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For more than a decade the HARDWEAR Brand has been your #1 source and specialist in every aspect of male sexual performance. From erection enhancement to penis enlargement, and everywhere in between. As always there is a golden rule… the hard-on comes first. If you are displeased with your erection quality or if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, we must address getting you hard before we dive into other popular male performance topics such as size, time to climax, positions for success, etc. And if you are perfectly happy with your erections and just want them to be super humanly big and hard, the gear here is great sex stud over achievers too. However you look at it, HARDWEAR makes a guy’s dick harder and larger. So, let’s supercharge your erection right now…


All our cock rings are fantastic for getting and keeping a guy hard. Here are some of our penis performance coaches favorites for getting a boy the serious wood he needs.

NEW! + SALE! - The Erector Rope - H60 Full Flex 2-Piece Horseshoe Cock Ring
The amazing Version 6 Horseshoe Male Enhancer combines the 2-piece adjustability of our famous Horseshoe rings with the powerful auto “grip” of our hybrid metal\elastomer Power Grip line. The result being the most exciting male enhancement breakthrough of the season!
by Hardwear

DETAILS: This amazing 2-piece cock ring brings together our famous adjustable on-the-fly sizing and our Auto “Grip” capability into one fantastic male enhancer. Great for getting a guy rock hard and also for keeping him that way, size, hardness and staying power are all benefits of this technology.

SALE! - Auto GRIPPING Hybrid Metal Stealth Horseshoe

The Super High Pressure, Super Engorging, Super Erection Ring
Now available with Full Metal Structure
by Hardwear

DETAILS: This awesome Auto “Grip” cock and balls ring features a hybrid bionic design. It has metal skeletal components connected by a stretchy elastomer outer body. Incredible at getting and keeping guys hard, Power Grip rings trigger all the male anatomical erection triggers, and can even “chase your penis in terms of erection quality” by dynamically gripping your organ while you are wearing the ring.

NEW! + SALE! Power Grip Tandem Double Donut Style Cock Ring

Want to go from Bulge to Boner in seconds?
by Hardwear

DETAILS: This awesome Auto “Grip” cock and balls ring features not one by two hybrid bionic rings in an amazing elliptical Donut Cock Ring Design. Now two rings can constrict and supercharge your erection seamlessly, and with support even for tapering the rings (in other words one can be ordered tighter than the other) you will be able to get an unmatched level of precision constriction and comfort in a donut design. Fantastic for rock hard Sex and Masturbation, these rings are also a favorite for All Day Ring (ADR) Wear.

SALE! - 2-Piece Liquid Metal Horseshoe Cock Ring.

The World Famous, 2-Piece Adjustable, Horseshoe Cock Ring
by Hardwear

DETAILS: This amazing cock ring is the original two piece Hardwear Horseshoe design that has been bringing rock hard erections to men and their partners, since we invented it more than a decade ago. Adjustable. Morphic. Stunning. Sexy. This ring is fantastically enhancing, excelling in producing the world famous Hardwear-Hard erection. The technology employed is static constriction with adjustability.

NEW! + SALE! - Auto GRIPPING Hybrid Metal Penis Shaft Ring

Super High Pressure Direct On-Penis Ring: Super Engorging, Super Erection Ring,
Now available with Designer Structure Structure
by Hardwear

DETAILS: This fantastic Auto “Grip” penis ring is the direct on shaft (so it goes on your penis in front of your balls) version of our hybrid bionic design. Like the Power Grip Erector it features a metal skeleton beneath a high-pressure stretchy elastomer body. The ability of the Power Grip line to create a continuous hands-free grip make these rings excellent at high pressure constriction, which is just what a boy needs for a rock solid erection that’s bigger and harder than anything he’s ever seen hinged from his body before.

NEW! + SALE! Power Grip Load Ring

3/4 lbs (almost a full pound) Weighted Hybrid Metal Cockring with Auto "GRIP". Featuring a raised load, positioned to stimulate the male balls and P-Spot while growing the penis
Now available with Full Metal Structure and Vertical Styling
by Hardwear

DETAILS: Always the innovators, your buddies here at know everything about the male anatomy so that you don’t have to. We know that weight has a therapeutic effect on the male genitals. We know that pressure applied to (and the massaging) of the P-Spot (the pressure point between a man’s balls and his anus) is highly erogenous and sexually energizing. This ring combines these approaches and the Auto “Grip” constriction of a Power Grip Erector into one fantastic weighted cock and balls ring.


Getting a rock solid hard-on is not always about the penis. Many guys find that their balls are hard-wired to their penis. Do you like to have your balls pulled, most guys do? A ball stretcher serves many purposes, but in terms of the erection, the application of weight or traction on the spermatic cord creates a highly erogenous effect, and a heightened state of arousal that’s great for getting you big hard wood. Plus you can wear cock rings and ball stretchers at the same time for an awesome erectile combination. Here are couple of stretchers our Performance Coaches recommend often for their erection enhancing powers.


Ever notice how you have more erections the day after you had sex the night before? Using your dick is good for your dick. Having some form of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or any sexual issue is harder to emerge from the longer you go without having sex. So, if you are in no position to have sex with another person, for your own good you need to be masturbating to the best of your ability.

SEXXXTRAINER: Penis Workout Machine + Real Sex Simulator\Mastubrator for men
by Hardwear

DETAILS: So much better than using your hand, a Sexxxtrainer Sex Simulator for Men is the ideal device to keep you sexually active. All real sex positions are easily accomplished, the movement is just like real sex, and feels amazing. Where guys often find ways to masturbate with their hands that are a form of anti-training, Sexxxtrainer works out your erection while training men to be better in bed. Having some form of sexual issue (Impotence, Premature Ejaculation) can be embarrassing, but giving up on sex is a sure way to never recover. Now the Sexxxtrainer is the perfect partner and teacher to get you back on track. She never judges. She takes it hard and deep and never gets tired. And after a few weeks of Sex Training your real live sex partners won’t believe what a stud you’ve become.


We bet you didn’t know you could exercise your erection without even having an erection. That’s right, and that’s why you hang with us… because we know stuff - LOL. Kegels exercises can be performed soft or erect and these little flexes of your internal male muscles (girls have them too actually) can strengthen your erections. The best way to perform these is with a weighted penis ring, and here we’ve got the gear you’re looking for. Swing style workouts and all day wear are also approaches where weight can aid in erection development. Here are some of our coaches favorites for helping guys build stronger erections.

NEW! + SALE! Power Grip Front Pendulum Weighted Erection Exerciser and Penis Enlarger
by Hardwear

DETAILS: In the head position, this ring is obviously not for while you’re having sex. Sure, you can slide it back to the root in front of our balls and have sex wearing it, but really this ring is for workout. Such devices as this amazing Auto “Grip” weighted penis ring can grow your penis through stretching, and they can train you erections to be better, harder and stronger in a number of exciting ways. Kegels are the obvious choice. The Power Grip Front Pendulum is perfect for Kegels workouts. These fantastic rings are available in half pound, 1 pound and 2 pound weights.

NEW! + SALE! Power Grip Pay Load
by Hardwear

DETAILS: Same as with the Front Pendulum, the Power Grip Pay Load is an Auto “Grip” penis ring squarely aimed at male workouts for size increase and erection quality increase. Sure you can slide it back on the shaft and have sex wearing it, but it’s entire form factor has been aimed at making a super advanced weighted glans ring (penis head ring). Available as a 3\4 lbs ring, so almost a full pound, this ring has been ergonomically balanced, making it perfect for Kegels, swing style and all day male training scenarios.

SALE! Power Grip Pendulum Weighted 180 Degree Cockring
by Hardwear

DETAILS:So here is a seriously weighted ring you can easily have sex while wearing. With its heavy weights going from a half pound, to a full pound, to two full pounds, and with its weight suspended behind your cock and balls this ring is the perfect male cross training ring that can go direct from whatever weight training use you are in and over to some hard pounding sex action. The ring portion is based on our Power Grip Erector with suspended pendulum weight added, so you know it produces fantastic boners as well as helping you to train yours.


You might not be aware, but Penis Pumps were not invented for Penis Enlargement, which has become one of their main uses these days. They were invented to pull blood into a penis that is unable to get an erection by normal means. If you have a very extreme type of ED (Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence) and you can’t get blood into your penis, you can always use a Penis Pump to produce an erection. The trick then. if maintaining an erection is also an issue for you, is to use a keeper ring. I.E. a cock ring that helps you keep the erection the Penis Pump prompted into being. All our our rings are fantastic keepers. Our rings are fantastic erection enhancers all on their own. If you need a ring for use inside the cylinder for rapid transfer, you should look at our silicone Jelqing Rings.

Bad-Ass Penis Pump Penis Enlarger
by Hardwear

DETAILS: The Bad Ass Penis pump is a perfect erection pumper, with a host of different size cylinders for guys of all sizes, and a fantastic pressure gage for monitoring pressure. Certainly you can use this pump for erections and size increase. For erections you are staying under the pressure of the device only long enough to get a good hard-on. For size you are staying under the pressure in a set based workout methodology for longer periods of time.


Popping a ball (or other implement) in your butt might not sound like it has anything to do with your erection, but you’d be surprised. The sphincter or mouth of the anus is a whirl of erogenous nerve endings, and beyond the opening, the prostate gland (a walnut sized organ hidden inside your body by a few inches) plays a huge role in sexual performance, erection and ejaculation. Prostate massage and milking are healthy forms of male maintenance, and the little gland is super erogenous. In 7 out of 10 men, stimulating the prostate directly will trigger a powerful erection response.

Heat Seeker Prostate Massage Cockring
by Hardwear

DETAILS:In order to truly combine the erection supercharging benefits of prostate play with active sex, a guy needs a way access and excite his prostate hands-free. Enter then, the Hardwear Heat Seeker technology that allows a number of our favorite Hardwear rings to be outfitted with a hands free prostate massage arm. Sized to the male anatomy such that the ball is approximately the size of the average man’s prostate gland, attached to an articulating arm that can effortlessly find your prostate, and designed to move as you move, the Heat Seeker offers the world’s most advanced prostate cock ring experience. But then what else would you expect from HARDWEAR.