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Increase Penis Sensitivity and Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Looking for ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity and Stop Erectile Dysfunction? You are not alone. Erectile Dysfunction AKA Impotence is the most prevalent male sexual problem, impacting hundreds of millions of men worldwide. Making the matter more complex, as though not being able to get hard wasn’t problem enough—but adding to the challenge, there are many causes that can result in a boy having a limp noodle when he wants rock hard wood. At the top of the list are issues of vascular insufficiency (in other words, blood flow issues). And directly following these in the number two spot on the list is Lost Sensitivity Erectile Dysfunction. That’s right, penis sensitivity and erectile dysfunction are often linked, and being that you’re reading this article, you’ve already got a jump on the issue. You're aware already that decreased penis sensitivity is a factor in your ED (erectile dysfunction). You’re also ahead of the curve because you are on, where knowledge and gear have been coming together to improve male sexual performance for over a decade.

What Makes My Dick Sensitive to Being With?

What makes a man’s penis his most potent erogenous zone is firstly the abundance of nerve endings in the organ. It would be an oversimplification, but we could say that your penis is sensitive because it is so nervy. Your penis also features some of the softest, thinnest skin your body has to offer, ready to be touched and showing through to all those manly looking veins. Did we mention the veins? It’s important that we did, because all those nerve endings are nourished by blood flow. Nerves. Skin. Blood flow. And as an indirect player in the penis game, your hormones, chiefly Testosterone has a role in a man’s sexual sensitivity as well.

Clearly, nature has given the penis everything it needs to be the super sensitive sexual star every man wants his junk to be. But, for what is essentially an organic balloon, the penis also has many possible points of failure. If you do not feel that your penis is the most sexually erogenous area of your body (such as it is anatomically designed to be); if for example, you require nipple play, taint play, ass play or any other non-penis stimulation in order to achieve an erection (not that there is anything wrong with exploring your other erogenous zones, indeed you should, but if the penis itself is not seeming overly erogenous) this is usually a sign that you’ve lost penis sensation already. Foreplay is certainly not limited to a man’s penis, however, if penis stimulation does not trigger erection response but you get erections from other areas being stimulated, it’s a great time to work on restoring penile sensitivity before the problem progresses into fullblown erectile dysfunction, which is typically where it leads.

What causes Lost Sensitivity Erectile Dysfunction? And how to fix these issues.

#1 - Death Grip Syndrome

While masturbation and other forms of self-stimulation are good for a man, more than good but even necessary for optimal penis health, especially if a man isn’t getting a sufficient amount of sex. All the good things about pleasuring oneself (or getting a good handjob from someone else) go out the window if you’re choking the chicken till it turns blue, purple, or otherwise is strangled out of commission. You should not be jerking your dick or getting your dick jerked off by a death grip.

The term death grip syndrome refers to a practice of jerking off too hard and needing to increase the “death” grip over time to achieve erection or ejaculation, until eventually there is dysfunction.

If your hand is producing a kind of friction that is entirely unlike a partner’s real sexual openings… if you are squeezing too hard and essentially fucking a clenched fist, if you are stroking fast enough to start a fire, if your dick regularly feels sore or raw after you jack off… all of these are signs that you’re masturbating like a horny fourteen-year-old. This was okay when you were a kid, because your dick was expecting you to become more experienced and change your habits, but if you haven’t you’re almost certainly screwing up the nerve-endings and tactile responses of your penis in the process.

Jerking off too hard and too fast, even before it leads to lost sensation, teaches men to perform poorly in bed. This because everything you do to your penis trains it for sex, and poor masturbation habits train guys for a sorry show in the sack. On the other hand more sophisticated\effective masturbation equals better penis health and better sex.

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There’s a joke about a guy who kept jerking off harder and harder. Apparently he’d just discovered internet porn, and every night, while watching those surgically perfected breasts bounce, those oiled up buttocks writhe, and those kissable lips (oral or vaginal) consume every penis on screen, his grip grew tighter and tighter. Every week, every day, he kept needing more sensation. When he wasn’t milking himself dry in front of his computer screen, he did grip exercises to strengthen his fingers for the next session. Finally, frustrated one day, he started wanking with sandpaper because by this point he’d developed arthritis in his fingers and he couldn’t make a fist tight enough, and his palms just weren’t course enough to do the trick anymore.

Obviously you don’t want to beat off with sandpaper. And obviously the problem for our proverbial male is that, in his porn induced excitement, he was squeezing his bone too hard and jacking himself off too rough from the start. He trained the sensation out of his penis, and that could be the problem for you as well.

Over time, rough handling of a boy’s meat will reduce male sexual sensitivity. The skin can become desensitized. The nerves can become injured. The good news is that death grip issues tend to be reversible.

What’s the fix?

  • If you aren’t using lube when you jerk off, start doing so at once. It feels better anyway and it’s better for your penis.

  • Stop choking yourself out and try a soft touch for a change. A guy can safely masturbate for hours (we call it edging), but you shouldn’t even jack your junk for two minutes in a way that is harsh and harmful.

  • If you want more sensation, don’t squeeze down tighter, instead keep a light touch but make your cock bigger and harder with a Hardwear Cock Ring.

  • Instead of using your hand for masturbation get a Sexxxtrainer, a device that simulates a real sexual orifice and allows real sex movement. With Sexxxtrainer you can put your energy into fucking the device instead of into increasing your grip (and you’ll be getting better with your sex technique at the same time).

  • If you already have lost sensation you may need to give yourself a week or two off from masturbation and sex to let the nerves heal. We’ll talk about a full plan for recovering from Lost Sensitivity Erectile Dysfunction in the final thought section of this article.

#2 - Poor Penile Circulation and Blood Flow Issues

As it turns out, blood flow issues (vascular insufficiency) are not only a potential cause of ED in their own right, but not getting enough circulation to the one-eyed monster will also have an effect of diminished tactile penis response, especially in the head of the penis (the farthest point), leaving many men searching for ways to recover glans sensitivity and hunting in general for medications to increase penile sensitivity.

On the down side, as men age, blood supply to the penis tends to diminish. The organ is an “end node” in that blood flows into the penis as a destination with no farther destination beyond it, which automatically makes it more subject to circulatory problems in general. With a man’s dick head being the absolute farthest point, it’s no wonder that many men, even those able to have an erection sufficient for sex, feel that the head of thier dick is never fully engorged. No wonder again that so many men with lost sensation are specifically looking for ways to Increase sensitivity in the glans. Over time problems in this area are common.

If you want to know how to make your penis more sensitive, find ways to recover glans sensitivity and enjoy a better, more fulfilling sex life, a Hardwear Cock Ring can do the trick. Capable of producing super engorged erections that are huge all the way to a big, bulbous, helmet head, the right ring can Increase Penis Sensitivity in the main body of the organ and also Increase sensitivity in the glans of your penis.

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What’s the fix?

  • On the up side of things, if you’ve seen any of our cock ring videos, you’ve seen the huge super engorged erections Hardwear Rings produce. There is no question our gear gets a cock pumped all the way out to a super fat mushroom head. And yes, getting the head pumped and servicing the nerves there can Increase sensitivity in the glans. With gear ranging from our Infinity Clamp H70, to our Jelqing Rings, to our Johnny Jolts Electro Rings, which even use an electrical charge to recruit blood flow into a boy’s organ, we’ve got the perfect fix for not only getting your cock 100% erected, but for going beyond and into the territory of super engorged erections as much as +120% maxed.

  • This kind of super blood flow to the penis is great for reinvigorating the penis skin, the nerves, great for pumping up the veins and blowing out minor blockages, and ultimately, super engorgement with cock rings for sex and masturbation (with a grip never greater than what a vagina or an anus could produce) is an excellent way to A) combat blood flow issues in general, and B) reclaim lost sensitivity through nourishing the organ.

#3 - Aging and Falling Testosterone Levels

Aging isn’t much fun and there isn’t anything we can do to stop it, but the various impacts of aging can be railed against. A sixty year old man can have the body and dick of a thirty-five year old if he plays his cards correctly. Testosterone is the big culprit for men. As we grow older the primary male sexual hormone diminishes in our systems, leading to decreased penis sensitivity as well as decreased libido.

What’s the fix?

  • Men finding themselves feeling sluggish, not horny, and feeling like their dicks just can’t get that old feeling back, might want to get their testosterone levels checked. Hormone therapies and medicines that increase T-Levels are typically therapies and medications to increase penile sensitivity as well (though the relationship is indirect).

  • Holistic ways to fight sexual aging, to recover glans sensitivity and sensitivity to every part of the penis, are all of those we’ve already discussed, along with the use of T-booster supplements, and the suggestions laid out in the “final thought” section of this article.

#4 - The presence of Diabetes or other Conditions

Certainly there are diseases and conditions of the anatomy that lead to neuropathy and decreased sensitivity, and obviously a physician is required to provide sound medical advice on these matters. Erectile Dysfunction can be a symptom of underlying illness and men suffering from prolonged bouts of ED should always be checked out by a urologist.

What’s the fix?

  • In the case of diseases and conditions it is impossible for, and way outside the scope of, this article to name solutions. On the specific symptom of decreased penis sensitivity, you can talk to your urologist \ physician about the application of a cock ring as it pertains to your specific situation. Many urologists have suggested our gear to help their patients with ED. Viagra (Sildenifil), Levitra (Taldenifil), and other “boner pills” are another likely goto. The short answer is talk to your doctor and together the two of you will arrive at the best treatment approach.

Final Thought—Restoring Penile Sensation

In many cases lost penis sensitivity is a temporary problem when the causes (often over stimulation of the organ through rough handling) are removed. You may need to take a break for a couple of weeks,certainly from masturbaion and possibly even from sex. This does not mean that you should not touch your penis, basically in this period your focus should be on retraining your penis to react to a milder, healthier set of sensations while giving the organ time to recover. A fun and effective “penis relearning” technique we often suggest to trainees is as follows:

While taking a break from masturbation for sure (and possibly from pentrative sex) apply a skin soothing lotion daily, as often as three times a day. It is always surprising to find that guys will put lotion on other parts of their body but neglect the penis. Just because it’s tucked away in your pants most of the day in no way means the one-eyed monster doesn’t need to be kept moist. Dry, untended skin can be a sensitivity problem all on its own. And a little moisturizing, in some cases, can be an answer to “How to make your penis more sensitive?” all on its own.

During these rub down sessions you will smooth the lotion into the body of your penis very gently. Yes, this can and should become erotic after the first couple of day’s applications. Yes, you can thrust gently or roll your hips. You are not trying to ejaculate. You are not officially masturbating, but simply applying lotion to your penis while monitoring the organ’s response to touch. The application of the lotion need not take much longer than five minutes but can increase in duration as the organ’s response increases, which for many men kicks in after about a week or so.

Lotion. Soft soothing touches. It’s easy. It’s Fun. And your penis will thank you for the skin conditioning and ultimately for the lesson in nice touches. And yes, sometimes the how in a question like how to make your penis more sensitive starts with a few really simple, very natural steps.

In week two you might designate a little more time, enough so that you can be nude while giving your penis it’s lotion massage(s). You can touch other areas of your body, other erogenous zones, your nipples for example, your chest, your balls, your taint, wherever. The issue you are fixing is that you’ve trained the sensitivity out of your penis. So, now the goal is to retrain. And becoming reacquainted with your sexual body and your erogenous zones beyond but never excluding the penis can be a great way to fight decreased libido as well. Once erections are forming again, even if those are weaker than classically, this is a great time to begin reaiming for sex and masturbation that goes to ejaculation.

This is also a great time to introduce all the techniques discussed in the earlier “What’s the fix” sections. So get yourself a Sexxxtrainer if you don’t have a ready and willing sex partner, or even if you do, but you need to train up your mojo a bit on your own first. And get yourself a Hardwear cock ring to supercharge your hard-on and get the organ pumped up with extra blood flow. Hardwear rings are amplifiers. They can take a 70% unaided erection and bump that up to a 90% to 100% woody (something fully hard enough for sex). They can take a 90% or 100% unaided erection and amplify that into the realm of +max super engorgement, and this is a great way to ramp up the sensations your penis is privy to.

Remember that the penis is a use it or lose it organ, you don’t want to let a little lost sensitivity throw your penis into a permanently sidelined state. The penis, left parked and never taken out for a drive, can atrophy. The equipment needs exercise, and having erections is exercise for your cock. Super engorged erections are like a super stud workout. And every erection you have (the harder the better) makes every next erection easier to have… so jump on your penis re-learning plan and get back in the game ASAP.


Decreased penis sensitivity and ultimately Lost Sensitivity Erectile Dysfunction are a problem faced by millions of men, and in many cases a problem caused by chronically poor masturbation technique. Death Grip Syndrome AKA masturbating too fast, too rough, and with a level of friction too extreme can actually damage your penis response. Get a Sexxxtrainer Sex Simulator to correct this issue or make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

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