BUY THIS: Penis Workout Machine And Real Sex Simulator For Men

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The ultimate penis workout machine and male mastubation system all in one… SEXXXTRAINER is the amazing full friction hands-free sex simulator by HARDWEAR.

Truly amazing in its list of capabilities, you’ve seen it in just about all of our cock ring demonstrations. Whenever our Penis Performance Coaches need something to fuck, to demonstrate some fantastic new gear (and assuming we don't have a live partner on hand to help out) we drop our drawers and dive into a SEXXXTRAINER. We invented the device, in fact, so that our coaches would have a platform to visually demonstrate awesome sex techniques, and so that our trainees would have a sex partner on demand to keep them in top sexual shape, teach them proper form, help put more motion in their oceans, and the list goes on. Let’s look at all the powers of SEXXXTRAINER in detail below.
SEXXXTRAINER is compatible with a host of male masturbatory orifices including Fleshlight\Fleshjack. If you don't already have an orifice to pair it with, you can select either a Mouth, Vagina, Anus (close up) or Bubble Butt with your SEXXXTRAINER.
OPTION: Counterweight Self-Anchoring for SEXXXTRAINER
Every unit comes with the built-in cable system for attaching the Sexxxtrainer to virtually anything, but the NEW Counterweight System lets the unit auto anchor itself in most situations, so there is no setup at all.

OPTION:  (As seen on the Left) The Adjustable Neck\Waist Balance Strap
Lets a guy harness the trainer to himself, holding the unit at the perfect height for whatever thrusting he has in mind. For a full demonstration watch the videos and you'll see just a few of the ways the Neck\Waist strap can be used. This cool Blance Strap opens up even more advanced sex position and usage possibilities.

*Any option not seen in the selector above, will appear in your shopping cart once you’ve placed the SEXXXTRAINER in your cart.

For Real Solo Sex\Ultimate Masturbation

So this one’s obvious… a guy fucks this gear for real. It’s a male sex machine, giving you a partner on demand who never gets tired, that exists to guzzle your load, but also to teach you to be a better fucker. Sex therapists have warned for decades that the way most guys masturbate actually Anti-trains them for sex. In other words the way men typically jerk-off might be an okay way to blow your load, but it leads to poor performance in real sex. SEXXXTRAINER TO THE RESCUE! As the world’s only Hands-Free Sex Simulator capable of every sex position, every sexual stance and angle, boys who fuck this gear get super good in bed. They last longer. Their dicks are harder. They are masters of different sex positions and awesome variety. They have crazy motion in their oceans, and really know how to move their asses in bed. That alone is reason enough to buy a SEXXXTRAINER at once, but let’s talk about growing your dick too...

For Penis Enlargement Exercise

Who doesn’t want a bigger dick? And you’re in the right place, we make all the world’s best gear to get men to this goal. Your penis is exercising when it is hard, when it is thrusting, when it is under friction and pressure. Combining any of our rings with SEXXXTRAINER is the way you create a perfect environment for enlargement by mixing two kinds of penis workout together high-pressure clamping and edging. And just using our Jelqing Rings as an example, you already know those amazing nano-rings will super engorge your junk, but what if you are also actively thrusting--placing your penis under friction--during your 15 minutes set? Obviously your brain will send even more blood to the region. The overall workout pressures will be higher. The gains will come even faster. Mixing SEXXXTRAINER with our ring technologies equals an instant “grow your dick machine”.

Pictures Of Sexxxtrainer In Action

For Male Maintenance

As body parts go, your penis leads a strange life. In normal circumstances the only exercise a guy’s dick receives is through having an erection and having sex (or masturbating). We already talked about how combining our rings with SEXXXTRAINER is great for Penis Enlargement. But the thing is, even if you aren’t pursuing a bigger penis, you still need to work your penis. If you don’t over time you will lose it. As men age their penises work less effectively. As men age their penises tend to shrink. But it’s not really age that causes the problem, its poor maintenance. Many times men have sexual issues (ED, Premature Ejaculation), or they just get busy with their jobs, they start having sex less. The result is a penis that falls into disrepair. YOU DON’T WANT THIS.

If you don’t have a sex partner, or you are having problems in sex that are preventing you from having fulfilling sex (first you need to jump on some of our gear), but whatever the case you need to masturbate to maintain your the plumbing. Even if you don’t have a SEXXXTRAINER (and we did mention that standard jerk-jerk masturbation is not the best for teaching you to give a great bedroom performance, it’s still better than not exercising your penis at all).

And with that said, it’s really obvious how SEXXXTRAINER creates an awesome platform for male maintenance, that teaches you to be good in bed at the same time, that can have penis enlarging benefits, and benefits all around. It’s the only solo sex scenario that is truly identical in terms of motion, friction, and energy to real sex. It truly trains the male, taking any penis stimulation routine, be that old-fashioned masturbation, or something workout related like jelqing, edging, or friction humping… to an entirely new and mind blowing level.

For Being Fit and Sexy and Cutting Fat

You need only look at the videos that show SEXXXTRAINER in action to see that this is true. Some guys do edge sessions with SEXXXTRAINER for hours… and we can promise you it’s a lot more fun than sitting on a treadmill. You can take the device as light and lazy, or as hardcore as you want, and when you go at this baby vigorously its a real cardio workout on top of all the penis and sex benefits.