgasms. Big dicks are friction magnets, they can hit all the spots (maybe too many, too quick, if you don’t know your way around). Big-boy organs can more easily and predictably generate orgasms in the female by penetration alone, but also require more skill to use without causing any discomfort.

All this is generically true of large male organs. The 7-incher in specific is really only entry-level big, and as such enjoys playing in the middle ground. It kind of has the best of both worlds. You’d have to be super over-eager and klutzy to make the experience super uncomfortable, and yes, your tool is big enough to make penetrative orgasms an easier goal than smaller guys in the average size and below average size categories. Really, it is our opinion and experience that a 7-inch dick is never too big for any women or man to handle.

His (or Her) Anus Vs. A 7” Dick

Speaking of man-on-man sex, anal specifically, the same is true. Speaking lengthwise, the 7-incher is not really large enough to stress the rectum and the sigmoid colon to any extreme degree. Ultimately, girth is the more critical factor for gay anal sex, and we would argue that girths up to and under 7”x 7” would not pose any real challenge for the moderately experienced bottom. Beyond 7” girth we might be moving more toward power-bottom territory (laugh). But we’ve all seen the crazy videos online. Fisting for example. We know that an anus can be trained to accommodate crazy large objects, not that we are implying that this is a good idea. Only that the male or female anus, similar to the vagina, can accommodate just about any big dick it wants too.

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Is Seven Inches of Cock Ever Considered Small?

Well, it’s never too small to conceptually lay down an awesome fuck, but it may be too small for the room you’re standing in. We’ve already said that statistically this male organ length qualifies as above average. But, in certain circles, if you’re dealing with Size Queens (lovers of truly big dicks), the size 7 is probably good enough for admittance to the party but not really enough to bring on the wow factor. If a girl or guy is used to riding a 9” pole and loves the crazy depth, the bumping of the cervix and the pummeling of the sigmoid colon in anal, etc… if you’re running in a circle that craves huge meat the size 7 may fall short. As we’ve already stated, these dimensions are above average but not huge.

Certainly, in porn, 7 inches is relatively small. Porn stars tend to lie if they are sporting a 7-incher for real, they will bump it up to 8” because it “sounds better.” The rare porn stars who are allowed into the industry even as residents of Sevenville are usually short in stature. It is true that cock size 7 on a guy who is 5’ 5” tall will look like cock size 9 on a guy who is 6’ 5.” If you can’t tell the guy is short, then all you see is his big penis popping out of the video. Even if you do know that his physique is compact, that knowledge will not change the fact that his cock looks plenty big and impressive on his body. Penis size is always viewed in relation to the male body unless we’re talking about a closeup dick pic. So, shorter guys, though they may not get the advantage in dating, as height is always voted one of the most desirable features in a man—short guys get their revenge on tall guys in that their dicks look bigger on their smaller frames.

How Do Real 7-Inch Studs Measure Up?

For the sake of this discussion, we will consider a cock to be seven inches if the erect and veiny, one-eyed monster in question falls anywhere between 6 and three-quarter inches and 7 and one-quarter. So, for guys who are just a quarter of an inch shy of a true seven, what the heck, we’ll count you into the club. But if you’re even a smudge less, then you’re somewhere on the 6-inch side of the house.

To measure yourself if you don’t have a ruler on hand, you can use a U.S. dollar bill. But wait, don’t get too excited about how well you’re doing in this little showdown with George Washington. You’ve got to be bigger than that green bill with Washington’s face on it; if your hard-on is exactly the length of a U.S. dollar you are not 7 inches, rather you’ve got a 6-incher (6.16” to be exact). Guys have been using the dollar bill challenge to prove they had at least six inches since forever, and we can also use it to prove you’ve got a leg up (or in this case, a length of cock up) on them as well. If you’re an inch bigger, AKA you are the size of a dollar and a quarter lined up, then you are packing a size 7. And who knows, even if it’s not the “perfect size” maybe it’s the most magical? 7 was the most magical number in the Harry Potter books after all.

So, How Many Guys Have 7 Inches of Penis (AKA 7” Dicks)?

If you’ve been following our penis owner’s guides (and you guessed it right, we’ve got an owner’s guide on the way for 7-inch studs, coming soon), you will be familiar with the fact that there are two ways to look at the question of what percent of the male population has a certain penis size. There are two kinds of boys when it comes to this question: the boys born to have a certain endowment the ones born smaller who have trained\enhanced in order to be hung to the level they are at. How ever it is you come to have a size 7, if that’s what’s swinging between your thighs today, that’s what you’ve got.

The enhancement point is particularly relevant to the size seven endowment, as we’ve already learned that 6 inches is the accepted world average erection length. And if we take the Kinsey data mentioned above and run with it, then 62.5% of males are between 5.5” and 6.5”. So, all these average male, whether on the smaller side of average or the bigger side, if a man applies himself to penis enlargement exercise, equipment, and training, he can become seven inches (not saying it’s easy-peasy, just saying it’s realistic and possible). Also, these same men, if they chose penis enlargement surgery, will also be able to reach the 7-inch stud club. So, in this regard, seven inches is the most attainable of the truly “well endowed”, truly “above average” cock sizes.

8 inches has widely been called “the perfect size” and is the most sought-after endowment of penis enlargement enthusiasts, however, to reach the so-called perfect size, a man exercising his way to the big dick of his dreams must pass through and live a bit of his life in the size seven lane. So, there are many cock journeys, whether it’s the one you were born to walk or one that science and determination have landed you on (through cock stretching, weight hanging, jelqing, pumping, or even surgically augmenting)… in either case many men will make a pitstop in Sevenville.

So, How Many Dudes Are Born with The Genetics for 7” Erections:

The answer is 5% to 7%. Similar to our pals in the perfect-8 club the maigical-7s are rare but not at all unheard of. In a locker room with 100 naked guys 5 to 7 of them will likely pop 7” flagpoles when it’s time for the main event.

And, How Many Men Have Trained\Enhanced Their Way to 7” Erections:

Based on the fact that so many men training and augmenting their way to bigger size don’t actually take up residence in Sevenville, but pass through it on to their next stop, this can be a bit of a fuzzy number. Still, we can safely bump the tally up toward the 9% range, and the numbers could be much higher if more men understood the potential. So, in that locker room scenario mentioned above, if we take into account the boys who are using penis enlargement techniques to power their longer erections, we’d be looking at 9 boys with seven-inch boners.

Final Thought

So, there we have it, the percentage of males rocking size 7 cocks is between 5% and 9%, the higher figure including those who have attained their status through penis enlargement. If your junk is this size you can consider yourself above average and well endowed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to breeze into the porn industry or dazzle every size queen. 7” is basically a real world (but not in the porn world) entry-level big dick, where you’ve just crossed the line out of the 6” global average. You're bigger than big enough (laugh) but it’s not the Hercules of cocks… not on size alone at least. How skilled are you? How good are you at reading your partner, fucking both with control and abandon as the moment calls for it, spooling out the thrusts? If you are Hercules in bed (you not your dick) then maybe by attachment your cock is a Hercules too.

If you’re in the 7-inch stud club and you’re actively training to get bigger, smaller guys might feel like you should be satisfied where you’re at. But ultimately, every man has to select and step out on his own personal cock power journey. If we think of penis size like an address, then we can tell you that where you’re standing today, in Sevenville, is a pretty nice town to live in. There’s nothing wrong there at all, lots of good loving going on. Yeah, you can be bigger. You can relocate to the bright lights and fast times of Eight-cock City. You can aim for the elite avenues of Nineville. It’s all good in the hood when even where you’re at right now is a smokin’ hot place to be. So just imagine... wherever you end up tomorrow can only get even better, bigger, and more awesome indeed.


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