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Have you heard of Trimix? In the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, Trimix is a three-drug compound of self-injected prescription medicine—yes we are talking about Penis Injections, in other words a shot from a needle directly into your dick. Classically the active ingredients in the compound are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine, however as a custom compounded treatment, there are other variants, and indeed there are even Bimix (two-drug) and Quad Mix (four-drug) formulations. Classed under the broader term of Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (ICP), this ED medication has been available since 1983, compared with Viagra (the first of the pharmaceutical boner pills) which came on the scene in 1998. This and other forms of ICP claim a 90% success rate compared to Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra at 60%. And yet, most people have not heard of this alternative ED treatment because injecting yourself in the penis is not only a little off-putting as a concept but it’s scary as hell. The practice of sticking a needle into your own penis, in order to deliver a cocktail of vasodilators directly to the organ is intimidating, and will likely never achieve the fame and notoriety of oral medicines like Viagra and mechanical aides like Cock Rings AKA Erection Rings.

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Trypanophobia is the extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles, which according to health professionals affects at least 1 in 10 individuals. That is to say that 1 out of every 10 big, strong, tough guys is afraid of needles, and that’s just talking about needles being stuck into a person’s arm. Now, imagine how this fear balloons, given the sensitivity men have around thier sex organs. Even if you don’t suffer from trypanophobia, the thought of a needle being plunged into your cock is not an attractive one. Ultimately this medicine’s deployment strategy is invasive and scary, even though its directness is part of its high efficacy. The drugs are injected by a man’s own hand directly to his penis, where it is needed, but it’s definitely not a thing that every guy will be comfortable doing, administering shots into his own genitals.

Trimix Cost

Self-Injectable ED medications require a prescription, these are custom compounded by a pharmacy, and are priced based on the specific component medicines and what dosage is needed. On average, a year’s supply of Bi or Tri or Quadmix costs between $1200 and $2500. This assumes 2 rounds of sex per week, so, 104 rounds of sex per year. The price varies depending on the compounding pharmacy, and how much of the medicines the patient requires to achieve his desired erections response. The more potent the more expensive. One of the great benefits of injectable ED meds is the level of customization available. Compared to Viagra which comes only in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg options. There are dozens of compounding options and potencies with injectables.

Trimix Penis Injections... are not The Priapus Shot

Trimix is for ED and erection quality exclusively, it is self-injected when you want to have sex, working in as little as 5 to 10 minutes, and has been around since the early eighties. The Priapus Shot is injected by a doctor and is thought to be effective for 8 to 12 months. It is thought to increase penis size and erection response through its period of efficacy, though there is no real scientific data to support this. The Priapus Shot is relatively new and very similar to the Vampire Facelift, only applied to a man’s junk.

Consisting of vasodilating prescription drugs such as alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine: Bi, Tri, and Quad Mixes are injected directly into the corpus cavernosum and cause the tissues within the penis to relax, expand, and fill with blood. The Priapus Shot AKA P-Shot AKA PRP-Shot on the other hand, consists of injecting a man’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from his own blood into his penis. At the end of the day, there is much more history and scientific research behind the self-injected vasodilators. These have been known\proven to work even in very severe cases of ED. The Priapus Shot, on the other hand, is far more anecdotal in terms of results… and if it works no one is really sure why.

Trimix has been used for Severe ED
Including ED From Radical Prostatectomy

Having been on the scene ourselves since 2007, even as penis experts and sexual performance coaches, we didn’t really take note of Bi, Tri, and Quad Mix ICP medicines until our clients and trainees, those with extreme forms of erectile dysfunction stemming from having had their prostate gland removed, began asking us for ring technologies that could blend with their self-injected penis medicines to produce harder erections.

A radical prostatectomy is a surgery to remove the prostate gland and various tissues around it. Often this includes the seminal vesicles and nearby lymph nodes. The procedure can cure prostate cancer in males where the cancer has not spread beyond the prostate. The procedure is a lifesaver, however, there are tradeoffs. Namely erectile dysfunction. To some degree every man emerging from prostate cancer surgery will have some degree of ED. A man simply cannot expect to have erections as strong after having his prostate removed as before.

The prostate gland plays a role in the production of semen and features as a highly erogenous zone in the male, but is not required for a man to have erections. However, the network of nerves in and around the prostate is very complex, and some of these are removed during a Radical Prostatectomy (prostate removal). This nerve damage often results in severe erectile dysfunction. Often beyond what Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra can be effective against, especially if the patient already had some degree of ED before his prostate was removed. For this reason prostate cancer survivors have known about Trimix for decades, because the direct self-injected erection medicines have a much better success rate in severe physical ED, such as nerve damage ED, I.E. Radical Prostatectomy ED.

Get the ultimate male enhancing cock ring to go with your ED shots, your Priapus shot, your Trimix or your quad mix. Super hard erections are only the first level with this gear, which can grow your cock, increase your ejactulation volume and shoot, and give your partners crazy orgasms easily.

The Infinity Clamp H70 is perfectly outfitted to give super powers to your Bi, Tri, or Quad Mix powered penis. Adjustable, and super engorging, this ring will take what you give it in blood flow and give back a whole lot more. And as a bonus (as if a super huge boner wasn’t enough) the ring is stunningly handsome. 

Can Trimix and Cock Rings be used together?

Yes. A number of our clients are using various mixes of self-injected erection medicines with HARDWEAR Cock Rings to augment the erections produced by their penis shots. HARDWEAR rings are mechanical erection aides classed as constrictor\amplifiers. In other words, however much blood flow you can get into your penis, by whatever means, will be mechanically constricted and amplified by the penis ring. The result is an erection that is harder and larger than your Bi, Tri, Quad Mix erection alone, or your Viagra erection alone, or just your unaided erection alone.

If your self-injected erection is already quite hard, and you want to take it into the superhuman realm, then consider one of our adjustable cock rings or one that opens or one that stretches or one that goes directly on the shaft. This because Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (ICP) AKA Trimix Injections have a much higher risk of priapism, an erection that will not go away, than oral medications. This being considered, you wouldn’t want to combine this risk with a solid metal ring behind your balls. But rings on your shaft will be fine. And cock and ball rings that are adjustable, stretchy, and\or rings that open are fine.

If your self-injected erection is weaker than you would like then you are unlikely to have to worry about priapism. If you can not get or keep a full erection, you are not likely to be at risk for an erection that won’t go away. Thus you can pretty much select a cock ring constrictor\amplifier of any kind.

Can Trimix and Viagra be used together?

No. It’s a very bad idea, and while you can find conflicting information on the internet. As penis coaches here at, we would never recommend this to our trainees. Further, in conversations with Urologists and practitioners out of the male clinics, we consistently hear the same thing. Aside from not taking the oral and injectable meds at the same time, a full day should have passed between the taking of an oral erection medication and the injection of a penis shot. In the case of Cialis, which stays in the body for 36 hours, that becomes a day and a half (and you might as well round it to two days)

If you can get over the hurdle of having to stick a needle into your dick, self-injected erection medicines have only one major risk and that is the increased risk of priapism. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra all PDE5 inhibitors also have a risk or priapism, though much lower. Combining these types of medications together raises that risk to an unacceptable level. Only if your doctor has prescribed that you should blend these medicines should you even consider it.

Does Trimix need to be refrigerated?

Yes. The medicines are a temperature sensitive liquid and need to be stored cold for the short term and frozen for the long term.

  • If you have only one vial, it will be your active vial and should be stored in your refrigerator at normal refrigeration temperatures.

  • If you have more than one vial, the ones you are not actively using should be stored in the freezer and kept frozen.

  • When the active vial, the one currently being kept in the fridge, is about to run out, you can remove the next vial from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator.

  • If you forget to load up your next vial and it is frozen when you are ready to have sex, and you don’t want to wait for it to unthaw in the refrigerator, you can leave it out of the refridgerator in a glass of ice for about 15 minutes. It typically unthaws very quickly. Check it regularly. Depending on the ambient temperature it may unthaw even more quickly. Once it is unthawed completely, you can roll the vial in your hand to assure an even mix. Don’t shake. You can administer you dosage and place the bottle back in the refrigerator.

Trimix Injection Site—The Needle Goes Where?

Where you Inject your penis is Very Important. To avoid injury and unwanted side effects men self-injecting vasodilators should follow the instructions given to them by their urologist or other healthcare professional very closely. Generally the instructions for where penis shots should be deployed with regard to this kind of ED medicine will look like this.

Where you poke your penis with the needle is, again, very important. Never the top center. Never the underside. A man should imagine his penis as a clock, with 12 o’clock at the top and 6 o’clock underneath his penis. While penis is soft he will locate a spot where there are no visible veins, injection should occur between 9 and 11 o’clock on the left side (with 10 being the most ideal), or between 3 and 1 o’clock on the right side (with 2 being the most ideal).

So, shall we look at the steps a guy would run through in order to inject himself with this type of medication before sex? It is certainly beyond the scope of this article to discuss loading the syringe from the ampule, so we’ll assume our hypothetical horny guy was thinking ahead and he already loaded his syringe, keeping it in the refrigerator, capped of course, and in a ziplock bag ready for when next he would be in the mood (which is a good idea, rather than having to load the needle on the fly). Here then are the step by step instructions guys follow to give themselves an ED shot...

  • Grip the head of the penis between the index finger and thumb and gently pull the penis away from your body until the skin is taut. Injection site should fall somewhere between the base of the penis and the middle, not forward toward the head.

  • You locate an injection site by avoiding any area where a vein is clearly visible. It is recommended to alternate injection sites from left to right as well as forward and back along the shaft to prevent developing scar tissue in one overused site.

  • Wipe the skin clean with an alcohol swab in the area you have selected for the injection.

  • Pick up the syringe with your free hand, positioning your hand like you're getting ready to throw a dart.

  • While sitting or standing, these being the only acceptable postures in which to self-inject. Touch the point of the needle to the place you want to inject. Somewhere between 9 and 11 o’clock if your on the left, or between 1 and 3 o’clock on the right.

  • Holding the syringe at a 90-degree angle, you will push lightly to penetrate the skin. Once you've poked through the skin, you will feel a slight resistance. Push firmly forward until a "give" is felt. This is the needle interesting the corpus cavernosum erectile tissues.

  • Holding the syringe between your index and middle fingers, place your thumb on the plunger, and inject the entire contents of the syringe. Then take the needle out of your penis.

  • Take the needle out of your penis and immediately apply pressure to the place where you punctured the skin by pressing a fresh alcohol swab to the spot. Hold it there for two to three minutes until there is no bleeding.

  • Place the needle in your disposal receptacle.

Do ED Shots Hurt?

Yes. A shot is a shot. But actually, it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you might think sticking a needle in your dick would. In fact, like all shots, it comes down to how good the person administering the shot is. Surely you’ve had blood drawn or some other shot in the arm, a vaccination or some such. Sometimes the doctor or nurse is so good that you almost don’t feel it. Penis shots are like that too. If you are good at self-injecting it can be nothing more than a momentary little pinch. An autoinjector, which is an extra expense, like a little gun that automates the pressing down of the plunger can help men give themselves more expert injections.

How often should guys take an ED Shot?

Never more than once in twenty-four hours. So that equates to never more than 7 times a week, and our hypothetical guy is one horny and brave dude if he’s giving himself a penis shot that often (Laugh).

For rejuvination purposes and penis health men should have sex 2 to 3 times weekly. This is the standard advice we give our trainees as penis coaches. Every erection a man has makes the next erection stronger and easier to have, so you don’t want huge, week and half long gaps where they can be avoided. Erectile Dysfunction worsens when a penis is unused.

Now, of course, sex doesn’t have to be person-to-person sex. It can be masturbation as well if you don’t have a partner on hand. Longer rounds are better than shorter rounds. At the end of the day using your penis for sex or masturbation is excelent exercise for the organ, and men suffering from ED need to exercise their penises to rejuvinate the tissues. Anything that gets the blood flowing powerfully, which is why HARDWEAR Cock Rings are so popular both in combination with ED medicines and on their own. The bigger and harder your erection is today under constriction\amplification, the bigger and harder it will be, even moreso, tomorrow.

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Interactions, Risks, and Side Effects?

As with most prescription medicines the full list of possible side effects and risks is extensive (also out of scope for this article: See a full list of side effects on Web MD). That said, the reality is that injectable ED medicines have been around for nearly 40 years. They have a proven track record for safety. Complications are rare and usually minor. The full list of possible side effects, which includes things such as cold symptoms, really doesn’t happen very often.

These medicines were designed to be localized and not systemic. The compounded drugs do not need to travel through your bloodstream to get to your penis, the needle puts the medicine right where it needs to be. These medicines do not interact with alcohol, although we certainly don’t recommend trying to inject your penis while drunk (laugh). These medicines are safe for diabetics and safe for prostate cancer survivors.

The single biggest risk associated with these medicines is Priapism, an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours, which requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage.

Other risks\rare side effects include: Bruising of the penis at the injection site. Fibrous Tissue Formation in The Penis. Peyronie’s Disease. Inflammation of the liver, called Hepatitis. Low Blood Pressure. It should be noted that most of these are more associated with bad injection practices and\or poor hygiene than of the medicine itself.

Final Thought

In conclusion, we thought it would be an interesting exploration to look at Trimix, the original pharmaceutical ED medicine that so many men haven’t even heard of. Also to illuminate the ways our gear and supplements might be used to augment or provide alternatives. At the end of the day, giving yourself a shot in the penis is invasive, and scary, and yet sometimes a guy has got to do what a guy has got to do. In the case of serious ED resulting from prostate removal just as one example, these drugs have been essential in helping many men.

As we mentioned earlier, we first found out about Bi, Tri, and Quad Mix when men taking these ED shots began reaching out to us for erection rings to further supercharge their hard-ons. The science of male enhancement is ever expanding, and as always, you can rely on your buddies here at to bring you the latest in knowledge, knowhow, awesome penis gear and supplements… and everything that’s good for your dick.


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