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What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily?

Ever wonder what happens if we release sperm daily? The question of ejaculatory frequency is one that has sparked curiosity and even concern in men since ancient times. There has long been a fear that the male, in ejaculation, is somehow expelling a portion of his vital energy along with his DNA. Guys find themselves asking how often should a man ejaculate? And, are there any real benefits of not ejaculating? In this article we will dispel the myths and look at the science. We will do this, as always, with an eye toward male enhancement. And by the final word we should have our answer, boys, as to if shooting your load constantly is a good thing, a bad thing, or if it falls somewhere in the middle.

So, How often should a man ejaculate?

Do you think you’re shooting a few too many loads? Or perhaps too few? Ultimately, ejaculation is healthy, very healthy in fact. Your body and, in specific, your genitals were designed by mother nature to produce this effect. Beyond the obvious purpose of releasing your DNA into the world, and the "feels so F—ing good" sensation tied to it, the physical benefits of ejaculation include…

  • Releases stress and tension along with semen

  • Improves mood, making men less grumpy and irritable

  • Makes falling asleep easier

  • And here’s a fun one… lowers your risk of prostate cancer (Seriously?)

So, have you heard the rumor that 21 times a month is the magic number of ejaculations a man should be releasing? If you find yourself saying, “Wow, so specific,” then we’re with you there, and yet the latest studies indicate cumming this many times per month might be the ticket to keep you from getting prostate cancer.

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Can frequent ejaculation reduce prostate cancer risk?

According to a urological study that followed just under 32,000 men for nearly 2 decades, a direct relationship exists between ejaculation frequency and a man’s risk of prostate cancer. The findings suggested that men who ejaculated more often may have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Researchers determined that guys between the ages of 40 and 49 who ejaculated more frequently were less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Men with the lowest risk shot their loads right around 21 times a month, which works out to be once a day every day of the month, but with one week off (laugh). There was no further benefit found for men who jizzed more than 21 times in the month.

While these findings are very fascinating, they are not at all conclusive. Certainly more research in this area will be required to fully explore\understand this possibility. While it is safe to say that ejaculation is good for you, there isn’t really a magic number all men should be aiming for. At least not yet. Rather, men with different goals\needs may want to develop ejaculatory habits to match.

Connecting your Goals to your Loads

Releasing sperm daily implies either having sex daily, masturbating daily, or more likely some mixture of the two. For most guys, having an ejaculation AKA cumming is synonymous with the male orgasm. Technically, the squirt and the toe curling, every muscle spasming sensation can be broken into separate experiences, but only by the few men who have learned to enjoy one without the other. That said, for most guys, unloading is synonymous with having a very good time. So, if a guy finds himself asking if firing so many shots is good or bad, and wondering what happens with a high degree of seminal release, there is probably a specific reason. To really get into this topic properly, we have to understand the reasons guys might ask to begin with.

Is it about the Sperm Count in your Baby Batter?

For guys looking to become daddies, sperm can often be an underlying concern with regard to how often to relieve oneself or not. This is actually a pretty reasonable line of thought. It is a fact that frequent ejaculations are obviously unloading sperm, but it is also a fact that a man’s body produces 1500 sperm a second, equaling millions of sperm daily. In the case of men with normal sperm counts, unloading daily will have NO IMPACT on your fertility. You will have plenty of little swimmers to spare.

For the man with a low sperm count or even a marginal sperm count, it may be much more relevant to consider firing fewer random shots. You’ll want to discuss this with your reproductive specialist or other medical professional, in order to determine the timing and frequency both of your partnered sex and certainly how to shape your masturbatory habits to best facilitate your goal of overcoming a sperm deficiency and becoming a dad.


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Is it about wanting a Huge Cum Load?

So here is a topic our coaches are always being asked about, and one we are obviously very expert at. The pursuit of more semen volume and huge multi-rope cannon-blast cum loads is a topic of great interest to many men. Beyond the visual special effects produced by high-flying ropes of man-milk, male orgasms that look more explosive do indeed feel much more explosive. These involve more intense penis spasms and more ejaculatory surges. And many men are seeking to strengthen their orgasms, dazzle their loves, explore cum fetishes, and reap all the other rewards that go along with producing heavy loads.

Not to be confused with an interest in sperm count, while it is typically true that practices, exercises, supplements, etc… that increase semen volume also tend to increase sperm count, it is certainly possible for a man with a huge seminal discharge to still have a low sperm count.

Often guys who want to unleash porn worthy money shots will think that saving up their shots is the way to go. Actually, as male enhancement experts, we advise against the overuse of this practice. Yes, if you hold your cum for a while, across days edging toward a week, usually the eruption finally unleashed will be bigger. But, as with so many things there is a point of diminishing returns. And worst yet, not using your semen sends signals to the body that you don’t need to produce as much semen. On the other hand, ejaculating a lot sends signals that you require a lot, but of course, if you are constantly cumming you can certainly sap the reserves. For the purposes of huge cum loads, we find a frequency of 2 to 3 releases per week to be most effective. That’s 8 to 12 geysers a month.

Is it about Penis Enlargement AKA Growing Your Dick?

So, here is another topic we know a thing or two about, and one that our coches get questions about all the time. Men all over the world are discovering the wonders of penis stretching gear, penis weight hanging, penis jelqing and other training strategies for male enlargement. In some circles a concept has emerged, that after a man performs his enlargement exercises he should abstain from cumming. Lets just say, for example, that he is using jelqing rings in his jelqing routine, and he has just completed a thirty minute workout. The stimulation performed in jelqing can be somewhat arousing as it involves manipulating the penis. Many men, after a cock workout, will retire with a masturbation session. For that matter male edging (especially with super engorging cock rings), which is prolonged masturbation (potentially prolonged for hours), is also an excellent form of male exercise and obviously implies a pop-shot at the conclusion.

The concept of NoFap, or No Nut which we will talk more about in the sections below, basically suggests that by holding your seed a man’s size gains may be amplified. In other words, by not cumming, your penis growth may come quicker. If there was any real evidence of this, you can bet we’d be all over it. While the concept is interesting there is only one logical reason to conclude anything like this. When a man plays with himself either in the name of masturbation or in the name of an enlargement workout, the stimulation prompts an increase in testosterone. When the session concludes with sexual release the man’s T-levels will drop back to normal. So, avid PE enthusiasts have likely concluded that not hitting the pop shot will leave your T-levels elevated, and more testosterone is good for all things manly, including your enlargement routine.

Here’s the catch, studies have been performed around men having daily sex and\or masturbation, and it has been concluded that this does not deplete a man’s testosterone reserve in any way. There is some evidence that not ejaculating for a few days up to seven days may promote some testosterone increase, but hardly enough to change your life. And do you really want to hold your seed to get it? We can’t speak for you, but we’d rather just take a natural T-boosting supplement if we’re after spiking our levels and just cum at the end of our cock workouts, because after all that hard work doesn’t your cock deserve a little reward (laugh)? Besides the tie-in to T-levels there is no logical reason why holding your spurts would promote growth. There is a concept in fitness that to get to your goals some sacrifice is required, to have 6 pack abs you must give up donuts, potato chips, etc. In the case of penis fitness and building a big dick, you DO NOT have to give up the joy of ejaculating.

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Is it about Testosterone?

Some guys may have heard that not cumming for days will increase testosterone levels. There is some truth to this, again with a point of diminishing returns after a few days. And at the same time it’s also true that having sex and\or jerking off raises your testosterone levels too. And it’s true that exercise raises your T-levels. And true that wearing ball stretchers spikes your T-juicies. And we’d much more recommend a natural T-booster than suggest to any of our trainees that they should abstain from unloading. If you’re shooting your load 8 to 12 times a month this is not excessive in any way. Your wet days are leaving 2 to 3 times as many dry days between them, which should be fine for whatever anecdotal testosterone benefits there might be, also fine for allowing your balls to refill (even though the majority of semen is not made in your balls). Unless a medical professional recommended it for you, we certainly would never recommend crashing your sexual releases to chase T-levels. When half of what guys want higher testosterone levels for is about sex to begin with, one has to question the logic here.

Is it really about Masturbation Frequency?

On the topic of masturbation, even in present times, many men still carry a stigma around the simple practice of jerking off. Some men questioning ejaculation frequency are really questioning their masturbation frequency… often with a tie-in to porn watching. There is, of course, the NoFap movement, where Fap and Fapping are the trendy internet born terms for… you guessed it... masturbation. Why the word “Fap?” Because this is the phonetic sound made when a guy is beating his meat: FapFapFapFapFapFap. And why would there be a NoFap movement? Ah, well, let’s read on...

Beyond the basic concept of not squeezing one off, the NoFap community is favorable to the concept of not ejaculating in general, for what they claim to be a host of lifestyle benefits. You basically have NoFappers who restrict their squirts only to sexual intercourse, NoFappers who are striving not to squirt at all, and finally there are those practicing Semen Retention, which can be accommodated either by not ejaculating or by ejaculating without allowing the semen to leave your body. This is not easy but can be accomplished through practiced control of the pelvic floor muscles, which is a popular (and advanced) concept in tantric sex. And yes, the latter Semen Retention approach, of experiencing the shoot but preventing the seed from leaving your body, essentially by pinching it off, harks back to the idea of preserving whatever vital energy and life force a man might lose through blowing his wad.

Many guys suffering from porn addictions have turned to NoFap as an approach to stop obsessive porn\masturbation practices. We applaud anyone who is kicking an addiction, and whatever devices or plans they are using to help them improve themselves. That said, most medical professionals are in agreement that masturbation is a completely healthy form of human sexual release. We would point out that man has had his penis and his hand for thousands of years before porn was invented. The two are not linked. In the past the imagination was all that was needed, and the imagination remains sufficient now. A man can maintain his penis and manage his sexual releases with only the pictures in his mind if he is prone to adult content addiction. We would also add that the latest studies on pornography have found healthy psycological benefits to viewing adult content. Of course there are a number of studies that have found negative ones too. Like most things in life, porn is not an absolute evil. It’s about what you do with it and where you take it in your own mind.

From a penis maintenance perspective, a guy needs to use his dick or ultimately his ability to use it will suffer. In almost every case erectile dysfunction worsens when sufferers stop trying to have sex. Many urologists have warned their patients to use it or lose it. The body has built-in mechanisms like nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) and auto-erections to attempt to ensure that the penis gets put through its paces, but depending on age and other factors this really isn’t enough.

If a man finds porn debilitating, he should absolutely purge it from his life. And a man can certainly stop masturbating if he’s having partnered sex. But the concept of a man purging ejaculations from his life completely seems counterintuitive in every way, especially to his penile fitness. As penis performance coaches we would never recommend that a boy shut down his plumbing for any extended period of time. Like unhealthy relationships with food have to be tackled and retrained (but you don’t stop eating), we would recommend that unhealthy masturbatory practices get retrained into a healthy (where healthy is tailored to be right for you) format of maintaining your organ and managing your sexual emissions.

Are you avoiding something else?

If a guy is never allowing himself the joys of sexual release, he might want to ask himself why. On the surface there is nothing wrong with being not-so horny and choosing to have infrequent ejaculations. Coming out of our NoFap \ No Nut discussion, however, it is important to recognize that some men will decrease how often they are relieving themselves sexually (I.E. eliminating especially partnered sex, but also in certain cases masturbation), because of some underlying issue that makes them uncomfortable. It’s easy to gravitate to concepts like NoFap if you are having sexual problems such as…

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Some men do masturbate compulsively.

  • Issues with your penis size

  • Etc… (There are many others)

In the case of some sexual dysfunction, NoFap is not a substitute for medical care. Taking this path instead of seeking to correct your underlying issue can prevent you from finding the treatment you need. And these days most men’s problems can be fixed (or at the least managed), this is something we’re very familiar with.

If you are, for example, having unsatisfactory erections, there is no reason to suspect that stopping all forms of sexual pleasure will correct the problem. Quite the opposite a penis that never tries to have an erection will be worse for the lack of wear. Conversely, every erection you have makes every next erection easier to have (like the rest of you, your dick likes exercise). So, if the frequency of your sensual expulsions is being governed out of any type of fear of failure, you really should seek assistance or self-start in a direction of conquering the problem. Ultimately not trying to fix a problem never will. Returning to our hypothetical scenario in which you were a man suffering from ED, you would be much better off giving Viagra or an exceptional cock ring a day in court, rather than resigning to a life of celibacy.

Are you being compulsive about unloading?

If a guy is popping his cork daily, maybe even several times a day, he might want to ask himself why? Frequent ejaculations do not cause any physical problem, being extra-horny is not an issue on the surface. However, the opposite of hiding from some kind of sexual problem by not having any type of sex, and thus never cumming, is shooting your seed all the time, not out of a healthy libido, but out of some type of compulsion.

  • Some men do masturbate compulsively.

  • Some men are addicted to porn.

  • Some men are addicted to actual sex.

If you are preoccupied with sex, masturbation, or porn in a way that interferes with your daily life then you may have a problem. You would not want to stop enjoying your sexuality, of course, but you would want to learn to control it. As mentioned earlier this is where you would slow down and retrain healthier sexual habits. If you can’t accomplish this on your own, you might want to see a psycologist or a certified sex therapist. You might want to talk to a coach or seek out a support group.

Final Thought (To Nut or Not To Nut?)

To nut all the time or to nut infrequently? That is the question. Well, it’s not the question William Shakespear was asking in Hamlet (laugh) but it is a question guys everywhere have been asking for a host of different reasons, since, perhaps, the dawn of time. Ultimately, there is no magic number of “oh, oh, fuck, yeah… I’m cumming” moments that a guy needs to experience in a month. It’s up to the guy and it’s specific to his goals. As always, looking at this question of frequency from a male enhancement perspective, we can make a few educated choices. Assuming we boys always want bigger dicks, bigger loads, longer rounds of sex, more sperm so we can impregnate at will, and so on—looking at the question from this perspective we would advice trainees to aim for 8 to 12 orgasms a month, with 8 being a hard minimum. Your penis needs to get some action twice a week if male enhancement and long term male maintenance are your goals.

Is it okay to squeeze one off more frequently. Sure. Busting a nut twenty-one times a month might reduce your risk of prostate cancer. We would suggest that you be certain you are satisfying your partner (if you have one) as a priority above masturbation. When you’re going to aim for 21 squirts, that’s a lot of man-milk flying around, and not every guy can cum five days in a row, for example, and still be horned up for his best performance on day six. Some dudes can, some dudes can’t. And if day six is questionable what might day twenty-one look like? That said, if you’re the kind of guy that likes to get off daily, then you’re good for the game at hand… young and hung and full of cum perhaps.

And remember being young is a state of mind, and being hung and full of cum… well, get yourself an awesome male supplement and a hot cock ring and undoubtedly you’ll be able to power through with inches and cum to spare.


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