Cock Ring Questions And Answers

The word(s) Cock Ring and Cockring are both completely acceptable and interchangeable terms describing any device worn on the male genitals in the interest of producing more powerful erections, increasing penis size\package size (in and outside of the bedroom), boosting staying power, and generally enhancing the love making experience for both partners by way of enhancing the male. The list of endowments that an exceptional cock ring can unlock for its wearer is extensive, has to do with the level to which the ring is crafted and also how the wearer uses his ring. Often a guy will pop on his favorite ring just because these devices are sexy as hell, which is as good a reason as any.

How does a guy use a cock ring?

Hardwear rings are the most versatile devices in a man's penis enlargement arsenal. This because they have the unique capability within this class of gear to function both in a long-term penis workout capacity and also to be instantly acting and enhancing during the sex act itself. Devices such as penis pumps, penis extenders, etc, make good cock excersise gear but have no application during the sex act itself. Only Hardwear mle ehanceing rings can go directly and seamlessly from every scenario\environment where you cock can be enhanced. 

There are 6 ways of applying cock ring technology in your life.

#1. As a sexual enhancer. Used during sex and\or masturbation your Horseshoe cock ring, Ninja, Hardwear Ice (or other Hardwear cock gear - we won't list them all) will produce a super erection that is a much harder and larger beast hanging between your legs than your ordinary hard-on could hope to match.   Your Hardwear Hard-on forms quickly and is long lasting as the device aids in triggering the erection and then controls the climb to ejaculation through its various focussed avenues of constriction. Men wearing these devices can last longer, fuck harder, more energetically, and in more dynamic positions without ever needing to worry about either losing their erection or cumming too quickly. Orgasm quality and sensation goes through the roof when wearing this gear (guys have expressed their orgasm while rung, as being the most intense of their life). Ejaculation quality and semen volume are typically increased as well.

#2. As a penis enlargement workout machine - via Super Engorgement.

While you are having the sex of a lifetime wearing or masturbating in this gear you are also excersising your penis. The condition that Hardwear ring create in the male anatomy take men to their ultimate max size and hardness (at that point in time), well beyond what their body can produce on its own. As a result the ring(s) may clear small blockages in arteries and other circulatory path-ways, and have the effect of strengthening circulation, blood flow, and the muscles of the pelvic floor and those involved in the ejaculatory process.

#3. As a penis enlargement workout machine - ADR ("All Day Ring") Taking the benefits described above in #2 to a next level many men will ellect to wear their Hardwear male enhancement gear for extended periods of time. Of course the device needs to be appropriately sized for the activity as to keep you somewhat puffy but not hard. And here again usage findings indicate that wearing the ring for extended periods of time further amplifies the penis workout aspect of the device, such that the penis strengthening\enlarging effect is increased. Many guys who are, advanced, in their penis enlargement journey come to a stage where they need an ADR to reach their final set of penis size goals.

#4. As an instant bulge enlarger under clothes - ADR ("All Day Ring") Hardwear rings have been engineered to have a bulge enhancing effect when worn under clothes, so a guy wearing his ring to work or elsewhere, perhaps for a night out on the town can expect a puffier state in his flaccid member, something we often call the "big softy" effect. And also, depending on the ring in question, it will have the actually structure of the device will push forward you package (cock and balls) to project the silhouette you desire.

#5. Body modification - Stretching\Ball Stretching Most obviously seen where our rings are worn on the scrotum, used to produce traction between the floor of your body and your hanging balls, the devices can be used to engineer the low hanging big balls look that many guys find very manly.

#6 - As male intimate jewelry - Cock Bling Beefier and more dazzling than the rings employed in penis piercings (and pain free too), Hardwear rings present an amazing array of eye catching finishes, colors and designs that simply scream "Yeah, I'm a bad-ass stud, I love my cock and you're going to love it too!" Our gear has been designed to coordinate wonderfully with piercing jewelry, indeed we employed a renouwned bondage Jewelry in the initial design phase of our rings. And as a bone-us (pun intended... bonus) these rings don't just look bad-ass on your dick, they will actually give you a bigger, better, dick to go with your bad-ass image.

* So it's easy to see how Hardwear gear can travel through a guy's day with him seamlessly. Powering a big bulge under clothes, while quietly working out his penis by day... into the night setting where he engages in amazing Hardwear-Hard sex, delivering the best sex on earth complete with tremendous size and staying power, and even then the Hardwear "super erection" is also working out the organ and strengthening the machine of sex.

* Of course ring sizing is important, a guy's day ring and night ring are not necessarily the same size by any means. They can be, if the man's anatomy allows it, but more often they are not.

* Note, when wearing any kind of penis enlargement gear a guy should be sober and awake. You don't lift weights in your sleep, so why should you workout your penis in your sleep? We feel a man should know what's going on with his penis when he's working it out.  We know some guys do ADRs at night while sleeping, but we don't recommended it.

Pictures of HARDWEAR in action

The 5 Major Ways to Wear a Cock ring

There are essentially five ways a man can wear his ring, based on how the device is positioned on the genitals.

#1. The first and most popular would be the ones worn behind and around the full genital package of the scrotum and penis together.   This is the type of ring most often referred to as a "cock ring" (indeed the term is something of a shorthand for cock and balls ring).

#2. Next we have rings worn on the penis shaft, typically at the base of the penis directly in front of the ball sack (but there can be variation in the exact placement of the ring). This is the kind of ring most often referred to as a Penis Ring or Shaft Ring.

#3. An extension of the Penis Ring is the Glans Ring AKA Knob Ring AKA Head Ring. And as you have probably already concluded, these rings are worn on the shaft but at the opposing end of the dick, directly behind the head of the penis, generally seated right up under the coronal ridge of a helmet headed penises. This is the only kind of male ring that is not applicable to every man, as not every guy has a well defined coronal ridge to his penises head. If there is little or no definition between the head of your penis and your penises shaft then a head ring would likely slip off of your penis during sexual activity.

#4. The fourth kind of rings are called ball stretchers, and these are essentially the application of a cock ring applied not to the penis at all, but worn on the scrotum, stacked between the body and the dangling balls in the interest of body modifying yourself a set of low hanging manly-mans balls, and also for the unique sensations that come with this kind of gearing up.

#5. Lastly cockring cages combine multiple ring types to form new and exciting combination rings. Doorknocker style rings combine a cock-and-balls ring and a penis ring together on a hinge. 3-way cages incorporate a ball stretching component, with full package ring, with shaft ring. T-rings or center style cock rings, merge 1 ring at the center of another to form a T and can be flip-flopped for wearing in several different configurations.

Into these 5 major categories, many other features, materials and designs of penis adorning male jewelry can be interjected, but ultimately all ring designs will fit some where in one of the 5 major designations.